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What is what made Alex Trebek get all choked up on Jeopardy?
November 12th, 2019 under Jeopardy. [ Comments: 1 ]

Yesterday on Jeopardy, Dhruv Gaur did not know the answer to the Final Jeopardy question. Therefore, he wrote a sweet message to the host that reads, “What is we ❤️ you, Alex!” When Alex Trebek read that, you can hear him get chocked up by the very touching (and accurate) sentiment.

While Gaur did not win the game, he did win all of our hearts! He truly is a nice guy because he tweeted this after the show aired, “I’m just very grateful I got the opportunity to say what I know everyone was thinking. Sending all the love.” So are we!


Alex Trebek releases a PSA for the World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition
October 30th, 2019 under Jeopardy. [ Comments: none ]

Back in March, Alex Trebek revealed that he is battling Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Most of the time when it is diagnosed, the patient finds out in the final stage of the disease. That means that their 5-year survival rate is “in the single digits.”

The Jeopardy host wishes he knew earlier that the symptoms he was experiencing were signs he had this cancer. That is why he is teaming up with World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition to let people know that the persistent stomach pain, mid back pain, sudden weight loss, new-onset diabetes and yellowing of skin and eyes are all “common symptoms” of this cancer.

Hopefully, by spreading the word, this cancer will stop spreading to stage 4 before the person knows they have it. He is saving lives by getting this important message out there and hopefully one of them is his own.

He is currently going his second round of extreme chemo.

World Pancreatic Cancer Day is November 21st.


What is, how well do you know songs of the ’90s?
October 9th, 2019 under Jeopardy. [ Comments: none ]

Jeopardy got hip the other night when they wanted to see if they could remember what songs hit #1 in the ’90s. While it is a nice trip down memory lane, it is also sad. That is because three of the singers are no longer with us. I guess we cannot all chase waterfalls forever.

How well did you do with the category? Are you sixpence none the richer?


What is, actresses who beat Meryl Streep?
October 1st, 2019 under Jeopardy, Meryl Streep. [ Comments: none ]

We always think of Meryl Streep as a winner. However, Jeopardy thinks of her as a loser. That is why they had a whole category called “I Beat Meryl”. They asked the contestants to name the actresses who beat her at different awards shows. Proving it is always an honor to just be nominated. Granted winning is better. Then again having a whole category dedicated to you on the game show is not too shabby. Even they do portray you as a loser.


What is, do you know singers’ real names?
September 27th, 2019 under Jeopardy, Snoop Dogg. [ Comments: none ]

I don’t know if you know this, but Snoop Dogg was not born with that name. His real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. In fact, he is not the only Hip Hop artist to go by a different moniker than the one their parents gave them.

Yesterday on Jeopardy, they wanted to see how well the contestants knew five singers real names, so they created a category with just that question. How well did they do? Let’s just they are a lot hipper than I am.

However, if they really wanted to make things really difficult they could have made the contestants try to guess their real names as compared to their stage ones. Then we would have gotten the same score! A big fat -6,000.


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