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BTWF: James Marsden in The Nanny
March 4th, 2024 under Before They Were Famous, James Marsden. [ Comments: none ]

Before James Marsen was a fairy tale Prince in Enchanted, he was Maggie’s Prince in The Nanny. How impressive was the 19-year-old’s on-camera debut in that 1993 episode?

To hear what he told Vanity Fair about his first acting job, then click here!


How Julia Roberts got James Marsden his Hairspray role?
March 4th, 2024 under Hairspray, James Marsden, Julia Roberts. [ Comments: none ]

Back in 2006, Hairspray was one of the most sought-after movies, so the producers were careful who they chose to be in the film.

They were looking to cast either Ashton Kutcher or Jake Gyllenhall for the role of Corny Collins. But it didn’t work out. Instead, they went with James Marsden. And the actor told Vanity Fair how he landed the part.

He went to a bar on Off-Broadway to meet producers Adam Shankman, Craig Zadan, and Neil Meron. While they were talking, Julia Roberts came over and told Marsden that she loved him in The Notebook.

With that, Shankman said, “I guess we’d be kind of stupid to say no to the guy that Julia Roberts just said hello to and loves your work.”

And the rest is Hollywood history!


Jury Duty’s Ronald Gladden finally got the hug he needed
May 10th, 2023 under FreeVee, James Marsden, Prime Video, Ryan Reynolds. [ Comments: none ]

In case you missed it. FreeVee did a show called Jury Duty which was an 8-episode prank show on one person. That person was Ronald Gladden, and he believed he was serving on a jury even though it was the weirdest case with the craziest scenarios that the producers could come up with. To make it more believable, everyone was an actor except him, including James Marsden, who played himself.

Well, the filming has been over for a while, but Gladden still feels like the cameras are watching him. So much so, he has trust issues.

When Ryan Reynolds heard his story, he knew he was the person to help the juror trust people again. So the actor asked the non-actor to do a Mint Mobile commercial with him. And then Deadpool gave him the hug he so desperately needed. Hopefully, that hug helped Gladden trust people again. I know I would if he hugged me like that, I would be trusting of everyone.


Freevee tricks a man to be on a fake jury with actors!
March 7th, 2023 under FreeVee, James Marsden. [ Comments: none ]

Freevee is the home of Judge Judy’s Judy Justice. And soon they are going to have a show about Jury Duty.

It is not a real one, and it is not a fake one. So what is it? Jury Duty chronicles the inner workings of an American jury trial through the eyes of one particular juror, Ronald Gladden. What Gladden doesn’t know is that the entire case is fake, everyone except him is an actor, including James Marsden, and everything that happens — inside the courtroom and out — is carefully planned.

Who is this lone juror? Gladden is a solar contractor from San Diego, CA. I can’t wait to see his reaction when the case is over, and he finds out none of it was real. I hope the producers hired him to put solar panels on their roofs. It is the least they could do!

So when can you watch this brilliant show? The first four episodes debut on April 7th, and then the remaining four will play out with two new episodes on April 14th and April 21st.

So, you know that moment in the trailer when Marsden stands up and says he is a public figure, and the judge doesn’t know who he is? True story time. My friend was recently selected for jury duty, and the judge remembered my friend from a show he did in the ’90s. So yes, it is an LA thing.


BTWF roles: Jack Black and James Marsden in Touched By an Angel
May 6th, 2015 under Before They Were Famous, Jack Black, James Marsden, Seth Meyers. [ Comments: none ]

Before Jack Black and James Mardsen were riding The D Train together, they were both Touched By an Angel on the same episode. Black, 26, and Mardsen, 22, look the same now as they did in 1985.
Here’s Nacho Libre talking about that episode on yesterday’s Late Night with Seth Meyers.


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