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A Tsunami hits 9-1-1
September 30th, 2019 under Ryan Murphy. [ Comments: none ]

At the end of last week’s episode on 9-1-1, Buck (Oliver Stark), Eddie’s (Ryan Guzman) disabled son Christopher (Gavin McHugh) and thousands of people watched as the water disappeared from the Santa Monica Pier back into the ocean. Tonight at 8p on Fox, we find out why, a Tsunami.

The lifeguard tried to warn them as fast as he could, but there was not enough time. They ran as fast as they could, but they were caught up in the wave that took out Santa Monica.

As the wave settles, 9-1-1 in inundated with calls of trapped people asking out to get out of their cars and homes that are rapidly filling up with water. Several calls go dead because the person on the other end is, well, dead.

Even though those calls get disconnected, their system is still full. People cannot get through. People like Athena and the dozens of others who were involved in a pile-up further inland with her. She is trying to keep everyone calm and get the injured help. However, there is no one available that can help them. They need immediate assistance because there is a downed power line and the sewer system is backing up due to the excess water.

There is no one to help because all first responders are being sent to Santa Monica to rescue whatever survivors there are. LAFD Station 118 trades in their firetrucks for rafts. The first group of people they come across are a wedding party in a boat that what was in the ocean when the Tsunami hit. They only have a limited time to help them because the boat is filling up with water.

Talking about filling up with water, several of the nearby hospitals are flooded. Therefore the ones inland have no room for any new patients. It is up the Mandy (Jennifer Love Hewitt) to come up with a solution because there is nowhere for the injured to go.

If that is not enough to handle. What comes in, must go out. Just when they thought the levels settled, the ocean wants its water back.

I don’t know why I still watch 9-1-1 while I live in Los Angeles. It is scary as hell for me because what happens on the show can happen here and it does. Like they did a major earthquake last season and we had two in July. Even though the drama scares the crap out of me, I am too addicted to stop watching. It is too exciting for me to say no more. Who else feels the same way?

Especially when they do an episode like this one. The actors and crew did such a great job with a production, you feel like you are watching a movie and not a television show.


Did the Dancing with the Stars’ curse claim another victim?
September 30th, 2019 under Dancing with the Stars. [ Comments: none ]
Two weeks ago just before the Dancing with the Stars’ season premiere, Christie Brinkley was forced to drop out of the dancing competition because she broke her arm in rehearsal. Luckily for the ABC show, her daughter, Sailor was able to fill in for her.

This week, it looks like another star is out. According to Entertainment Tonight, Ray Lewis is expected to withdraw due to an undisclosed injury and leaving with him will be his partner Cheryl Burke. In typical DWTS fashion, they are not responding to ET with either a confirmation or denial. Most likely because they want us to tune in tonight at 8p to find out.

If he departs, it will be interesting to see what they do. They can make it a clean break, and no one goes home this week. Go on as planned and someone else goes home tonight. Or my choice would be to bring back The Supreme’s Mary Wilson, who was in the bottom two with Lewis last week and was eliminated by Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli. Although, the latter does not work because she would need to have danced tonight.

Part of me wonders who is doing a Tonya Harding? Is it Sean Spicer because the only way he can win is to take out the competition. Or could it be the people behind DWTS who are taking out Stars to get ratings? Or is it just the curse that took a few seasons off and is back in full force? Things that make you go hmmmmm.

BTW this is not the first time Burke and her partner dropped out of the competition due to an injury. Back in season 9, Tom Delay suffered stress fractures in both feet and did not make it to week 4.

UPDATE: Ray Lewis revealed that he suffered three torn tendons that will require surgery. Due to his unforeseen departure, DWTS did not eliminate anyone.


Will Stacey Dash plead Clueless on her domestic battery charge?
September 30th, 2019 under Arrested. [ Comments: none ]

Stacey Dash was arrested yesterday on suspicion of domestic battery near Tampa as reported by Tampa Bay Times. According to Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, the actress got into a verbal argument with a victim around 7:45p that turned violent when she pushed him and slapped his face. According to the police report, “The victim sustained red scratch marks to his left upper arm from being pushed.”

Dash married her fourth husband, lawyer Jeffrey Marty in April 2018 after meeting him 10 days earlier. No word if he is the victim.


Seven non bluffs about Bluff City Law
September 30th, 2019 under NBC. [ Comments: none ]
Last week, we got to meet lawyers Elijah Strait (Jimmy Smits) and his estranged daughter, Sydney (Caitlin McGee) on Bluff City Law. Tonight at 10p, they take on a case close to their hearts.

Back when Sydney was a little girl, she used to take horse riding lessons on a farm. That farm is now in trouble of being sold because of a seed that contiminated their land. The business behind the seed knows that their product gets mixed in with other people’s crops. When it does, they ask the farmers to pay them back for using their seed. Several other farmers have either sold their land to the corporation or took them to court and loss.

The Straights are not going to let that happen to their friend. Therefore, they are going to take on her case that has never been won. Can they be the first lawyers to win the case?

All while Sydney is dealing with the fact that she just found out that her father fathered another child from an affair. Will she accept her younger brother, Emerson (Stony Blyden), who works at the firm as a paralegal? Will she forgive her dad? Did her mother know?

