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Does this Beyoncé wax figure look like Leah Remini?
February 8th, 2024 under Beyoncé, Leah Remini, Madame Tussauds. [ Comments: none ]

Madame Tussauds Blackpool revealed its Beyoncé wax figure, and people are questioning if it looks more like Leah Remini. Because it does.

What does the actress think of the comparison? “I am screaming! And loving all the tweets,” she wrote. “This perimenopausal woman will take any and all comparisons to the beautiful Beyoncé!”

You can’t blame her for loving it. Although, she has to remember she is beautiful in her own right.


Leah Remini explains why she is a judge on a dancing competition
July 13th, 2022 under Leah Remini, SYTYCD. [ Comments: none ]

When Fox announced that they hired Leah Remini to replace Matthew Morrison on So You Think You Can Dance, I was a little perplexed. Yes, she competed on Dancing with the Stars, but how much does she know about technique and dance styles.

Today, the actress took to social media to explain why we shouldn’t doubt her judging capability. She says she loves dancing, has been taking ballroom dancing classes and has a dance studio in her house.

Then Remini asked who should do it. And her reply to that question is, “I’m having a great time. I’m not even there as a dancer. I’m there as someone who just enjoys dancing. I’m an actress. I am a performer. So, it is about performing. That is what I am judging.”

When she puts it like that, then it makes sense. You can’t be a great dancer without the ability to perform.


So you think you can host So You Think You Can Dance Leah Remini?
June 10th, 2022 under Leah Remini, SYTYCD. [ Comments: none ]

Adam Rose/FOX

Two weeks ago, Matthew Morrison and So You Think You Can Dance parted ways because the dancing competition judge sent a DM to one of the contestants. As everyone but him knows, you don’t do that, so Fox had no choice in the matter.

They also had no choices when it came to his replacement because today, they announced that Leah Remini is joining Twitch and JoJo Siwa as a judge on SYTYCD starting on Wednesday.

“I am thrilled to join SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE on its milestone 300th episode,” said Remini. “I look forward to guiding these incredibly talented artists through this competition as a fan of the show and a great admirer of dancers. I can’t wait to see the artistry that the contestants bring to the stage!”

Now back to why I think they had no choices? Because being on Dancing with the Stars for a season doesn’t make you an expert on dance. Don’t get me wrong, I love her, and I think she is a hoot, but I just don’t think she is a fit for the show. So, I have to wonder how many people turned them down before they to R’s in the Rolodex. Good thing she said yes because the following letter in the alphabet is S, and I bet Tori Spelling would’ve said yes.

One last note, I don’t get why they didn’t ask Nigel Lythgoe back. But that is me.


Leah Remini will guest host The Wendy Williams Show for two weeks
November 17th, 2021 under Leah Remini, Wendy Williams. [ Comments: none ]

Wendy Williams hasn’t hosted her show all season due to health issues stemming from her Grave’s Disease, so they have had guest hosts fill in for her. Leah Remini was the first one to do it, and she will be back to sit on the purple throne again for two weeks starting on November 29th with her friend Michelle Visage.

At this rate, it looks like Williams will not be back until at least 2022.

And that might be the last year she hosts her show. Sadly for her, the ratings have been good with the guest hosts. So, I wonder if Debmar-Mercury is considering replacing her permanently with one of the guest hosts in September. Would you blame them if they did? I wouldn’t. I mean, she has taken several leaves over the last few years, so I am sure they want a host they can depend on that will show up for work.


BTWF: Leah Remini for Mandee
October 14th, 2021 under Before They Were Famous, Leah Remini. [ Comments: none ]

Before Leah Remini played a model in Living Dolls, she actually was one for Mandee. How beautiful was the 14-year-old in that 1985 commercial?


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