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You are going to BLANK Blank Slate on GSN!
January 8th, 2024 under Game Show Network, Mario Lopez. [ Comments: none ]

There is a new game show on Game Show Network starting today at 6p, and it is starting with a Blank Slate. That is because it is called Blank Slate.

The game show hosted by Mario Lopez has two teams of two and a comedian compete against each other for $10,000.

In the first round, they have to fill in the blank word of a sentence. For each one that they match, they get extra points. One hundred points for one match, and three hundred if they all guess the same answer. They get an additional 100 points if any of the three match the audience’s words.

For the second round, they switch comedians. For the third round, the lower scoring team gets to choose their comedian, as both teams have to fill in two blanks.

The team with the highest score goes on to the final round. That is when the winning team has to get the two comedians to guess the same answer that they did. If they do, then they go home with $10,000.

This is a game show that anyone can play because it just takes filling in the missing word of a sentence. Well, anyone but me. Because I have a dirty mind, and I didn’t match any of the answers.

So, if you are looking for a new game show to watch in 2024. This is it!

It is the perfect amount of easy, fun, and funny! Plus, who doesn’t like to watch Lopez’s dimples when he laughs at their wild and crazy answers?


Tug of Words is the hardest easy game show on television
November 8th, 2021 under Game Show Network. [ Comments: none ]

GSN has a new daily game show which debuts at 4:30p today. Tug of Words sounds easy to play on paper. But in reality, it is really hard.

How do you play? There are two teams, and each team has to choose from one of the four three-letter words assigned to the round. For example, they are given a word like HOG. Then they are given a clue like the opposite of cold. So they would change the letter G to a T for HOT. The next clue could be Gilligan lived in one, and that would be a HUT. Doesn’t that sound easy? Now, try doing 10 of those in 60 seconds. Not that easy.

Now for the second round, they have to change a letter for four-letter words. For the final round, they have to change two letters for a five-letter word. That round is almost impossible. Thankfully the bonus round is just changing up a word in a two-word phrase.

How do the contestants get to the bonus round? That is where the Tug comes into play. For each clue they get correct, a flag moves over to their side. Whichever team has the flag on their side at the end of each battle gets to keep the points. The team with the most flags moves on.

What do they get? They walk away with $1,000 after the first three rounds and $10,000 if they get all the phrases in the bonus round. Not bad, if you can get enough words to get you to the $10K. Something that is easier said than done. That is why I will be watching every day because I need to make myself smarter.

That and I really enjoy Ahmad Rashad as the host. He the calm in the storm of words.

If you are looking for a game show that causes you to think by testing how well you know simple words, then Tug of Words is for you. Or if you want to watch one that is a whole lot of fun and one that anyone can play! I mean, all you need is the knowledge of basic English. Even I have that, I think?


Leah Remini is a People Puzzler on Game Show Network
January 18th, 2021 under Game Show Network, Leah Remini. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 6p, Leah Remini tries her hand at hosting a game show, and she gets the grand prize for what a great she does with People Puzzler on Game Show Network.

People Puzzler is the type of game show that anyone can play. It is based on People Magazine’s crossword puzzles. Thus, if you can solve them, then you can sign up to be a contestant on the show and win $10,000. You can buy a lot of People mags with that dough.

Before you get to the final round, you have to play three rounds with two other contestants. Each round has its own crossword puzzle based on pop culture. The contestants each are given a chance to solve a clue on the board.

In the first round, they get $10 per letter and a $100 bonus if they guess three words in a row correctly.

For round two, those earnings are doubled. There is also a Wager Word where they can bet whatever amount they want. The player with the lowest score is eliminated at the end of this round.

For the third round, the two remaining contestants have to solve a whole puzzle on their own in 60 seconds. Each letter is worth $50, and they can get a bonus of $1,000 if they solve the entire one. The person with the most money moves on.

For the last round, they are given four categories with three words on them. If they can solve three complete puzzles within 60 seconds, they go home with $10,000.

