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All That’s Alisa Reyes is red hot!
April 29th, 2019 under Alisa Reyes. [ Comments: none ]

Alisa Reyes shared a photo on the set of her new movie Break Even looking like she is All That. Which she is in this photo that was made even sexier thanks to the glow of the red light.

The actress is looking like such a temptress in this photo that it is almost hard to believe that this is the same person we grew up with on All That and One World. She better be in the upcoming All That reboot that is coming to Nickelodeon. Do you want to see her on the reboot with the other OGs Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell? I know I do.


Nickelodeon is bringing All That back with Kenan Thompson as the EP
February 14th, 2019 under Alisa Reyes, Nickelodeon. [ Comments: none ]

A few months ago, Nickelodeon announced that Brian Robbins is the new head of their network. Back in the ’90s, he created a little show for them called All That which was all that.

When I heard that news, I was hoping he would bring back the very funny sketch show and he is. This time around, one of the original cast members Kenan Thompson will be the man in charge. Not only that, they say original cast members will be part of it too. Hopefully, he will ask Kel Mitchell, Alisa Reyes, Lori Beth Denberg and Amanda Bynes to reunite with him. How all that would that be?

That is not the only new show that is coming to Nick, they have a whole bunch more. John Cena will host a new take Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? They will also be looking for America’s Most Musical Family. Simon Fuller and OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder are working on a music-based show that will feature original songs each week. If that is not enough, how about spinoffs from Spongebob Squarepants?

Nickelodeon is where it is and I am excited for everything the have coming up!


The cast of All That reunites and sings their famous theme song!!!
November 7th, 2011 under Alisa Reyes, Nickelodeon. [ Comments: none ]

On Saturday the cast of All That got together for their first reunion since the show began re-airing nightly on TeenNick at Comikaze and when someone from the audience asked Kel Mitchell, Lori Beth Denberg, Josh Server, Alisa Reyes, Lisa Foiles , Katrina Johnson, Angelique Bates, Brian Hearne, Mark Saul, Jack Desena, Leon Frierson and Giovonnie Samuels to sing the theme song, they did! How cool is it see all of them together like that? I would love to see all of them come back and do All That again, but this time as grown up. I think it could totally work, don’t you agree. I mean the original cast looks just as good as they did when they started on that show in 1995!!! Can you believe it has been 16 years since we all started singing “The show is All of That and yes we do it all the time” Oh that line has a whole new meeting!
Now back to the reunion, you can watch more of the panel below!
BTW for those of you who could not be there on Saturday, I for one can tell you it was a lot of fun and they all look great and even better in person!!!


Comikaze Expo stages an All That Reunion!!!
October 9th, 2011 under Alisa Reyes, Nickelodeon. [ Comments: none ]

All That is back on Nick every weeknight at 11p and many of us have wondered what happened the cast of the show we grew up on! Well on November 5th and 6th several of the stars of the Nickelodeon show will get together at the Comikaze Expo in LA at the Convention Center! Alisa Reyes, Kel Mitchell, Lisa Foiles, Jack DeSena, Katrina Johnson, Mark Saul, Leon Frierson, Angelique Bates, Giovonnie Samuels, Chelsea Brummet, Josh Server and Bryan Hearne will all be there to talk on panel on the 5th and you can hear what they have all been up to. Plus you can see what they look like now!
I don’t know about, but I am so excited for this and I will be there and All That. Will you be there too?

UPDATE: Comikaze Expo just Tweeted that Lori Beth will also be part of the reunion and this is a really big deal!!!


Corey Haim gets more work!!!
April 8th, 2008 under Alisa Reyes, The Two Coreys. [ Comments: 13 ]

For the longest time I have been posting Corey Feldman's side of The Two Coreys, well now I am able to post Corey Haim's side of it. He actually seems a lot more positive than I thought! I can't wait to see Dazed!
BTW here is Alisa Reyes' MySpace, so you can see the girl he has such a huge crush on!

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