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Who would want to grope Morrissey?
July 30th, 2015 under Morrissey. [ Comments: none ]

Morrissey was traveling through the San Fransisco airport yesterday and he claims that one of the TSA Agents got too familiar with him.
The singer released a statement saying he went through the detector and everything seemed fine. Then he added, “Before I could gather my belongings from the usual array of trays I was approached by an ‘airport security officer’ who stopped me, crouched before me and groped my penis and testicles. He quickly moved away as an older ‘airport security officer’ approached.” Morrissey then says that he was with two members of British Airways Special Services who so “horrified at the sexual attack” they suggested he lodge a complaint. Morrissey explained that at first he was hesitant to do so, but eventually he did.
Even though he thought the complaint would be ignored, a TSA spokesperson told Rolling Stone, “TSA takes all allegations of misconduct seriously and strives to treat every passenger with dignity and respect. Upon review of closed circuit TV footage, TSA determined that the supervised officer followed standard operating procedures in the screening of this individual.”
As of now, Morrissey has not responded to the TSA responding to him.


BTWF roles: Jessica Szohr in What I Like About You
July 30th, 2015 under Before They Were Famous, Gossip Girl. [ Comments: none ]

(starts at 9:15 in)

Before Jessica Szohr was starring in Complications, her relationship was full of complications on What I Like About You. She looks the same now as she did when she was 18 in that 2004 episode.


John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are in the dog house!
July 30th, 2015 under Chrissy Teigen, John Legend. [ Comments: none ]

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are back from vacation and they are already back at work. Sadly, the dogs weren’t allowed on the set, so they locked themselves inside with the pooches.
It kind of makes sense they banned the pups, the couple were shooting photos for their cookbook and their four-legged friends might eat the props. Hopefully they got some treats as a reward for being so good.


‘Knock Knock.’ ‘Who’s there?’ ‘No one, so you’re cancelled!”
July 30th, 2015 under Fox. [ Comments: none ]

If Justin Bieber can’t get you ratings, nothing can. Since that was the case for Knock Knock, Fox pulled the plug on the live show after just two episodes.
This is just another long list of shows that Ryan Seacrest has hosted that has not made it to a second season. Although this is the worst he has ever done.
Don’t feel too bad for him, at least he still has American Idol. Oh, wait… Hey, he gave us The Kardashians, so I guess this is our way of getting revenge on him for that.


Donald Trump is disgusting!
July 30th, 2015 under Donald Trump. [ Comments: none ]

Donald Trump tried to trademark his Apprentice catchphrase “You’re fired,” but seems there is something he says more often. That word is, “disgusting.” He says it so much that Jimmy Kimmel Live was able to compile him saying the word in several different scenarios. They say you are the word you say, so I think he is that word since he says it so much. I know I say bitch a lot, and that is what I am. What word do you say a lot?


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