I have to say, when I watched the first episode, I was not blown away by the series. However, after watching tonight’s show, I added the legal drama to my season pass. They take on interesting cases, ones that make you think. It is not the normal stuff everyone else does, but cases that really makes a difference in our World. Then you mix in some father/daughter drama and you have a drama that has you hooked. Case closed.

That is just how I see the show. A few weeks ago at the NBC Summer Press Day at the TCAs, Jimmy Smits and Caitlin McGee along with Executive Producers Michael Aguilar, Dean Georgaris and David Janollari talked about Bluff City Law.

Why do legal dramas work?
Part of it, I think, is one of the most remarkable things about our nation is our legal system. We take it for granted, but as a country, we have a forum where we come together, and we can air our grievances. We can decide what we believe in society is right and wrong, and frankly, over time, the legal field is where we evolve as a society, where we decide, “You know what? This was okay for 100 years. Now it’s not.” I think police dramas, like medical dramas, these are really questions that are fundamental to the human experience. I suspect that’s why they seem to be as timeless.
MICHAEL AGUILAR: My father’s an attorney, so I grew up in a house where the law was an art form. And I think it gives us an opportunity to explore subjects like justice and fairness and what we all share, the human values we all share, so I think that’s why it endures.

What type of cases can we expect?
Yeah. I mean, the pilot cases were sort of loosely inspired by the Monsanto case. We’ll be taking on I don’t want to say were ripped from the headlines, because I think it’s almost a little has a connotation to it, but issues like free speech, issues like privacy, these are things that we’re all talking about right now. Frankly, it’s a really interesting time because these definitions are changing. Every week we’ll be taking those on and, by the way, sometimes from a more comedic perspective. If it’s all drama, I think it doesn’t feel real. If you don’t laugh every now and then, it’s not representative of life.
MICHAEL AGUILAR: Yeah. And some of the cases are also very human stories and very local Memphis stories as well, and they dip into the culture of Memphis, which is incredibly rich.

Why did they cast Jimmy Smits?
And I will say, on the page, the character of Elijah was incredibly nuanced and incredibly complex, and we knew that we needed to have someone with amazing gravitas and kind of command of leading this show in the role. We were thrilled when Jimmy read the script and was as excited about it as we were.

Was it easy for Smits to step back into the courtroom again since he played a lawyer on L.A. Law from 1986-1992?
No. There was a lot of brushing up. That was 20 something years ago. But you try to take the best from the experiences that you had and know that this particular guy that I’m doing now is a lot different and doesn’t have the kind of bounce in the same way, and, luckily, we were able, besides having a really great pilot script that is a wonderful jump off point for all these characters and this relationship, we had some really great technical people that were able to work with us that are attorneys there, and a particular duo that have the same type of father and daughter relationship. So that was really helpful as well.

How the producers got father and daughter lawyers to work as consultants on the show.
Yeah. It’s actually a funny story. We were looking at an office space that an attorney has and started to chat with him. He had no interest in us shooting in his offices, as, of course, he shouldn’t. He’s got legal files everywhere. And we started to chat with him and he said, “So what’s your show about?” And I said, “Well, it’s a father daughter story.” And he said, “Well, you know, my daughter just started working here.” And I sort of paused and said, “Well, that’s probably a little complicated.” He said, “It’s very complicated.” And at that point we just couldn’t stop talking and it was hours. He’s joined us on our show. I mean, he sort of is, in a lot of ways, the Elijah Strait of Memphis. He’s an incredible attorney, a really generous person, and he’s been working with all of our cast, but particularly Jimmy and Caitlin. And his daughter has as well, and she’s brilliant and they have a similar dynamic. So it’s been an incredibly special relationship.

Why did they base the show in Memphis?
We’re huge fans of “The Firm.” I don’t know that it was necessarily in our thought process, but I do love that movie. I think the great thing about Memphis is that it’s a big city that gives us a lot of opportunity but has a small- town feel, so you really believe that someone like Elijah Strait could be the pinnacle of justice and a real war hero and could have this firm that could make a real change, make a real difference and change the city.

Are they shooting the series in Memphis?
We are shooting in Memphis entirely. And there aren’t a lot of soundstages, so it’s actually kind of an advantage. We get to shoot on location, which gives it even more authenticity. We’ve converted a couple of buildings into some of our sets, and we’re continuing to do that. We’re growing the infrastructure, which we’re excited about. I mean, we’ve all fallen in love with Memphis, and it’s not an understatement. I mean, I can’t sort of the history of the place is sort of in the soil, and the people there are so generous and have really welcomed us. So we want to build a film community there. They have some infrastructure, and they’ve certainly are really trying to help us build it. We’ve brought some people in to help train and try to hire as many locals as we can.


Chris Daughtry with hair!
September 30th, 2019 under Daughtry. [ Comments: none ]

Ever since we got to know Chris Daughtry on American Idol, he has been bald. Over the weekend, he found some old eyeliner and took on an alter ego he calls “Hard Marx.” I am assuming the black wig he also found, helped come up with that name. You know since the hairdo looks a lot like the one Soft Rock singer Richard Marx has on the top of his head.

I think he looks so freaking sexy with this hairstyle, he should consider doing what Garth Brooks did as Chris Gaines. Would you buy an album from Hard Marx? What type of music do you think he would sing?


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