It is so simple; even I can do it. Therefore, I really enjoyed watching and playing along. Something that is rare for me.

Another reason, why it is so much fun to watch is because who doesn’t want to be friends with Remini? She says it like it is. That is why she is not your normal game show host. It is nice to see someone be sarcastic with the contestants. Not in a mean way, but in a fun one. She was born to do this job. I hope we see her host more game shows. Heck, she would be great as one of the fill-in hosts on Jeopardy.

Since most of us are home now at 6p on weeknights, why not watch People Puzzler? It is better than the local news and so much less depressing. Don’t we all need something that makes us feel good about ourselves these days and is fun to watch? Now you have it with People Puzzler on GSN!


Get a clue and watch Get A Clue
January 6th, 2020 under Game Show Network. [ Comments: none ]

Game Show Network has a new game show debuting today at 4p and Get A Clue is a lot of fun to watch. It is a simple game played with two teams of four.

In the first and second rounds, each team has to pick one of the four categories on the boar. Then once they do, each member has to get the one on their right to guess the clue they are given. After they get it, they turn to the next team member until either they get all five clues or the clock stops.

For the third round, it is one team member who tries to get another one to guess the clue they are given. Each clue is worth either $200, $400, $600 or $2,000. The giving person has to decide which amount they want to play with for each word. The higher the dollar amount, the harder it is. Which makes you wonder if it is always smart to go for the highest amount.

Considering the winner of this round goes on to the finals, it does. For the final round, all four team members are back. Once again, they have to get he other team member to guess the answer. However, there is a twist. They don’t know who they are giving it to until they get the clue. If they get all answers right in the allotted time, then they win $10,000. Not bad!

As you can see, this game goes by really quickly. Even though it is a half-hour show, it only feels like a few minutes.

The best part of it being a guessing show, is watching them act out words. Rob Belushi (yes it is Jim Belushi’s son) calls them out on it all the time! Not in a mean way, but in a game show host sort of way which is endearing like Get A Clue in general.


Alfonso Ribeiro is dancing with Witney Carson on Catch 21
October 14th, 2019 under Alfonso Ribeiro, Game Show Network. [ Comments: none ]

Back in 2014, Alfonso Ribeiro and Witney Carson danced their way to a mirrorball trophy on Dancing with the Stars. Five years later, he is back hosting a game show on GSN with his dance partner by his side.

Today at 6p, Carlton is once again holding the cards on Catch 21 and his partner is dealing them on the easy but challenging game show. The game starts off with the three players each being dealt a card. Then they have to answer a question and whoever gets it right gets to draw a card. If that second card gets them close to BlackJack, then they can freeze. If not, they can take that card and hope to get another answer correct. However, if they don’t like it, they can pass it on to one of the other two players. Whoever gets the closest to 21 without going over wins the round.

This goes on for two rounds. For the third round, only the two higher scorers move on. Then the winner of the third round goes on to the finals. In that round, they have to play three decks. They need to get all three decks to the magic number of 21. If they get one deck, they $2,500. If they bust then they go home with the $1,000 they won earlier in the game. If they get 21 again without busting, then they go home $5,000. Finally, if they get three BlackJacks without busting, then they win $25,000. Not too shabby! Better odds than Vegas!

While the questions they ask are pretty easy to answer, BJ is a game of luck. You never know what card you are going to be handed. You can get a King and an Ace, or you can get a 5, a 3, a 4 and a 10. It is going with your gut and sometimes it gets it wrong. Because of that uncertainty, Catch 21 is an exciting show to watch weekdays at 6p.

This is not Ribeiro’s first time at this table. He hosted the game show from 2008-2011. While I did not watch it then, I will watch it now because of the chemistry he has with his Partner in Crime. Ribeiro and Carson are such a good pair together, it is not a surprise that they won DWTS!

I should be honest, I do really like the show. However, I should tell you that I went to the same JHS as him and I support my old alumi. Well, minus two because of their corrupt past and present, but that is a whole other post.

Anyways, watch Catch 21 or bust!


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