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[ # ] Hugh Grant’s interview with Ashley Graham is awesome!
March 12th, 2023 under Hugh Grant

Ashley Graham was asked to interview celebrities on the red carpet at the Oscars, but not everyone can be an interviewer. Because of that, she had a very awkward interview with Hugh Grant.

She started off by asking calling him a veteran of the Oscars because everyone likes being called. Then she wanted to know what is his favorite part of coming to the event. He didn’t understand why he was being a simplistic question. So he told her it is “vanity fair.” And she thought he was talking about the Vanity Fair afterparty.

After that, there was no way to save the interview. But since this was live television, she had to go on. So she followed that up by asking who he was looking forward to seeing win. And he was like no one.

With that failing, the model thought she could ask him who he was wearing because that is always a safe question unless he is wearing a suit made by his tailor.

OK, time to wrap it up. She should ask him about a movie he was in this year. That should make him come around. Nope. Because he was only The Glass Onion for a few seconds and didn’t have fun making it.

That interview went as well as her fashion choice for the night.

People say Grant was in the wrong. But I think she was. She should’ve put more effort into asking questions than just the generic ones that any fresh out of college student can ask.


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