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Dolly Parton reveals what she does to maintain her beautiful looks
November 16th, 2023 under Dolly Parton, Howard Stern, Kenny Rogers. [ Comments: none ]

Dolly Parton is not shy, so she openly admits that she has gotten plastic surgery done. So when she was on Howard Stern’s radio show, he asked her how she stays looking so beautiful at 77 years young.

Her secret is going to the best doctors and doing it in moderation. For example, now she gets Botox and fillers to maintain her beauty, but only when she needs them.

Why? Because you never know how you are going to heal. Her good friend Kenny Rogers got a facelift, and to be honest, it messed up his face. She said he went to good doctors, but it just wasn’t right for his face. Although, as he got older, his skin loosened, and it looked more natural.

Miss Dolly even joked with her late friend and duet partner about it. She said she told him, “Kenny, I’m glad I lived long enough to see you grow into your facelift.”

Even though she jokes about it, she does worry every time she gets something done that, she will come out of it looking fine.

So far, so great!


Rockstar Dolly Parton is coming to a movie theater near you
October 25th, 2023 under Dolly Parton. [ Comments: none ]

Country legend Dolly Parton is getting ready to show us she is a Rockstar on November 17th. And she is going to do it in a big way, as in on the big screen.

“To celebrate the launch of ‘ROCKSTAR’, I am announcing a first-listen fan event in movie theaters and cinemas worldwide on Nov 15, with select encores on Nov 16! ⭐️,” she wrote. “You will hear full songs from the new album for the first time ever and see footage you’ve never seen before.”

You can get tickets at A portion of the ticket sale proceeds will go to MusicWill and its global partner organizations.

Between Taylor, Beyoncé, and now Dolly, who needs to spend hundreds of dollars at a concert if they can enjoy something even better in a movie theater with their favorite singers!


Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball duet give us all the feels
October 20th, 2023 under Dolly Parton, Miley Cyrus. [ Comments: none ]

In case you didn’t know, Dolly Parton is Miley Cyrus’ Godmother. So they have a very special bond and have done a lot of things together throughout the years, like host a New Year’s Eve special on NBC.

Now, they have done something they have never done. Miss Dolly asked her Goddaughter if she could record Wrecking Ball for her album Rockstar. Not only that, she asked Miley to duet with her. And what we got is something that will hit you like a wrecking ball because it is still so powerful.

And their messages to each other are just as powerful. Miley wrote, “I’ve grown up covering my Aunt Dolly’s music & it’s an honor to hear her singing one of my songs.

“I love you Aunt Dolly! I’m so happy to add another collaboration under our bedazzled (studded leather) belt! We’re ROCKSTARS now! You can hear so much sweetness and love on this record. Excited to share it with everyone.

“Forever your Doll Baby, Miley”

While Dolly wrote, “When I heard ‘Wrecking Ball’ I almost wept in my car. When it started into the chorus it hit me like a wrecking ball! I thought how great can a song be and how great can
@MileyCyrus be? I thought, I have to have that song on my rock album and I have to have Miley sing it with me! I love it and I hope you do!”

I love their relationship. We should all have one like that.

Rockstar comes out on November 17th.


What’s up with Dolly Parton?
September 22nd, 2023 under Dolly Parton. [ Comments: none ]

Have you heard Dolly Parton is a Rockstar now? So, on November 17th, she is going to release her first Rock album.

Since the 77-year-old is making up for lost time, she recorded a lot of covers to fill the tracklist. One of the songs she added her special voice to is 4 Non Blondes’ What’s Up. And to make it even better, she asked Linda Perry to join her.

Out of all of the songs we have heard from Rockstar, this one fits her voice the best. In fact, I think it is so much better than the original.

And now I can’t wait to get her record when it comes. Whoever thought we would bang our heads listening to Dolly, but that is what we are going to be doing!


Let It Be that Dolly Parton is the third Beatle
August 18th, 2023 under Dolly Parton, The Beatles. [ Comments: none ]

Dolly Parton is releasing her first Rock album in November. It is such a massive deal that she was able to recruit The Beatles’ Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr for her cover of their tune Let It Be!

I don’t think anyone could’ve have imagined that these three would ever work together. But they did. And what we got is epic.

Is there anything that Dolly can’t do?

Rockstar comes out on November 17th.


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