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I can’t stop looking at Chris Pine’s moose knuckles
April 16th, 2024 under Chris Pine. [ Comments: none ]

We all have our favorite Chris. Mine is Chris Pine. So when I saw he was doing a fun in-character video to promote his movie Poolman, I had to watch it.

Since he has a big, bushy beard, I was able to get distracted by other parts of his body. So my eyes looked down, and I couldn’t help but notice that his shorts were bunching up, causing him to have moose knuckles.

I am sure that was not what they were going for. But it makes me want to see the film now when it cums out on May 10th!

Oh, and he has my vote. Does he have yours?


James Corden does a Hugh Grant impression for Hugh Grant
March 30th, 2023 under Chris Pine, Hugh Grant, James Corden. [ Comments: none ]

Hugh Grant and Chris Pine were guests on The Late Late Show yesterday to promote their movie Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, and James Corden asked them to play Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts. That is where they have to answer a question or eat something gross.

The questions were lame. The food was disgusting, as usual. But there was one moment that made me laugh. That is when Pine told Corden to either do his Hugh Grant impression for Hugh Grant or eat a bull penis.

What to do? What to do? Corden did his best, Grant, and Grant rightfully hated every second of it.

I am sure that people think he deserved it after his interview on Oscar’s Red Carpet with Ashley Graham at the Oscars, but I don’t he did. That was beyond cruel.


Did Harry Styles spit on Chris Pine’s lap?
September 6th, 2022 under Chris Pine, Harry Styles, Olivia Wilde. [ Comments: none ]

As if Don’t Worry Darling didn’t have enough going against it, here is something else to make the behind-the-scenes more interesting than the movie that is going to flop will ever be.

Yesterday, when Harry Styles walked into the theater at the Venice Film Festival and prepared to sit next to Chris Pine, it looked as though the singer spat on his co-star’s lap. So people spent hours (I spent minutes) analyzing the video to determine if he did.

Do you think that Styles left some of his Watermelon Sugar on the cutest Chris? I mean, the sexiest guy from One Direction could’ve thought that Pine was pining for his girl because he is sitting next to his girlfriend?

Still not sure? To see another angle, then click here!


BTWF: Chris Pine singing
August 9th, 2022 under Before They Were Famous, Chris Pine, Ellen DeGeneres. [ Comments: none ]

via Ellen

Before Chris Pine was dancing in the ’80s in Wonder Woman: 1984, he was singing during the decade. How precious was the 3-year-old back in 1984?


Chris Pine comes out to support his father Robert Pine
August 9th, 2022 under Chris Pine. [ Comments: none ]

Photo Credit: Eric Charbonneau for Apple TV+

Back when Chris Pine was a little boy, he would walk the red carpet to support his dad. In recent years, it has been the other way around. However, yesterday, the son came out to support his dad on his new Apple TV+ project Five Days at Memorial, which debuts this Friday.

After seeing the two Pine men together, you can see where the cutest Chris gets his good looks. They have the same eyes and smile! The best parts of a man…above his waist!


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