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RIP Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi
January 26th, 2020 under Obits. [ Comments: none ]

Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old Gianna, and seven other people were killed in a helicopter crash today in Calabassas.

The 41-year-old is known as one of the greatest basketball players of all time. He played with the Lakers for 20 years until he retired in 2006. He broke so many records, won so many championships, and won the hearts of not only LA fans but fans all over the World.

He was not only an NBA player, but he was also a father and husband. He and Vanessa, his wife of 18 years, have three other daughters, Natalia, 17, Bianka, 3, and Capri, 7 months.

Today, let’s remember the Black Mamba as he lived, unstoppable.


RIP David Acorah
January 5th, 2020 under Obits. [ Comments: none ]

Medium Derek Acorah passed away on Friday at the age of 69 after developing sepsis from pneumonia according to Sky News.

He is best known for “contacting spirits” with his spirit guide Sam on the paranormal investigation show Most Haunted. He reportedly had a falling out with the show’s star over accusations of him faking it for the camera. After that, he got his own show called Ghost Towns, where he helped several people in a haunted town.

In 2009, he led a seance special where he claimed that he contacted Michael Jackson. Then in 2017, he came in fourth on Celebrity Big Brother.

I was a huge fan of Most Haunted until I read the accusations about him. He was good TV, so I believed him. After that, I just watched it for the architecture because it felt so fake after I read that. I won’t say too much because they say don’t speak ill of the dead, and he can talk to the dead. Which makes me wonder if he is haunting his naysayers now.

Having said all of this, you should check him because he was always entertaining. Why else would Saturday Night Live spoof him?


RIP Philip McKeon
December 10th, 2019 under Obits. [ Comments: 1 ]

Philip McKeon passed away today at the age of 55 from a long illness according to People.

The actor is best known for playing Tommy on Alice. We watched him grow from a little boy in 1976 to a tall man in 1985. Even though he was just a kid, he was able to keep up with the older actors on the classic sitcom.

After the show ended, he had bit roles in Return to Horror High and 976-EVIL 2: The Astral Factor. At some point, he moved to Texas and worked as a host at Wimberley Valley Radio.

Today, let’s honor his big smile by watching him on Alice and smiling.

McKeon is survived by his mom, Barbara, and his younger sister, Nancy McKeon from The Facts of Life.


RIP Roxette’s Marie Fredriksson
December 10th, 2019 under Obits. [ Comments: none ]

Roxette’s Marie Fredriksson passed away yesterday at the age of 61 after a 17-year-long battle with cancer.

In 1984, Fredriksson began her career in Sweden as a solo artist and had great success. Two years after that, she released her first album with Per Gessle and Roxette was born. The duo dominated the international charts in the early ’90s with songs like The Look, Listen To Your Heart, It Must Have Been Love, Joyride and Dangerous.

In 2002, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The treatment, even though successful, took its toll on her in. However, in 2009, she did not let the sickness win; Roxette hit the road and released some new music. Sadly in 2016, doctors told she needed to give up touring and focus on her health. Something she did until yesterday.

Her bandmate and friend of 40 years, said this about her, “Thank you, Marie, thanks for everything. You were an outstanding musician, a master of the voice, an amazing performer. Thanks for painting my black and white songs in the most beautiful colors.”

She is survived by her husband Mikael Bolyos and their two children Josefin and Oscar. Today, let’s keep her spirit alive by listening to Roxette’s songs. The ballads will remind you of love and the pop songs will make you smile as you remember her beautiful voice.


RIP René Auberjonois
December 8th, 2019 under Obits. [ Comments: none ]

René Auberjonois passed away today at the age of 79 from metastatic lung cancer, according to AP.

René Auberjonois started out on Broadway, but his life changed in 1970 when he starred in the big screen version of M*A*S*H as Father Mulcahy. He took on several roles for after that. Then in 1980, the actor landed a part that made him unforgettable. He played the uptight and stuffy Clayton Endicott, III, on Benson. He and his mustache became iconic as his character picked on co-workers at the governor’s office, and they put him in his place.

In 1993, the actor had a whole new group of followers, thanks to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Years later, he would work with Star Trek legend, William Shatner, in Boston Legal. His character was there to keep everyone in order. Something, he was never able to do.

While he is most notable for his TV work, he was also the voice of so many animated characters we love. You heard him in The Little Mermaid, The Smurfs, and Snorks, to name a few.

We might not have been able to say his last name, but we are always able to recognize him. Today, let’s honor the actor by recognizing him in one of his many roles.

Auberjonois is survived by his wife of 56 years, Judith, their two children, and three grandchildren.


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