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Chasing Life is dead
October 2nd, 2015 under Italia Ricci. [ Comments: none ]

On Monday night, Chasing Life ended its season with April ready to die in Rome and today ABC Family killed off their most important show.
For some reason, the network decided to cancel the show about cancer after 2 seasons. Why, I don’t know? Can someone give me a reason?
Not only did Chasing Life deal with a person living with cancer, it helped the viewers of the show know how to deal, if they Gd forbid, they know someone who has cancer. I know it helped me get through my friend’s death, who died of Leukemia just months before Chasing Life debuted.
It was a show unlike any other. It had a message and it was helping people. And they just discard it, for what? Tell me.
Even though, that network cancelled it, the Executive Producer is not ready to pull the plug. Aaron Kaplan Tweeted, “Cancer didn’t take April Carver from us @abcfamily did, only you can save her @italiaricci #savechasinglife.” So let’s hope a another channel, who will really appreciate it, will give this show a third season and a second life.
I am not ready to bury this show, are you?


It’s time for a wedding on Chasing Life!
August 10th, 2015 under Italia Ricci. [ Comments: none ]

You are cordially invited to the wedding of Leo Hendrie and April Carver tonight at 9p at ABC Family. After a brief engagement, their wedding day is finally here on Chasing Life.
Cancer patients, April and Leo know they have to grab life balls. When you know the person is right for you, why waste time, just get married. That is what tonight’s episode is all about. The couple who have been told at different times that their life has an expiration date, want to make their love eternal. They are looking forward to walking down the aisle and becoming Mr & Mrs. They are putting all of their set backs behind them, and they are moving forward by making their special day even more special.
As April is walking down the aisle to her husband to be, she collapses. Will she make it down to Leo? Is the wedding over just as it was beginning? They know for them the expression, til death they do part, can come a lot sooner for them than most couples. Is it coming tonight?
You will just have to watch to find out. All I will tell you, is get the tissue boxes ready because there will be tears. I am not telling you if they are happy ones or sad ones, but I will say be prepared for the waterworks.
If I could marry Chasing Life, I would. Tonight’s episode is just another reason why on a long list of reasons why I love this show until cancellation we do part. Which better not be for a long time ABC Family!


BTWF roles: Scott Michael Foster on The Game
August 3rd, 2015 under Before They Were Famous, Italia Ricci. [ Comments: none ]

Before Scott Michael Foster had cancer on Chasing Life, he had a problem with pot on The Game. How cute was the 22 year old in that 2007 episode?


Scott Michael Foster is Chasing Poop!
August 3rd, 2015 under Italia Ricci. [ Comments: none ]

Scott Michael Foster posted a photo of himself squatting with his shorts down next to a sign and said, “Well, I wasn’t grading or stockpiling…” Hopefully the Chasing Life wasn’t full of oil or he will be pooping a lot of blood. OK, that was a bad reference to his new show on ABC.
Hopefully, we all be able to get rid of this image before we watch him on the ABC Family drama tonight at 9p.


BTWF roles: Haley Ramm in CSI: Miami
July 20th, 2015 under Before They Were Famous, Italia Ricci. [ Comments: none ]

Before Haley Ramm was dealing with having a sister who has cancer on Chasing Life, her parents were murdered on CSI: Miami. How cute was the 13 year old in that 2005 episode?


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