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[ # ] Hear the stories of people who say A Ghost Ruined My Life
October 9th, 2021 under DIscovery Networks/Discovery+, Eli Roth

Imagine you are living a normal life, and then all of a sudden, a ghost destroys everything? It happens more than you think, and Eli Roth is telling some of their stories about how A Ghost Ruined My Life every Friday on Discovery+.

Each week, the person whose life was ruined tells us their story while Roth reimagines what happened. For example, in the first episode, a mother of a young son moves into a house, and immediately the haunting begins. She calls in paranormal experts to help her, and they tell her to move. Since she can’t afford to do it, she stays. As time goes on, the entities get more and more evil and destructive. However, one day it goes too far. What will she do now?

In the second episode, a married couple is enjoying their life of wedded bliss until the father of one of the brides dies. After that, he starts to haunt his daughter-in-law, and he won’t leave her alone no matter where they go. Can their marriage survive? Can they convince him to move on?

Roth knows how to make docuseries interesting. He lets the story play out and doesn’t repeat everything like every two minutes. Plus, he knows how to direct the visuals, so you feel like you are experiencing what the haunted person was going through. That is the whole point of dramatizations, and he is a master of it.

To see what is coming up in future episodes, then

Episode 1 – “Portal To Hell”
Begins Streaming Friday, October 8 on discovery+
A single mother rents an old home in the country and soon learns that she and her young son
are not alone.

Episode 2 – “Dark Entity”
Begins Streaming Friday, October 8 on discovery+
Following the sudden death of her father-in-law, a woman realizes an evil entity has attached itself to her.

Episode 3 – “The Asylum”
Begins Streaming Friday, October 15 on discovery+
A teenager and his friends dare each other to explore a notorious abandoned asylum and
awaken something that follows them home.

Episode 4 – “Demon’s Curse”
Begins Streaming Friday, October 22 on discovery+
A university student is stalked by a demon and uncovers a dark secret in her family’s history.

Episode 5 – “The Hell Hound”
Begins Streaming Friday, October 29 on discovery+
After narrowly escaping death, a New Yorker leaves the city in search of a new life, but death isn’t done with him yet.

Episode 6 – “War With The Dead”
Begins Streaming Friday, November 5 on discovery+
While stationed in Iraq, an American soldier encounters an ancient demon that follows him
back to the United States – and attacks his family.

Episode 7 – “Invitation To Evil”
Begins Streaming Friday, November 12 on discovery+
A teenage girl invites a lonely spirit into her life and regrets it when it turns jealous – and violent.

Episode 8 – “The White Lady”
Begins Streaming Friday, November 19 on discovery+
A young mother buys an antique vanity that contains a spirit that wants her child.


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