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I think Dylan McDermott is excited about his Emmy nomination
July 28th, 2020 under Dylan McDermott Dermot Mulroney, Emmys. [ Comments: none ]

Dylan McDermott received an Emmy nomination for his work in Netflix’s Hollywood today. The second time he has been nominated for one. The last time he got the honor was in 1999 for The Practice.

After a 21 year drought, you would think he would be excited about it. And you would be right. He was so happy, he did a dance. Not one that would win an Emmy, but it definitely won our hearts.

I am rooting for him because I thought he gave an Emmy worthy performance for the work he did on the period drama. Then again, I thought that he and Dermott Mulroney deserved it for LA to Vegas.


Jimmy Kimmel is going to host the Emmys on September 20th
June 16th, 2020 under Coronavirus, Emmys, Jimmy Kimmel. [ Comments: none ]

The Emmys is the first, and probably only, major awards show to air on its original date this year. While the Tonys is on hold because of the coronavirus pandemic and the Oscars will be delayed two months until April 25th, ABC says f*ck it. They are going on with the show on September 20th, and Jimmy Kimmel will be the master of ceremonies.

I bet you have a lot of questions, and the late night host has all the answers. Here they are, “I don’t know where we will do this or how we will do this or even why we are doing this, but we are doing it and I am hosting it.” There you go!

ABC says they will announce further details at a later time. No sh!t, Sherlock. I doubt they will be able to do it in a theater with a full audience.

My friend and I were discussing that yesterday. She is like they can do it without an audience. I said, “The nominees and the presenters have to be there. What are they going to do, put all of the losers on the upper levels?” Then I added, “Imagine Jason Bateman looking down at the first floor and seeing the probable winner in his category there while all of the other losers are on the same level as him. We would see a lot of sad actors who knew they lost on our televisions before they actually found out.”

The other option is they can do like other unnamed awards shows and only invite the winners. How boring would it be if Alex Borstein was the only Supporting Actress in a Comedy sitting there while Kate McKinnon is home, eating ice cream, and watching TV’s biggest night on her TV? No fun at all.

Actually, I would rather watch the losers watch the show than the winners accept their awards. Let’s get to see those pissed off faces on our televisions. That I would tune in to watch.

Are you going to tune in to see what is most like going to be a huge mess? In Kimmel’s defense, what can be worst than hosting during the whole La La Land/Moonlight fiasco? This is a cakewalk as compared to that infamous Oscar night


The Television Academy actually thinks the Emmys Awards will go on
June 15th, 2020 under Emmys. [ Comments: none ]

Every award show since April has been canceled, postponed, or gone virtual due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, the Primetime Emmys is planning to go on on September 29th on ABC. That is even though the Daytime and Creative Emmys are going virtual, and ATAS has canceled the Governors Ball.

The Television Academy and ABC say they “continue to plan for the 72nd Emmy Awards telecast on Sunday, Sept. 20, 2020. As discussions regarding the format and production of the Emmys evolve, Scherma said both the Academy and ABC are committed to delivering a show that honors television’s unparalleled role throughout 2020 in bringing people together during a worldwide pandemic as well as acknowledge and support the unprecedented national and global demand for social justice and equality.”

No offense to the other award shows, but the Emmys are too big to go virtual. They need to have the cast and crews there in the audience with the host (they need to have one of those too). The winner and the nominees cannot be sitting at home. If the Tonys can postpone their show indefinitely and the Oscars is thinking of moving their event, I cannot understand why the Emys think they can go in less than three months.

Especially since they normally lead into the fall television season, and it doesn’t look like there is going to be one in the traditional sense.

Do you think the Emmys should go on as is, or wait until things are more closer to normal?

BTW I just realized by watching last year’s opening; I didn’t watch the Emmys. Therefore, I don’t understand why I care, but I do.


Pat Sajak is willing to buy his Daytime Emmy Award!
May 22nd, 2020 under Emmys, Wheel of Fortune. [ Comments: none ]

Pat Sajak is nominated for Outstanding Game Show Host, and he will do anything to win his third Daytime Emmy Award in that category.

Don’t believe me? Here is what the Wheel of Fortune host wrote on Twitter, “To Daytime Emmy voters: The last time I won was 1998. I’ve been nominated again this year, but who knows how many years I have left? So I’ve made a decision: I’m willing to pay handsomely for your vote. Please contact me through my representative. You won’t be sorry. #1More4Pat.”

Considering he is 73 years old, he might be right. However, the odds are stacked against him because he is nominated along with Alex Trebek, Wayne Brady, Alex Trebek, Steve Harvey, Alex Trebek, Alfonso Ribeiro, and Alex Trebek. I will take, who actually thinks he has a chance of winning against Alex Trebek? Ah, that is why Sajak wants to buy the award, and I lost on Jeopardy.

To see if his evil plan worked, tune into CBS on June 26th to watch the awards show.


The Daytime Emmys is coming back to television!
May 20th, 2020 under Coronavirus, Emmys, Game Shows, Talk Shows, TV Soaps. [ Comments: none ]

The Daytime Emmys used to air on broadcast television every year. However, when the ratings dropped, and it was eventually moved to online after airing on The CW and cable networks.

This year has been crazy because of the coronavirus pandemic, and it is benefiting from that fact. Come June 26th, the awards show, that highlights soap operas, game shows, kids shows, and talk shows, will be airing on CBS.

Since COVID-19 is still prominent in Los Angeles, everyone will be participating from home. That should be very interesting. The celebrities did not have to dress up for the Kids Choice Awards on Nickelodeon, but daytime television is a much different beast. They are used to being dressed to the nines when they are in front of the cameras. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how they dress up for the big night in their living rooms.

It will also be interesting to see what happens when The Talk wins. How will the hosts handle who gives their speech when, and will they talk over each other? That alone is enough reason for me to watch.

Yet, that is not why I will tuning in. I will be doing so to support this genre. Since a lot of us will be stuck at home on that day, why not watch. What else is there to see?

Nominations will be announced tomorrow on The Talk. I expect The Bold and The Beautiful to get nominated. That will give them two consecutive days of good news because they were picked up until 2022.


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