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Did you know that David Alan Grier was the voice of the Oscars?
March 18th, 2024 under David Alan Grier, Jimmy Kimmel, Oscars. [ Comments: none ]

Last Sunday was the Oscars, and did you know there was a familiar person who was the voice of the night?

On Friday, when David Alan Grier was on Live with Kelly and Mark, Kelly Ripa wanted to know if it was true that it was his voice that we heard at the Academy Awards. And yes, it was.

His longtime friend, Jimmy Kimmel, who hosted Hollywood’s biggest night, asked him to do it. And DAG wanted to know how many tickets he would get.

Well, I guess he got enough because he spent the night in the trailer reading names and information about how many Oscars they have won and/or how many nominations the winner got as they were told to come on down. Wait, that is a different show with a different voice.

Did you recognize Grier’s voice? I didn’t.


BTWF: David Alan Grier in A Soldier’s Story
November 11th, 2021 under Before They Were Famous, David Alan Grier. [ Comments: none ]

Before David Alan Grier won the Tony for A Soldier’s Story, he starred in A Soldier’s Story, a telemovie based on the play. He looks the same now as he did when he was 27 in that 1984 movie.


David Alan Grier gets emotional talking about Jerry O’Connell
November 10th, 2021 under David Alan Grier, Jerry O'Connell/Rebecca Romijn. [ Comments: none ]

Right before the pandemic started, David Alan Grier and Jerry O’Connell starred in the Broadway play A Soldier’s Play. In fact, its final weekend was the same one that they shut the Great White Way down for a year and a half.

Anyways, today DAG was on The Talk, and he had a story to share about O’Connell. Grier immediately started to tear up as he shared what happened between them. He said that after the first table read, the CBS host told him that he was going to win a Tony for that role. O’Connell said to him that every day they did the show, and the actor thought, “it was embarrassing, and I felt ashamed.”

However, O’Connell was onto something because Grier did win the Tony for that role. The Tony winner’s raw emotions on the show today were because O’Connell knew before everyone else that he gave a Tony-winning performance. Grier’s first win after three other nominations in nearly 40 years.

O’Connell was so happy for Grier on Tony night that he accidentally put his co-star’s phone number out on social media. Was Grier upset? He told the viewers, “people started texting me and calling me, and it was all love, though. Not one crank call. Every person called, they said, ‘Jerry gave us your number, and we just want to tell you how much we love you. How much we support you.’ So it turned out to the craziest thing, and I thank you, Jerry.”

And with that, everyone had all the feels as the two men wiped tears from their eyes. This is how all actors should work together. They should work as a supportive team and be thankful for the support they get from their coworker, who is now their friend.

I have never worked with Jerry O’Connell, but I can tell you he is one of the nicest people in Hollywood. I am not saying this from my own experience (which has always been delightful), but I say it from people who have encountered or worked with him. We need more of him in this town. So whenever he says he marry above his status, he is wrong. I am sure Rebecca Romijn knew she was marrying a man with a huge heart. What woman doesn’t want that? Plus, he is funny, good-looking and has a great body! But his no BS warmth is his most outstanding feature.

One last note, Grier better cast O’Connell in the limited series he wants to do as a prequel to A Soldier’s Play. This way, O’Connell can tell him he is going to win the Emmy every day that they work together.


Even Jamie Foxx can’t get a show to a second season Netflix
June 21st, 2021 under David Alan Grier, Jamie Foxx, Netflix. [ Comments: none ]

Jamie Foxx thinks he is indestructible, but he is not. That is because Netflix decided to cancel his show Dad Stop Embarrassing Me after just one season.

I had high hopes for the sitcom because it also starred his In Living Color castmate David Alan Grier. However, the latter was not enough to save the forgettable show.

It is so forgettable that I binged it, and I honestly cannot remember anything about it. Except that Foxx was up to his old schtick, and it doesn’t work in 2021.


David Alan Grier created an all-inclusive award show
April 27th, 2021 under David Alan Grier. [ Comments: none ]

Let’s be honest; we are all so over awards shows. They are all the same thing; they leave us disappointed. However, there is one that won’t do that. What is this award show that will leave all of the nominees happy?

“BREAKING NEWS: Actor, comedian David Alan Grier has created an annual acting award called The David to awarded to himself for his best work done by himself Trophy.”

He has my vote because he was the best part of Dad Stop Embarrassing Me on Netflix. Not only does he deserve The David, but the statuette is also perfect for him. He can proudly display will all of his other awards.


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