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Shock Docs: The Curse of Lizzie Borden details a different side of the story
September 10th, 2021 under DIscovery/TLC. [ Comments: none ]

We have all heard the scary Lizzie Borden nursery rhyme. If you haven’t, it is “Lizzie Borden took an ax, And gave her mother forty whacks; When she saw what she had done, She gave her father forty-one.”

On August 4, 1892, Borden’s father and step-mom were brutally murdered, and she was accused of the crime. It was one of the biggest trials of the century. But, at the end of it, she was acquitted of the murders.

However, after 130 years, people still believe that she did it. It is something that has haunted her legacy. And some say it still haunts the house where it happened.

So much so, several paranormal investigators have investigated the house. In fact, it has been featured on many paranormal shows. I have to admit, I have seen a few of them. So I can tell you this special is not the same old, same old.

That is because Shock Docs: The Curse of Lizzie Borden, which is streaming on Discovery+ now, changes things up. It is not just, “Lizzie, did you do it?”

Dave Schrader brought together three other paranormal experts to look into the Borden family curse, including someone who is related to her. Sam Baltrusis, author and paranormal expert, is related to her via her mother’s side. They are joined by medium Chris Fleming and paranormal investigator Luann Joly.

They will look into other people in Borden’s family, who were murdered and murdered before her earlier in the 1800s. Are their spirits haunting the house along with Lizzie’s?

Then there have been rumors Lizzie’s uncle might have been practicing in the occult.

But it goes back even further than that. Lizzie’s biological mother was related to someone who was tried in the Salem Witch Trials. Could the family have been cursed for 200 years and not even know it?

All of the above is what the four of them are going to look into as they investigate the house and some neighboring areas that are connected to the family.

What will they find out when they hold a séance and try to communicate with whoever is in the house with spirit writing. Will we finally learn who killed Andrew and Abby Borden. Was she possessed by a dark spirit who killed them? Will she prove to them that she is innocent once and for all? What more will we learn about her relatives that came before her and met horrific ends?

I can’t tell you that. All I can tell is that you want to watch it because this is a new twist on a very old story. One that had me intrigued during the whole two-hour doc.

I am so sick of paranormal shows that do the same thing that other programs have done before them. I never heard anything about the Borden Family Curse before this, and now I am obsessed with learning more.


TLC is no longer counting on Counting On
June 30th, 2021 under DIscovery/TLC. [ Comments: none ]

The Duggars are some of the biggest names on TLC. However, not anymore. That is because Discovery decided to part ways with the fertile family.

“TLC will not be producing additional seasons of ‘Counting On,’” the network said in a statement to Variety. “TLC feels it is important to give the Duggar family the opportunity to address their situation privately.”

The family is dealing with the fact that the oldest son was arrested for suspicion of owning child pornography. He is currently awaiting trial for the allegations.

This is the second time he has led to one of their shows being cancelled. After it was revealed that he molested his sisters, who were minors at the time, TLC yanked 19 and Counting.

I am sure the Duggars will be back. However, it won’t be until Josh Duggar’s fate is decided. I wouldn’t be surprised if his wife gets a show on what life is like after her husband goes to prison as she raises their six kids on her own.


Ian Ziering and Tara Reid go from Sharknado to Shark Week
June 25th, 2021 under DIscovery/TLC, Sharknado, Tara Reid. [ Comments: none ]

Now that Sharknado has run its course, the movies’ stars are free agents. Therefore, they are jumping sharks from Syfy for Discovery. Ian Ziering and Tara Reid are joining Shark Week, which begins on July 11th.

The Real Sharknado, which debuts on July 14th, is described as: We have all seen the movies, sharks jumping into boats, circling in tornados, and risking their lives to attack humans. Could these shark feasts happen? Ian Ziering and Tara Reid pick up their chainsaws once again – this time with the help of Dr. Tristan Guttridge and to see if a real Sharknado could happen.

To see what other shows and celebrities like Dr. Pimple Popper, Tiffany Haddiash, and the Jackasses are going to be part of Shark Week this year, then click here!


Before you see Conjuring 3, watch Shock Docs: The Devil Made Me Do It on Discovery+
June 11th, 2021 under DIscovery/TLC. [ Comments: none ]

Last week, I watched Conjuring 3, and I was bored. This week, I watched Discovery+’s Shock Doc on The Devil Made Me Do It, and I haven’t slept since.

Back in 1981, Arne Johnson killed his landlord, and he claimed “The Devil made me do it” as his defense. It seems like that is a good excuse to get away with murder. However, there might be some truth in what he said.

Months beforehand, he was living with his then-girlfriend Debbie Glatzel, her mother, and two brothers. They rented a house together, but there was a darkness to it. There was a beast that haunted and possessed Debbie’s 11-year-old brother David. Things got so bad; they moved out of the house and into Debbie’s grandmother’s home.

They thought if they moved, their living nightmare would end, but the spirit followed them. Things got so bad, the Glatzels called in paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren to cast out the demon.

They tried, and they also asked a priest to perform an exorcism. Nothing seemed to work until Arne offered himself up to the Demon. After that, things returned to normal until that fateful night. That is when he says the Devil took over him and killed his landlord.

Is he telling the truth? You will be able to form your own opinion as you listen to Arne, his late wife Debbie, the late Lorraine Warren, and the cops who investigated the crime tell their side of the story. Besides hearing from the people who actually experienced it all, you will listen to audiotapes of David’s possible possession.

The movie shows us one side, the fictional one. Shock Docs shows us the factual one with the people who know the story best. Because of that, I say save your money and stream this now instead.


Would you wax your mom’s vajayjay?
June 1st, 2021 under DIscovery/TLC. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday, on TLC’s sMothered, we got to meet Karla, 44, and Rykia, 26. The mother and daughter are so close that they wax each other vajayjays. Would you do that?

Not me! I saw my mom’s vagina once, and that was when I came out of it. That was more than enough for me.

Another thing I would never want to see is my mom’s sex tape, but they share those too. And they critique each other and give the other one tips. I never talked sex with mom and was horrified when my dad did with me. Granted, that was his revenge for when I told him what condoms to buy and why at his local drug store. And yes, he used the one I told him to use.

It is good to have that mother/daughter bond, but there needs to be some things that they don’t do together. Things like the stuff they mentioned above.


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