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[ # ] Tug of Words is the hardest easy game show on television
November 8th, 2021 under Game Show Network

GSN has a new daily game show which debuts at 4:30p today. Tug of Words sounds easy to play on paper. But in reality, it is really hard.

How do you play? There are two teams, and each team has to choose from one of the four three-letter words assigned to the round. For example, they are given a word like HOG. Then they are given a clue like the opposite of cold. So they would change the letter G to a T for HOT. The next clue could be Gilligan lived in one, and that would be a HUT. Doesn’t that sound easy? Now, try doing 10 of those in 60 seconds. Not that easy.

Now for the second round, they have to change a letter for four-letter words. For the final round, they have to change two letters for a five-letter word. That round is almost impossible. Thankfully the bonus round is just changing up a word in a two-word phrase.

How do the contestants get to the bonus round? That is where the Tug comes into play. For each clue they get correct, a flag moves over to their side. Whichever team has the flag on their side at the end of each battle gets to keep the points. The team with the most flags moves on.

What do they get? They walk away with $1,000 after the first three rounds and $10,000 if they get all the phrases in the bonus round. Not bad, if you can get enough words to get you to the $10K. Something that is easier said than done. That is why I will be watching every day because I need to make myself smarter.

That and I really enjoy Ahmad Rashad as the host. He the calm in the storm of words.

If you are looking for a game show that causes you to think by testing how well you know simple words, then Tug of Words is for you. Or if you want to watch one that is a whole lot of fun and one that anyone can play! I mean, all you need is the knowledge of basic English. Even I have that, I think?


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