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Coming 2 America is coming 2 Amazon Prime
October 13th, 2020 under Amazon Prime, Arsenio Hall, Coronavirus, Eddie Murphy. [ Comments: none ]

Most movie theaters are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. They don’t even know if and when they will open their doors again. Therefore, Bill & Ted: Face the Music, and Mulan skipped the theaters and opted to stream online. Now, Coming 2 America is doing the same thing.

The long-awaited and anticipated sequel will begin streaming on Amazon Prime, most likely on December 18th, according to Variety. The movie stars Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, James Earl Jones, Tracy Morgan, and Jermaine Fowler.

I bet if it does well, then Wonder Woman: 1984 and James Bond: No Time to Die will probably skip the big screen too. Would you watch these movies from the comfort of your home, or do you have to see the movies at the movies??


Borat wants you to wear a mask!
October 12th, 2020 under Amazon Prime, Sacha Baron Cohen. [ Comments: none ]

Borat might not be the shiniest candle on a birthday cake, but he is smart when it comes to one thing. That one thing is that he wants us to wear a mask to stop the spread of COVID-19. Unfortunately, he put it on the wrong head.

At least he did a better job with it than Donald Trump and most of his supporters. Could you imagine if Trump wore a mask like that? Let’s not. It is an image you cannot get out of your head. Believe me, I know because I can’t. Hopefully, it will get replaced by a many more grotesque images when I watch Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, October 23rd, on Amazon Prime.


Sacha Baron Cohen wears an even skimpier mankini
October 1st, 2020 under Amazon Prime, Sacha Baron Cohen. [ Comments: none ]

Amazon Studios

Remember in Borat when Sacha Baron Cohen wore a neon green mankini, and you thought there is no way he could ever wear something that was skimpier than that? Well, we were wrong, and our poor eyes are suffering because of it.

The actor, writer, and director is back with a new Borat movie, which means he is wearing a new mankini for Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm’s poster art. Sadly, as offensive, as it is, it will not be the most offensive thing in the movie that starts streaming October 23rd on Amazon Prime.

This is a good thing because we need to see how the British man from Kazakhstan exposes parts of America for what it is. Don’t believe me. To watch the trailer, then click here!


The Boys are back in town on Amazon Prime
September 6th, 2020 under Amazon Prime. [ Comments: none ]

The Boys is back on Amazon Prime, and the first three episodes are setting up for one helluva a season.

The season starts off shortly after the season one finale, and both groups of superheroes are missing members of their groups.

The seven are down a few members. Translucent was killed in the first season, and he needs to be replaced by someone new. Who will they get? The Deep (Chace Crawford) is in deep trouble. How is he is handling it? Finally, has A-Train (Jessie T. Usher) ran his last marathon in a second?

Then there is Butcher (Karl Urban) and his gang. Although, Butcher is missing. He is still reeling from finding out that Homelander (Antony Starr) fathered a child with the woman he loves. Wait until Butcher finds out that Homelandser wants to be a dad to that boy now.

Back to Butcher’s gang, they are in hiding. That makes it hard for Hughie (Jack Quaid) to see his girlfriend, Annie (Erin Moriarty), who is part of the seven. Will anyone find out their secret?

That is just the beginning of the season and there is so much more that we can expect from the series. It is going to be one whale of a season.

The remaining episodes will play out one a week every Friday.


How the hell are they going to do a second season of Hunters on Amazon?
August 3rd, 2020 under Al Pacino, Amazon Prime. [ Comments: none ]

Amazon Prime announced today that they picked up their killer show Hunters for a second season, and I want to know what they are going to do next. The first season ended perfectly with several jaw-dropping moments. With the last one being the biggest surprise of them all. It is because of that, I cannot wait to see what they do next and how they do it.

I know I am being vague, but it is something you have to see because it is that stunning. The whole episode was the best hour of television all year. I have never seen a show wrap things up as brilliantly as they did. Why it was not nominated for any Emmys, shows that those schmucks don’t know anything about great television.

Don’t believe me that it is great TV. I hate anything that Al Pacino is in and normally cannot watch anything with Nazis. However, the first scene in the series (see above video) had me hooked before the final shot rang out. Watch it, and then binge the whole series. When you are done with the first season, email me and tell me what you think will happen next. That and now you get why I didn’t say any more than I did?

Thank you, Amazon Prime! 2020 isn’t all bad with news like this.


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