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Upload is back with a downloaded Nathan
October 20th, 2023 under Italia Ricci and Robbie Amell, Prime Video. [ Comments: none ]

Upload is back on Prime Video for its third season, and Nathan (Robbie Amell) is back in a cloned mortal body.

You see, Nathan was murdered, and his girlfriend, Ingrid (Allegra Edwards), wasn’t ready to say goodbye to him. So she had his brain uploaded to Lakeview, a digital afterlife where Ingrid can still see him, and he can live with dead people like himself. Because it is 2033, and that is something you can do.

Nathan is given a mortal Angel, and he and his Angel, Nora (Andy Allo), fall in love. They decide they want to be together. So Nora downloads his brain into his cloned body. And with that, he is alive again. And that is where the second season left off.

Now, they have to adjust to being together in real life. Oh, and did I mention that Nathan remembered why he was murdered? Therefore, he is ready to stop the people who murdered him with Nora’s help.

Meanwhile, Ingrid is in Lakeview, and they don’t want her to know that Nathan is not there. So they clone him, and she is none the wiser. But will she figure it out?

That is the premise for the first two episodes that are streaming today. The remaining six will roll out two a week.


Leighton Meester and Robbie Amell are exes for EXmas
October 17th, 2023 under FreeVee, Gossip Girl, Italia Ricci and Robbie Amell. [ Comments: none ]

Freevee is getting into the RomCom business. First, they had Puppy Love, and coming on November 17th we will get to see Leighton Meester and Robbie Amell play exes for Exmas.

Coming home for the holidays is never a dull experience, especially not for Graham (Amell) and Ali (Meester). When Graham decides to surprise his family by traveling home for Christmas, he is shocked to discover them already celebrating with an unexpected guest of honor—Ali, who also happens to be his ex-fiancée. The two exes battle it out to see who the family will pick to stay through Christmas Day, and who must go. Let the hilarious holiday chaos begin!

I love Christmas movies. And I am so grateful that we are going to get one that is not going to be as sweet as a fruit cake. Why do holiday movies have to be so cheesy and nice?


The Babysitter: Killer Queen is the rare sequel that’s better than the original
September 11th, 2020 under Bella Thorne, Italia Ricci and Robbie Amell, Netflix. [ Comments: none ]

The Babysitter is back on Netflix, and she has been upgraded to a Killer Queen.

When I saw the trailer for The Babysitter: Killer Queen, I did not realize it was a sequel to The Babysitter. I just thought it looks like a fun teenage horror movie. The film tells you at the beginning that it is taking place two years after a life-changing event for Cole (Judah Lewis), but I still didn’t pick up on the signs that we saw that event. Then when I pressed stop, it was then that I realized it was recommending that I watch The Babysitter for a reason. It is the prequel to this tale.

Now, you don’t have to watch The Babysitter to enjoy this flick, but it does make it more enjoyable because then you understand what it is going on better. It just sets everything up. It is not like Halloween 3 to the ’70s Halloween 1 & 2.

So what happened in The Babysitter. Cole’s babysitter Bee (Samara Weaving), invites her friends, the self-absorbed cheerleader Allison (Bella Thorne), the shirtless jock Max (Robbie Amell), the wise-cracking John (Andrew Bachelor), and the cookie-making Sonya (Hana Mae Lee) over for some fun. Cole watches as they play spin the bottle. At first, it is every 12-year-old boy’s dream, until his babysitter kills one of their friends. That friend is being used as a sacrifice for his blood, and the babysitter needs Cole’s blood to solidify the deal.

When the group of friends realizes he is awake and saw what happened, their mission is to kill Cole. That is unless Cole can kill all of them first. One by one, the pre-teen kills all of them until he is the only one left standing.

That was two years ago, now Cole is a 14-year-old freshman in high school, and everyone thinks he lied about that night, including his parents (Ken Marino and Leslie Bibb). He is on major prescriptions, and his parents think he needs to be institutionalized.

Everyone at school thinks he is a weirdo. Well, everyone but his neighbor and best friend, Melanie (Emily Alyn Lind), who was with him that night two years ago. She saw what happened, so she always been supportive of him.

This comes in really helpful for Cole when his parents come to take him away. Melanie gets to him first and takes him to the lake with some of her friends and her boyfriend. The night starts off simple enough until some of Cole’s old friends come back to haunt them.

OK, so maybe Allison, Max, John, and Sonya are not his friends, but they come back from the dead to get their revenge. They have until sunrise to continue the satanic ritual if they want to live again and get all of their dreams to come true. Like the original plan, they had two years ago.

Cole is not going to make that easy on them. He is not the only one fighting them because this time, he has help from the mysterious new girl in school, Phoebe (Jenna Ortega). The two of them are trying to get them to stay dead this time. However, it is harder to kill someone who is already dead. Will they be able to do, or will they be sacrificed to Satan?

Just when you think you know what is going to happen next in The Babysitter: Killer Queen, they throw you a curveball. Don’t expect to figure this movie out until it is all spelled out for you. Something that is rare in horror these days.

Another thing that is rare in the genre is a film being enjoyable. I am an ’80s horror girl, so I love horredies, and this one definitely delivers on the laughs. Who doesn’t want to see Allison get shot in the boob again, and see Cole finally kick Max in the dick? Spoiler alert.

