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[ # ] Did Harry Styles spit on Chris Pine’s lap?
September 6th, 2022 under Chris Pine, Harry Styles, Olivia Wilde

As if Don’t Worry Darling didn’t have enough going against it, here is something else to make the behind-the-scenes more interesting than the movie that is going to flop will ever be.

Yesterday, when Harry Styles walked into the theater at the Venice Film Festival and prepared to sit next to Chris Pine, it looked as though the singer spat on his co-star’s lap. So people spent hours (I spent minutes) analyzing the video to determine if he did.

Do you think that Styles left some of his Watermelon Sugar on the cutest Chris? I mean, the sexiest guy from One Direction could’ve thought that Pine was pining for his girl because he is sitting next to his girlfriend?

Still not sure? To see another angle, then

Now, what do you think? Do you think he did it, or is he being accused of a crime he didn’t commit? I say he is innocent! And all of this is more fun than Olivia Wilde’s movie will ever be.

Oh, and whoever is styling Styles for this film festival is doing an awful job.


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