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Is this the best Hall & Oates costume?
October 24th, 2018 under Halloween, The Goldbergs. [ Comments: none ]

Throughout the decades, people have been dessing up as Hall & Oates for Halloween. Tonight on The Goldbergs, Erica (Hayley Orrantia) and Geoff (Sam Lerner) dressed up as the duo. Not the rock band, but 2 things that make you feel better when you are sick. Halls cough drops and Quaker Oats oatmeal.

I don’t know why, but it made my dreams come true. Did they make Daryl Hall and John Oates say, “I can’t go for that?” Since I found out about it on their Twitter page, I think you guess the answer. They are the love train too!


Would you spend 30 hours in a coffin for $300?
October 8th, 2018 under Halloween. [ Comments: none ]

Are you brave enough to spend 30 hours in a coffin and are you available in Washington DC this weekend? Then Six Flags DC is looking for you and they will give you $300, four gold-level 2019 season passes and a package of prizes just for doing it. And the coffin if you like.

But what about food and bathroom breaks? They will supply the food, and you get six-minute hourly bathroom breaks. While that is the good part, the bad part is that no technology is allowed and your friends and family can only stay with you while the park is open.

How scary is it? Shomari Stone from WRC in DC was able to do his interview while lying down in one, while the amusement park’s spokesperson, Denise Stokes, was far from stoked to do it.

If you think you can do it, then DC Six Flags is looking for 6 people to take part in this Fright Fest Event starting Friday the 12th at 5p. Did I mention that there is a lid that will cover 3/4 of the top? Still interested? Then check out their Fright Fest page for the eligibility.

Count me out, I have seen one too many horror movies that have taken place at amusement parks. I would not want to spend the night in one. More importantly, no technology. How can I call 9-1-1 when the killer from the Fun House comes after us?


Just when you thought Halloween was safe again
June 8th, 2018 under Halloween, Jamie Lee Curtis. [ Comments: 1 ]

In 1978, Halloween made us afraid of Halloween. Now 40 years later, Micheal Myers is back on October 19th and we will not be sleeping again for another 40 years.

The first trailer is out for the final movie in the franchise and even in the daylight, it is terrifying. So terrifying, I will be sleeping with my closet door open for now on.

That and I will be waiting to see it until at least November 1st because I still want to go Trick or Treating with my friends’ kids and not be afraid of every little sound I hear as we knock on strangers’ doors. I will be more scared on Halloween night and I am the one who scares them.



Jessica Simpson puts on her Daisy Dukes and a beard!
November 1st, 2017 under Halloween, Jessica Simpson. [ Comments: none ]

From the neck down, Jessica Simpson looked just like she did 12 years ago when she starred in Dukes of Hazzard, but from the neck up she looked 12 years older. That is because she dressed as Country Music legend Willie Nelson, beard and all for Halloween.

So you could say that is a hot and not costume. Unless you are into bearded women.


Lady Gaga’s Halloween costume is cut above the rest!
November 1st, 2017 under Halloween, Lady Gaga. [ Comments: none ]

Back when Lady Gaga was just 4 years old, a little movie called Edward Scissorhands came out; and now nearly 27 years later, she dressed up as the lead character from the Tim Burton film. She looked so convincing in the costume that even Johnny Depp would think he was looking into a mirror. If that mirror had a clock that could turn back time.


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