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Billy Idol’s son is his mini-me
February 20th, 2018 under Billy Idol. [ Comments: none ]

Billy Idol shared a photo with his son, Willem Wolf Broad, and the 29-year-old is totally his father’s mini-me. If the younger Idol spiked his hair and gnarled his upper lip, then I would not be able to tell the two of them apart. Would you be able to do it?


Billy Idol fitted for cement shoes?
June 9th, 2014 under Billy Idol. [ Comments: none ]

Billy Idol shared this photo of himself getting plastered on WhoSay, and I have to wonder who the Rocker pissed off? You know, because no one is fitted for cement shoes unless someone else wants them to swim with the fishes. Maybe, he rocked the wrong cradle of love?
Or maybe someone is measuring his feet to fit him for the perfect show since this photo was taken at Timberland in New Hampshire.
I like my first theory better, but I have a feeling the second one is the real answer. What do you think?


Is Jon Lovitz cold in the city as Billy Idol?
June 3rd, 2014 under ABC, Billy Idol, Jon Lovitz. [ Comments: none ]

This Saturday at 9p, Jon Lovitz is going to perform as Billy Idol on ABC’s Sing Your Face Off and do you think he is on the Mony, Mony with his impersonation? I am sure the real rocker will let out a Rebel Yell when he watches the performance and wishes he had a face without eyes.
Now I am basing this review on just this photo, who knows he might be the best Billy Idol impersonator we have ever seen. We will just have to tune in to find out.


BTWF bands: Billy Idol in Generation X
January 10th, 2012 under Before They Were Famous, Billy Idol. [ Comments: none ]

Before Billy Idol was Hot in City by singing with himself, he was singing Valley of the Dolls with Generation X. If it wasn’t for his lips I never would’ve recognized the 23 year old singer performing in 1979.


Billy Idol’s Flesh For Fanstasy
August 22nd, 2010 under Billy Idol. [ Comments: 2 ]

Billy Idol was doing a show in Vegas yesterday and for some reason the 54 year old singer decided to lift his shirt. Those poses might have been sexy back when his songs were hits, but now it is kind of gross. Even though his abs don’t look that bad, I don’t want to be doing like the song that is not on that set list and rocking the Cradle of Love with him.


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