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James Hetfield goes from Enter Sandman to enter rehab
September 28th, 2019 under Metallica, Rehab. [ Comments: none ]

Metallica was set to tour Australia and New Zealand next month, but they abruptly postponed their tour yesterday so that James Hetfield can go back to rehab for an undisclosed addition. Back in 2002, he went to rehab for alcohol and other addictions.

This is the message the band has for their fans, “We are truly sorry to inform our fans and friends that we must postpone our upcoming tour of Australia and New Zealand.

“As most of you probably know, our brother James has been struggling with addiction on and off for many years. He has now, unfortunately, had to re-enter a treatment program to work on his recovery again.

“We fully intend to make our way to your part of the world as soon as health and schedule permit. We’ll let you know as soon as we can. Once again, we are devastated that we have inconvenienced so many of you, especially our most loyal fans who often travel great distances to experience our shows. We appreciate your understanding and support for James and, as always, thank you for being a part of our Metallica family.”


Lots of changes coming to American Housewife
September 27th, 2019 under American Housewife. [ Comments: none ]

American Housewife is back tonight at 9p on its new night and there some changes coming for the Ottos.

First off, they are getting a new car. Now that Anna-Kat is older, they no longer need a mini-van. They just have to clean it up and out. Katie (Katy Mixon) and Greg (Diedrich Bader) decide to let Taylor (Meg Donnelly) handle cleaning the car. When she screws it up, her parents think it is about time she stops being a screwup. Therefore, they give her a list of things to do. How many of them will she screw up?

Unlike her oldest sibling, Anna-Kat (Julia Butters) is not screwing up as much. So much so, the school feels it is time for her to be with normal kids throughout her day. Katie doesn’t like that there is not someone looking out for her baby girl. Therefore, she comes up with a way to watch her even when she is not there. Will Anna-Kat find out?

Finally, there is the middle child Oliver. When his ballet dreams are crushed, ruining his chances to get into Harvard, he comes up with another way to get in. One that is inspired by the likes of Lori Loughlin. His parents tell him he needs to find another way to get in, but he thinks this is on the only way it will happen.

The Ottos have their work cut out for them this season and I cannot wait to see how they do on their new night. They are a good fit with Fresh Off of the Boat, so that is something going for their show. That and it is a really funny sitcom that the whole family can watch together. We need more of those.


What is, do you know singers’ real names?
September 27th, 2019 under Jeopardy, Snoop Dogg. [ Comments: none ]

I don’t know if you know this, but Snoop Dogg was not born with that name. His real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. In fact, he is not the only Hip Hop artist to go by a different moniker than the one their parents gave them.

Yesterday on Jeopardy, they wanted to see how well the contestants knew five singers real names, so they created a category with just that question. How well did they do? Let’s just they are a lot hipper than I am.

However, if they really wanted to make things really difficult they could have made the contestants try to guess their real names as compared to their stage ones. Then we would have gotten the same score! A big fat -6,000.


Huey Lewis and the News have some news
September 27th, 2019 under Music. [ Comments: none ]

Last year, Huey Lewis announced that he had to cancel his tour because he was suffering from Ménière’s disease and he was suffering from hearing loss. Since then, we have not gotten much of an update about his condition.

It seemed like it was the end of the road for the band. Yet, you know what they say, “The heart of rock’n’roll keeps beating.

Nearly 18 months later, we are getting an update from the band. Huey Lewis and the News released their first single in over a decade called Her Love Is Killing Me. Not only that, next year they are releasing their first album since 2001. Their collection of original music was self-produced and self-recorded at their own studio.

When it comes to the single, it sounds like something you would hear on their album Sports. A record that does not necessarily get the respects it deserves. If the rest of their new tunes sound like this one, I cannot wait to hear every track from it.


Céline Dion show off her Imperfections
September 27th, 2019 under Celine Dion. [ Comments: none ]

Céline Dion revealed the music video for her song Imperfections to the internet and that is not the only thing that she revealed. You can’t release a song called Imperfections without showing off some of your own.

Therefore, she sat down in front of her mirror and took off all of her makeup showing us what she really looks like. To be honest the 51-year-old looks no different. If we did not see her take off her mask, we never would have known.


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