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Ryan Reynolds reacts to Betty White saying he won’t get over his crush on her
December 30th, 2021 under Betty White, Ryan Reynolds. [ Comments: none ]

Ryan Reynolds/Instagram

Betty White is going to turn 100 next month, and People did an interview with her.

The legendary actress told the mag, “I’ve heard Ryan [Reynolds] can’t get over his thing for me.” However, she prefers someone else with the initials RR, and that man is Robert Redford.

Anyways, People loved that quote so much, so they gave it a headline that reads, “Betty White Jokes Ryan Reynolds Still ‘Can’t Get Over’ Her, Despite Her Crush on Robert Redford.” Well, when Reynolds saw that, he responded to it on social media. “I’M ABSOLUTELY SICK OF THE MEDIA EXPLOITING PAST RELATIONSHIPS JUST TO DRIVE CLICKS,” he wrote.

I knew it. I knew the two of them hooked up when they made The Proposal in 2009. You can see the chemistry. Something they still have until this day. Can you blame either one of them? Too bad he settled for someone else because they would have been perfect.


And Just Like That… Ryan Reynolds comes to Peleton’s rescue
December 12th, 2021 under Ryan Reynolds, Sex and the City. [ Comments: 1 ]

This was a good week for Ryan Reynolds. The same cannot be said for Peleton. That is because And Just Like That… killed off Mr. Big and blamed Peleton for his death.

Well, Peleton was not happy being the new crockpot, and made several statements about that.

As soon Reynolds, who is hot off of his doing retro ads for ABC during Live in Front of a Studio Audience, read about the bike’s PR nightmare, a lightbulb went off in his head.

He called his company Mountain and Chris Noth, and told them he had an idea to repair their image. So, he went to work and created an advertisement to let us know Big is alive. Carrie finally remembered the number to 9-1-1, and he lived another day to do another 1,000 rides.

He should be fine as long as he doesn’t make any chili in the crockpot.


The fake ’80s commercials were the best part of Live In Front of a Studio Audience
December 8th, 2021 under Alfonso Ribeiro, Jimmy Kimmel, Ryan Reynolds. [ Comments: 1 ]

Yesterday was the third installment of Live In Front of a Studio Audience on ABC, and they added a new element to it thanks to Ryan Reynolds’ company Maximum Effort. They created several fake ’80s-like commercials with Alfonso Ribeiro, Jennifer Beals, Bob Vila, Joe Isuzu, aka David Leisure, and Reynolds.

They were the best part of the show, and I hope they turn it into one. I want more fake ads because they were the type I created in college. That could be why my teachers told me not to go into advertising. That was the only lesson I learned from them.


Ryan Reynolds went on Antiques Roadshow
November 15th, 2021 under Netflix, PBS, Ryan Reynolds. [ Comments: none ]

I guess the prop people on Red Notice did not do a good job of searching Ryan Reynolds when he left the set because he was seen trying to check the value of one of Cleopatra’s three eggs on Antiques Roadshow.

While the actor was not smart enough to go to a private appraiser and not one on a PBS television show, he was knowledgeable enough not to use his real name. Instead, he used his character’s name, Nolan Booth. Because of that, no one is going to know it is him. I sure as heck didn’t know. Did you?

And where The Rock when you need him? If you saw Netflix’s biggest premiered movie, then you know. I just don’t want to spoil it for y’all because it is a must-watch film. So go watch it.


Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds swapped late night appearances
November 11th, 2021 under Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrell. [ Comments: none ]

Will Ferrell was scheduled to do The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and Ryan Reynolds was slated to do Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday. However, they both showed up at the other actor’s talk show.

The two Spirited actors have created such a bond after harmonizing to Mika’s Grace Kelly that they are willing to do anything for the other one. Things like promote the other person’s project instead of their own during the other actor’s late night appearance. So, Ferrell talked about Netflix’s Red Notice while Reynolds divulged about The Shrink Next Door on Apple TV+. Both projects start streaming tomorrow.

What did they know about their roles? Nothing! That is what made this Freaky Friday on a Wednesday even funnier. I hope they do this again when their soon-to-be Christmas classic comes out at some time.

Do you think the hosts knew about the switch? I kind of feel like Kimmel didn’t, but I am not sure about Fallon.


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