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Being President, looks good on Lynda Carter!
August 21st, 2016 under DC Comics, Lynda Carter. [ Comments: none ]

Lynda Carter got in to her invisible jet and flew over to Supergirl to play their President of the United States. Late last week, we saw her pose with Melissa Benoist, and now we are seeing her behind the Presidential podium. She looks so good behind it, I am wondering if not only can she play POTUS on the small screen, but can she also play it in real life too. She’s better than anyone else who is running for the office. Plus, she has a lot of experience with all those the times she saved the World as Wonder Woman. Right?
The Superhero show lands on The CW with all new episodes starting on October 10th.


When Supergirl met Wonder Woman!
August 19th, 2016 under DC Comics, Lynda Carter. [ Comments: none ]

Lynda Carter is going to recur on Supergirl this season as the President of the United States and yesterday she met the show’s star Melissa Benoist. As you can tell they had an instant connection. So much so, I can’t wait to see Kara and Wonder Woman together on the Superhero show when it moves to The CW on October 10th.
BTW I hope they find a way for POTUS to also be Wonder Woman, how awesome would that be? I am sure Carter would still look awesome in the costume since she hasn’t aged since her ’70s show.


It’s Wonder Woman!
July 26th, 2014 under Batman, Lynda Carter. [ Comments: none ]

Today at Comic-Con, Zach Snyder debuted the first photo of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in his movie Superman vs Batman. I think she looks good, but she is no Lynda Carter. I wish her costume had more color because I think it is too dark. What do you think?


Remember Lynda Carter?
May 19th, 2009 under Lynda Carter, Remember?. [ Comments: 5 ]

Lynda Carter is 58 years old and she looks as good as she did as when she played Wonder Woman over 30 years ago!!! You work it girl!!!


Wonder Woman meets Smallville
February 19th, 2007 under Lynda Carter, The CW. [ Comments: none ]

Wonder Woman is coming to Smallville! Well, sorta. Lynda Carter, who played the DC Comics superheroine in the campy 1970s TV series, will appear in the April 12 episode of Smallville as Moira Sullivan, mother of intrepid Daily Planet reporter Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack). The show placed Moira in a mental institution earlier this season, but all a network rep will spill about Moira’s current status is that ”her whereabouts play a huge part in the episode.” The rep will confirm, however, that Carter is set to appear in only a single episode.

Entertainment Week 

That is so cool! It is nice to see the show get another comic book actor on the show that is not from Superman! I hope they do more of these!!!


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