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[ # ] Leah Remini is a People Puzzler on Game Show Network
January 18th, 2021 under Game Show Network, Leah Remini

Tonight at 6p, Leah Remini tries her hand at hosting a game show, and she gets the grand prize for what a great she does with People Puzzler on Game Show Network.

People Puzzler is the type of game show that anyone can play. It is based on People Magazine’s crossword puzzles. Thus, if you can solve them, then you can sign up to be a contestant on the show and win $10,000. You can buy a lot of People mags with that dough.

Before you get to the final round, you have to play three rounds with two other contestants. Each round has its own crossword puzzle based on pop culture. The contestants each are given a chance to solve a clue on the board.

In the first round, they get $10 per letter and a $100 bonus if they guess three words in a row correctly.

For round two, those earnings are doubled. There is also a Wager Word where they can bet whatever amount they want. The player with the lowest score is eliminated at the end of this round.

For the third round, the two remaining contestants have to solve a whole puzzle on their own in 60 seconds. Each letter is worth $50, and they can get a bonus of $1,000 if they solve the entire one. The person with the most money moves on.

For the last round, they are given four categories with three words on them. If they can solve three complete puzzles within 60 seconds, they go home with $10,000.

It is so simple; even I can do it. Therefore, I really enjoyed watching and playing along. Something that is rare for me.

Another reason, why it is so much fun to watch is because who doesn’t want to be friends with Remini? She says it like it is. That is why she is not your normal game show host. It is nice to see someone be sarcastic with the contestants. Not in a mean way, but in a fun one. She was born to do this job. I hope we see her host more game shows. Heck, she would be great as one of the fill-in hosts on Jeopardy.

Since most of us are home now at 6p on weeknights, why not watch People Puzzler? It is better than the local news and so much less depressing. Don’t we all need something that makes us feel good about ourselves these days and is fun to watch? Now you have it with People Puzzler on GSN!


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