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The Morning Show’s second season is so much better than the first one
September 17th, 2021 under Apple TV+, Reese Witherspoon/Ryan Phillippe. [ Comments: none ]

I have to admit I was late to The Morning Show game because I am not a fan of Jennifer Aniston nor Reese Witherspoon. However, I gave in because of my hard news background and working at a national news network.

I was happy I did because I enjoyed it. I thought Aniston perfectly played the self I perceive her to be. A bitch! That and I liked how the story played out during the first season.

As much I adored it, the second season kicks the first one’s a$$. It is so good; I could not wait to see what happened next after each episode. It even made me even like Aniston, and I never thought that would happen. Damn you.

Before we get to all of that, you have to watch the season premiere episode, which is streaming on Apple TV+ now.

It starts out immediately after the season finale when Alex Levy (Aniston) and Bradley Jackson (Witherspoon) broke the news that the CEO knew that Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell) was using his power to sexually harass and sleep with several women on the show. The powder keg just went off, and there will be a lot of bodies left in its wake.

One of them being Alex. She lost her husband via divorce and her job, all in a short period of time. Now, she is living far away from New York City, writing a book. However, there is a book coming out about the UBA scandal from Maggie Brener (Marcia Gay Harden), and Alex is terrified by what is in it. All of that has caused her to basically have a mental breakdown. However, she is liking her private life the way it is.

Then there is Corey Ellison (Billy Crudup), who is the new CEO of UBA. The ratings for The Morning Show are down, and he needs to get them up. He thinks he can do that by bringing Alex back.

That is something Bradley is not going to want. The two of them have not spoken in months. Plus, there is another opening at UBA, and she wants it. Anything not to do another song and dance number in the morning. Oh yes, there is a song and dance number at the beginning of the episode. It is as magnificent as you think it will be.

Now that Chip (Mark Duplass) is working in local news somewhere tiny; he has been replaced. Stella Bak (Greta Lee) is the new President of News. She is 33 and came from the online world. She is sick of the old way and wants to bring UBA into the 21st Century. However, no one respects her from Cory all the way down the chain. Mia (Karen Pittman) has been promoted to EP of The Morning Show, and no one respects her either.

Basically, it is all a mess. But since the episode takes place on New Year’s Eve, everyone is looking forward to 2020 and starting anew. If only they knew the sh!t storm that will be coming their way in two months.

That’s right; they deal with the beginning of COVID-19 as the season goes on. They, like us. watched it go from something that was happening to China to happening in our own backyard.

I wish I could tell that COVID-19 was the worst thing they deal with throughout the season, but it is far from it. There is still so much going on behind the scenes that it is amazing any of them will come out of this alive.

But I have said too much. All I will say is that it is worth subscribing to Apple TV+, if you don’t have it already, for The Morning Show. Seriously, I still can’t believe I am saying this about a show Aniston is on, but her character is really vulnerable, and she plays it perfectly. But, again, I said too much.

So I will stop talking now and tell you to stream new episodes every Friday. It is just so so good.


Would you eat Candy Corns that taste like Thanksgiving dinner?
September 17th, 2021 under Junk Food. [ Comments: none ]

I love all Halloween candy. Well, all but Candy Corn. Has anyone defined what it is yet?

I am assuming Brach’s has because they have been selling them for ages. So much so, they have come out with different flavors for the triangle candy.

This year, they are celebrating Thanksgiving early with the Turkey Day meal in a bag. You read that right. Each bag includes Green Beans, Roasted Turkey, Cranberry Sauce, Ginger Glazed Carrot, Sweet Potato Pie & Stuffing flavored Candy Corn.

I am intrigued. So much so, I will pick up a bag at Walgreen’s today. Wish me luck because I am going to need it.

UPDATE: I bought them. How do they taste? They taste like Candy Corn.


Angela Bassett has the best reaction to seeing her wax-self!
September 17th, 2021 under Angela Bassett, Wax Figure. [ Comments: none ]

Angela Bassett is such an ageless icon that Madame Tussauds Hollywood decided to make her timeless. That is why she is the latest wax figure to join their museum.

Before the 9-1-1 star’s life-size candle made its debut, she was given some alone time with herself. What did she think? As soon as she saw it, she exclaimed, “Oh Lord, I am a twin.”

Then she got an up-close look at the front and the back. She particularly loved her “cute” derrière. So much so, she had to give it a squeeze. I have seen many people do different things to their wax statues, but I have never seen that. That is why she is such a legend and deserves to be there with all the other ones.


Priyanka Chopra shares a makeup free selfie
September 17th, 2021 under No makeup, Priyanka Chopra. [ Comments: none ]

Priyanka Chopra is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. But will we feel the same way if we see her without makeup?

After looking at this photo of her, I say yes! In fact, I think she is even prettier without out. She also looks like a teenager. I guess when you marry someone who is a decade younger than you, it is like a fountain of youth.


Peter Wolf will sing Lights Out, if you put the masks on
September 17th, 2021 under Peter Wolf. [ Comments: none ]

I am one of those weird people who is still not ready to go back to the way life was in 2019. So when I see photos and videos at concerts, and no one is wearing masks, I have a little panic attack. I know most venues require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test, but it is still not enough for me.

I am not the only one who feels this way because today Peter Wolf announced that you will need to wear masks during his concerts. And that is why his girlfriend is a Centerfold.

It makes total sense because he is 75 years young, and his fans are a little older than BTS’s. I wish more musicians would take his stance.

Now that he mandated masks, I think I might finally go to see him perform live if he comes to LA. If you feel the same way I do, here are his tour dates.


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