Seriously, you can tell they all had fun making this. Especially Ortega, who is the complete opposite of her squeaky-clean Disney image. It is not a transformation as grand as Zendaya to Euphoria, but it is enough to make you want to see what is next for her. She is not the only one who went through a transformation, so did Lewis. He has proven he is ready to be a leading man after this movie.

Actually, all of them proved themselves in this feature. That is why I say bring on The Babysitter 3. Is that doable? Can McG bring it back for a threequel? You just have to see how it ends. Believe me, you don’t want to miss that. You don’t want to miss a single second.

I can’t wait to watch it again when I donate platelets. That way, the only thing I am paying attention to then is the movie. There are plenty of things I am sure I missed because McG has the perfect way of combining his movie directing skills with his music video ones.

So sit back this weekend and watch The Babysitter: Killer Queen. What else is there to do? I mean, we are literally in the middle of a deadly pandemic, so there is nothing else we can do but watch and enjoy.


Netflix brings back the teenage horror movie with The Babysitter, Killer Queen
August 28th, 2020 under Bella Thorne, Italia Ricci and Robbie Amell, Netflix. [ Comments: none ]

Back in the ’80s, we had nightmares on Elm Street during Halloween, April Fool’s Day, and Friday the 13th. Then in the ’90s, we would Scream because we knew what people did last summer. When we welcomed the new millennia, it seems that we reached a Final Destination.

What that means, is that we have not had a good teenage Horror movie in a really long time. Netflix is bringing back the genre with McG’s The Babysitter, Killer Queen. The flick that stars Bella Thorne, Jenna Ortega, and Robbie Amell is described as, “Two years after defeating a satanic cult led by his babysitter Bee, Cole’s trying to forget his past and focus on surviving high school. But when old enemies unexpectedly return, Cole will once again have to outsmart the forces of evil.”

While we might not be getting Halloween this year, at least we have this Horredy on September 10th. It better be a treat and not a trick.


Upload is the best new show of the summer!
May 2nd, 2020 under Italia Ricci and Robbie Amell, Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, Prime Video. [ Comments: none ]

When I saw the poster for Upload, I had extremely low expectations for it. By the end of the first episode, I was obsessed with the show. I wound up binging the whole first season of the Amazon Prime Sci-Fi series in less than half a day. I couldn’t get enough of it.

Upload is a Sci-Fi series because it is based in the future. Normally, that is turn off for me, but the idea is so original, I overlooked it. Mostly because even though it is happening in the future, they make it feel as though it take place in our current time.

What is this addicting show about? Nathan Brown (Robbie Amell) is a wheeler and dealer type of guy. He is young, a thriving businessman who has the perfect girlfriend. What could go wrong? His driverless car crashes into the back of a truck.

Thankfully, it didn’t kill him, but he is going to have to make a decision. He can either choose a surgery he might not make it out of or be uploaded into a world where the dead can still communicate with the living. Now, you get the Sci-Fi aspect of it.

Ingrid (Allegra Edwards), his girlfriend convinces him to upload himself so that they can be together forever. At first, he is hesitant, but eventually, he decides to do it.

Once he wakes up in his new life or death, he is greeted by his Angel, Nora (Andy Allo). Angels work for Herizon, and they assist the dead with their new lives. They are also there to sell them their products because maintaining their existence is not cheap.

Even though Angels are supposed to be neutral to their clients, Nora develops feelings for Nathan. Which is not that hard to do because he is good looking and charming. However, he has a girlfriend, and she is going to buy a sex suit so that they can still have sex. How can Nora compete with that?

It is not only a love triangle story. We also suspect that Nathan’s car accident was not an accident. Nora is going to do all she can to find if Nathan was murdered.

While she is doing that Nathan is going to make friends at Lakeview like Luke (Kevin Bigley). The two of them will explore the area together, and get into a lot of trouble.

Luke is a troublemaker, and he is good at cheating the system. However, his Angel, Aleesha (Zainab Johnson), is going to bust him as much as she can. When she is not busting him, she is helping Nora not get caught fraternizing with Nathan.

In each episode, we are navigated through this fake world the producers created for the living dead. A world that we all want to live in. As long as we are not in the 2G part of it. That will make sense when you watch it.

I am trying not to tell you too much because there are so many little nuances you need to see, like Nathan going to his own funeral in the third episode. Imagine how awkward that would be?

Upload definitely changes the way you will see Robbie Amell. He has gone from an actor who is big in the teen market to the one for all ages. He proves he is a leading man and Hollywood needs to keep an eye for him.

He is not the only one. Everyone in the cast steps up to the challenge. Telling us a story that is exciting, intriguing, and causes you to want more. Just when you think they cannot surprise you anymore, they find a way to do it again.

You can tell that everyone had a lot of fun making this show. The writers get to see their wildest dreams come true with their ideas that are turned into a reality. While the actors get to play in the fake world, the writers and creator Greg Daniels (The Office, Parks, and Recreation) have created. Then there is us, the viewer, who gets to enjoy the final product.

Let’s be honest, we have streamed everything, and we desperately need something new, enjoyable, and original to watch. That is exactly what Upload is. I love it so much; I think I am going to stream it again just to see some of the things I might have missed the first time. Plus, it is so good, it needs more than one viewing. Therefore, get your first one in now. I promise you will love it as much as I do.

There is all this buzz about the other streaming networks, but Amazon Prime has been putting out the best series, There is The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Boys, Hunters and this. I swear they get me to love things I hate like comic book shows, Nazis and Al Pacino, and futuristic dramas. In my book, that is something really special.


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