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Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving is coming this Thanksgiving
April 4th, 2023 under Camryn and Milo Manheim, Eli Roth, Patrick Dempsey. [ Comments: none ]

Back in 2007, Eli Roth made a trailer for a fake movie called Thanksgiving that was part of the Grindhouse movies Planet Terror and Death Proof.

Sixteen years later, that trailer is becoming a reality. The movie is currently filming in Massachusetts and stars Patrick Dempsey, Rick Hoffman, Addison Rae, Gina Gershon, and Milo Manheim.

Not much is known, but Roth wrote this with the date announcement, “Arrive hungry. Leave stuffed. #ThanksgivingMovie only in cinemas November 17th. This year, there will be no leftovers. 🔪🦃”

This news makes me so happy because I watch Horror movies based on the holiday on the day of that holiday. And I desperately need a break from Thankskilling and Thankskilling 3. So, I hope this is good because there are not enough Turkey Day horror movies to choose from.

This is not the first fake trailer from the Grindhouse film to become a feature. In 2010, Robert Rodriguez released Machete with Danny Trejo.

To see the trailer from Thanksgiving, then click here!


Hear the stories of people who say A Ghost Ruined My Life
October 9th, 2021 under DIscovery Networks/Discovery+, Eli Roth. [ Comments: none ]

Imagine you are living a normal life, and then all of a sudden, a ghost destroys everything? It happens more than you think, and Eli Roth is telling some of their stories about how A Ghost Ruined My Life every Friday on Discovery+.

Each week, the person whose life was ruined tells us their story while Roth reimagines what happened. For example, in the first episode, a mother of a young son moves into a house, and immediately the haunting begins. She calls in paranormal experts to help her, and they tell her to move. Since she can’t afford to do it, she stays. As time goes on, the entities get more and more evil and destructive. However, one day it goes too far. What will she do now?

In the second episode, a married couple is enjoying their life of wedded bliss until the father of one of the brides dies. After that, he starts to haunt his daughter-in-law, and he won’t leave her alone no matter where they go. Can their marriage survive? Can they convince him to move on?

Roth knows how to make docuseries interesting. He lets the story play out and doesn’t repeat everything like every two minutes. Plus, he knows how to direct the visuals, so you feel like you are experiencing what the haunted person was going through. That is the whole point of dramatizations, and he is a master of it.

To see what is coming up in future episodes, then click here!


Haunted Museum brilliantly reimagines the story of possessed artifacts
October 3rd, 2021 under DIscovery Networks/Discovery+, Eli Roth. [ Comments: none ]

Ghost Adventures Zak Bagans owns a museum full of haunted artifacts. He knows a little bit of the story behind them, but not all of it. Along with Eli Roth, they reimagine the story of the items in Haunted Museum that streaming on Discovery+ now.

Together the paranormal investigator and the horror director give each artifact a biopic. We get their origin story as best as Bagans knows it to be and fills in the holes with Roth.

He imagines the stories of Peggy the Doll, the Devil’s Rocking Chair, Charles Manson’s cursed television, an antique mirror with an evil attachment, the Westerfeld dollhouse, a wooden tribal cursed statue, “spiritual equipment” that may be a portal to a demonic dimension, the Demon House staircase and the infamous Dybbuk Box.

On the premiere, he looks into the history of the Westerfeld Dollhouse, which resembles the haunted house that some say may be a portal hell. The mini-likeness is also said to be one. Bagans details what he thinks happened to the family when they owned it.

In the next episode, a woman manufactured a spiritual box that helps her communicate with another realm. What happens when it works, and she makes contact with a demon. That is what Bagans wanted to know, so he creates a dramatization of what he knows of the item’s history.

On October 9th, an innocent rocking chair is not so innocent. There is a demon inside of it, and it has possessed a boy. His family is doing everything in their power to get their son back, but is that even possible? The sheer terror they went through is documented in this chapter.

Unlike most paranormal dramatizations, where the host keeps interrupting the story and repeating things over and over again, Bagans doesn’t do that. Instead, he does the introduction and lets the short movie play out before he comes back at the end to wrap up the story.

It is like getting a horror movie based on a true story every week. One you don’t even have the leave the house to see. As scary as each short film is, they are also intriguing because what we are watching actually happened. They say that truth is scarier than fiction, and this is the perfect mix of both.


Eli Roth’s takes a bat to his marriage
July 17th, 2018 under Eli Roth. [ Comments: 1 ]

Eli Roth and his wife Lorenza Izzo have decided to divorce. The two of them announced their breakup on Instagram.

Even though their marriage is over, they say that they will continue to be the best of friends. Then they added, “We wish to continue working together creatively and are ultimately separating so we don’t f*cking kill each other.”

They met when he cast her to star in his 2012 movie Aftershock and married on November 8, 2014. They have no children together.


Aftershock will leave you shaking!
May 11th, 2013 under Eli Roth. [ Comments: none ]

Imagine you are an American tourist taking a trip to Chile for a relaxing vacation when all of a sudden the country is hit by the biggest earthquake it has ever seen. What would you do? When the town and the people are crumbling around you. That is the premise for Aftershock that is out now in theaters.
Gringo (Eli Roth) is in Chile enjoying his trip when he meets Pollo (Nicolas Martinez) and Ariel (Ariel Levy) and they tell him they will show him the true country. The three men meet American stepsisters Monica (Andrea Osvart) and Kylie (Lorenza Izzo) and their Russian friend Irina (Natasha Yarovenko) who decide to join them on their adventure to Valparaiso. Once they get their they take in the best the town has to offer, including the most tantalizing bar. Just as the fun begins, their world be shaken by a massive earthquake. They are surrounded by death and panic as they try to make their way out of the club and to what they think will be safety. When they get out of the bar, they realize things are so much worse than they thought. Now the 4 tourists, who have no idea where they are and don’t speak the language, will have to get out of where ever they are with their two tour guides, one who has suffered a major injury.
But it isn’t only the quake they have to be afraid of, the prisons have all been destroyed and the prisoners are running wild. They are killing, raping and destroying everyone and everything in their path. Now our leads are running from them, a possible Tsunami and aftershocks in a place that has been completely destroyed.
Will they be able to get out of there alive? You will have see this suspenseful, movie written by Roth and López, that will have you on the edge of your seat with your hands over your eyes.
Before the ugliness of the quake hits, you will see the beautiful sites of Chile. So don’t put your hands over your eyes until then. Then once the quake hits be prepared for lost of Roth type blood and gore and you will definitely want to cover your eyes then.


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