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What does Joey Chestnut drink after eating 76 hot dogs in 10 minutes?
July 7th, 2021 under Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. [ Comments: none ]

On the Fourth of July, Joey Chestnut beat his own record at Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest to win his 14th Championship Belt. The competitive eater ate 76 hot dogs in 10 minutes.

How do you follow that up? If you are him, then you down a 2-liter bottle of Coca Cola in one gulp. And if you drink that much carbonation in a few seconds, there is one thing you can do. That thing is let out an epic burp.

Good thing he did that at his home and not on Coney Island. If he did, then it would have scared away all of the marine life there.


Joey Chestnut breaks his own record at the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest
July 4th, 2021 under Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. [ Comments: 1 ]

Last year, the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest happened indoors because of the pandemic. Today, they were back at Coney Island, and the Spirit of ’76 took over Joey Chestnut.

Not only did he win his 14th title, but he also beat his own world record. The champion competitive eater ate 76 hot dogs in 10 minutes.

In honor of his accomplishment, tonight, I will eat hamburgers. I don’t want to eat a hot dog for 365 days after watching this contest. Maybe next year will be the year that I do. And maybe next year, Chestnut will go for 80.


Matt Stonie forced to drop out of the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest
June 30th, 2020 under Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. [ Comments: none ]

This year’s Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest will go on on July 4th, even thnough the coronavirus pandemic tried to stop it. It just won’t happen at the Coney Island stand. Instead, it is happening indoors at an undisclosed location.

That is not the only change. Matt Stonie, who is the only person to beat 12-time champ Joey Chestnut, will not be participating this year. He was forced to drop out today because New York has ordered that anyone who travels from a COVID-19 hot zone will have to quarantine for 14 days. Since he lives in California, and that is one of the states on the list, he will not be able to chomp down on as many hot dogs as he can in 10 minutes.

Stonie will be replaced by Nick Wehry, who lives in the safe state of Connecticut. The 2006 Champ had some words for his replacement, “@NWehry2415 better eat enough HDBs for the 2 of us. 💪” If he does, then he might beat Joey Jaws.

When it comes to Chestnut, he flew into NYC yesterday, so he will be there on Saturday at 12n to try to win his 13th belt!

Watch the sporting event of the year, to me, on ESPN.


The Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest is a go on July Fourth!
June 17th, 2020 under Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. [ Comments: 1 ]

The coronavirus pandemic has taken away a lot of things from us, but there is one thing it is not taking away from me. That thing is the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Sadly, the event will not be happening outside of Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Stand on Coney Island. Instead, it will be held at a secret location with no audience. However, it will be televised on ESPN at 12n ET on July Fourth.

Major League Eating chair and competition host George Shea told The New York Post, “We had an enormous number of inquiries related to ‘Will it happen, please don’t cancel.’ We were very pleased to be able to figure it out.”

So am I because this my favorite sporting event of the year. I am not the only one who is thrilled that it is going on. Joey Chestnut, who has won the contest twelve times said, “I may not be able to get my hair cut, but you can bet I’m able to [be] practicing for the 4th of July hot dog eating contest

We might not have legal firework shows this year, but we will still be able to watch five men and five women down a lot of weiners in ten minutes, just like a fluffer getting men ready for a gang bang scene.

Talking about giving, Nathan’s is donating 100,000 of their hot dogs to the New York City Food Bank.


Joey Chestnut is preparing for Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest!
May 11th, 2020 under Coronavirus, Eating Contests, Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. [ Comments: none ]

To some people the Super Bowl is the biggest sports game of the year, but not me. Every July Fourth, I look forward to watching the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest on Coney Island.

Because of Coronavirus, it is not yet known if the annual contest will go on. Then if it doesn’t take place at the original Nathan’s, will they do it online? It is all up the air, like the hot dog spit that comes out of their mouths during the chow down.

The uncertainty is not stopping Joey Chestnut, the man who one 12 out of the last 13 years, from preparing for the eating competition. He told News 12 “I hope I am there in Brooklyn, and I hope people can watch, but no matter what I will be eating hot dogs on the 4th and I hope everybody is, and even if there isn’t any kind of contest, I will be live-streaming eating at home.”

I hope Nathan’s finds a way to make it happen. I need to see them devour over 50 hot dogs in 12 minutes. Not because I want to see them do it. I am waiting for someone to eat too many frankfurters and buns, and throw them up live on the air. It happened once, and I have been waiting for a repeat ever since. It was really awesome!

We need this type of joy in our world today.


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