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You are going to BLANK Blank Slate on GSN!
January 8th, 2024 under Game Show Network, Mario Lopez. [ Comments: none ]

There is a new game show on Game Show Network starting today at 6p, and it is starting with a Blank Slate. That is because it is called Blank Slate.

The game show hosted by Mario Lopez has two teams of two and a comedian compete against each other for $10,000.

In the first round, they have to fill in the blank word of a sentence. For each one that they match, they get extra points. One hundred points for one match, and three hundred if they all guess the same answer. They get an additional 100 points if any of the three match the audience’s words.

For the second round, they switch comedians. For the third round, the lower scoring team gets to choose their comedian, as both teams have to fill in two blanks.

The team with the highest score goes on to the final round. That is when the winning team has to get the two comedians to guess the same answer that they did. If they do, then they go home with $10,000.

This is a game show that anyone can play because it just takes filling in the missing word of a sentence. Well, anyone but me. Because I have a dirty mind, and I didn’t match any of the answers.

So, if you are looking for a new game show to watch in 2024. This is it!

It is the perfect amount of easy, fun, and funny! Plus, who doesn’t like to watch Lopez’s dimples when he laughs at their wild and crazy answers?


Mario Lopez busted up his eye
December 5th, 2023 under Mario Lopez. [ Comments: none ]

Mario Lopez was doing jiujitsu, and somehow, he hurt his eye and cheek. That caused the right side of his face to swell up.

But he can’t go on the air looking like. So, the hair and makeup people at Access Hollywood worked their magic. And the viewer was none the wiser.

To see their artistry, then click here!


It’s Saved By the Bell’s Zack and Slater
November 28th, 2023 under Mario Lopez, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Saved by the Bell/City Guys. [ Comments: none ]

Mario Lopez/Instagram

Do you ever wonder if Saved By the Bell’s Zack Morris and AC Slater would still be friends? We don’t know.

But we know that Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Mario Lopez are still close after being friends for 30 years.

Here are the actors hanging out today before they promoted their projects on Today, and they still look like BFFs. That, and they are still hunks!

Is it too soon for a Saved By the Bell sequel because the one on Peacock doesn’t count?


Caption Jerry O’Connell!
October 27th, 2023 under Caption the Celeb, Jerry O'Connell/Rebecca Romijn, Mario Lopez. [ Comments: none ]

This photo that Mario Lopez took of Jerry O’Connell lying on the floor spread eagle has caption me written all over it, so go ahead and do it.

I’ll start. Saved By the Balls!


Mario Lopez thinks women have their periods for two weeks
July 5th, 2023 under Mario Lopez. [ Comments: 1 ]

Mario Lopez’s wife, Courtney, wanted to see how much her husband knows about periods. And boy, was she disappointed to find out how little he knows.

First, she asked him how many tampons he thinks she uses during her period in a month. “It’s a two-week deal. Right,” was his response. “I’ll go with 14. Unless the reds are really in town, then maybe more. I’m going with 10-14.”

Then it was time for him to learn the truth. She told them that she uses about three of them during her 3-5 day period.

Since he passed math and not health, he was like then he is right about the number of tampons she uses a month.

He is right. But as she pointed out, we don’t have our monthlies for half a month.

Men! What are we going to do with them? So to the moms out there, teach your sons about a woman’s period. This way, he won’t be as afraid of us once a month.

Oh, and he can’t use the excuse that he was taught on the set, and that is why he didn’t know the answer. Because he has been with a lot of women, so he should know that are only so many times in a month a woman doesn’t want to have sex because of her period. Unless Courtney tells him that she doesn’t want to for two weeks. Now, I understand his confusion.


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