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Billy Idol shaved off his spikes
August 31st, 2020 under Billy Idol. [ Comments: none ]

Billy Idol/Instagram

Billy Idol is as known for his spiky blonde hair as his music and his lip snarl. However, now, he is missing one of those things. The Rocker shaved off his spikes because it is Hot in the City of Los Angeles these days. Now, he and his granddaughter, Poppy, have the same hairstyle.

What do you think of Idol being a few inches shorter?


Billy Idol is dancing with The Roots and Jimmy Fallon
May 22nd, 2020 under Billy Idol, Jimmy Fallon. [ Comments: 1 ]

Many of us are quarantining alone, and every now and then, we need to take a dance break. What better song to do that to, than Billy Idol’s Dancing with Myself. Since that is what we are doing, Jimmy Fallon asked him to sing that song with him and The Roots while they played on instruments that found at home.

Watching them just sing that tune is kind of boring. Thus, Fallon asked the Tonight Show fans to send in videos of them dancing with themselves. Which they did. Good thing I didn’t because that is not the type of dancing I thought we did that single…


Billy Idol unsuccessfully toots his own horn
March 6th, 2020 under Billy Idol. [ Comments: none ]

Billy Idol can sing, but can he play the trumpet? Not for all the Mony, Mony in the world. He tried, but it was a shock to his system how hard it was to do. I guess he will just have to stick to rebel yelling because the horn thing is not working out for him.


Billy Idol teases a collaboration with Miley Cyrus
January 21st, 2020 under Billy Idol, Miley Cyrus. [ Comments: none ]

Billy Idol and Miley Cyrus have performed his song Rebel Yell live a few times, and now he hinted they did something else together.

The rocker is in New Zealand on tour, and he sat down with The Project NZ to talk about it. One of the hosts asked him what is most proud of in his 40+ year career. He told them, “Just the fact that I’ve kept at it. I love Rock’n’Roll. I love playing with Steven Stevens. I’m still playing with Steve.” Then he added, “We still have new things we are finding out like I just did a collaboration with Miley Cyrus. And I am still enjoying what I do. New things happening, that is the point.”

Sadly, the anchor did not follow up, and to find out what he did with Miley, so we are left to assume they recorded a song together. Especially since she shared a photo of them, earlier this month, at what look likes Andrew Watt’s studio.

I hope they did a new song together and not an updated version of Rebel Yell. Although, I like her take on Girls Just Want to Have Fun better than Cyndi Lauper’s. Oh, the horror. You know which song of his I would like to see them do? Cradle of Love! Not that there is anything going on between them, but it would be fun if they could have a single like Aerosmith and Run DMC joint venture with Walk This Way.


Imagine Billy Idol singing Imagine
January 10th, 2020 under Billy Idol. [ Comments: none ]

We are used to Billy Idol rocking out like the Rocker that he is. However, when he was in the studio with Yoshiki, he changed his tune. Literally.

As the pianist tickled the ivories with John Lennon’s Imagine, Idol sang the words. Even though the singer kept the melody authentic, he was dancing like himself. Therefore, I do not know what to make of it. He sounded great, but it looked strange.

I wonder why he did that like that because his Christmas album looks and sounds very Perry Como. That is why it is my go-to one for the holiday season. This song, better than most of the people who did it on American Idol, but his dancing was so distracting. I guess he made it his own.


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