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David Letterman calls Rob Lowe a lying sonofabitch!
October 30th, 2013 under Brat Pack, David Letterman, Rob Lowe. [ Comments: none ]

Rob Lowe was a guest on a The Late Show and David Letterman asked him why he is leaving Parks & Recreation. At first, he tried not say why, but then he admitted, “Amy Poehler is a prick.” To which the CBS host responded, “You’re a lying sonofabitch!” But is he?
He is literally so cute when he tries to be bad with that devilishly adorable smile!


Beau Bridges didn’t recognize his Masters of Sex co-star!
October 30th, 2013 under Arsenio Hall. [ Comments: none ]

Beau Bridges was on The Arsenio Hall Show yesterday and he talked about that infamous scene he shot for Showtime’s Master of Sex. You know, the one where he looked into the dildo with a camera inside and watched a woman masturbate? It was a hard scene to film and it took a whole day to shoot. He has a tough job, but somebody has to do it.
Well later that night, he went out with his wife and some of the dancers from the Broadway show he was working on at the time. Suddenly a woman came up to him and said it was great working with you. He didn’t recognize her because when they were filming together, he wasn’t looking at her face. That has to be embarrassing.


Alyssa Milano admits to making a sex tape in her 20’s!
October 30th, 2013 under Alyssa Milano, Craig Ferguson. [ Comments: 1 ]

Alyssa Milano was on The Late Late Show yesterday and she told Craig Ferguson about the fake sex tape she made for FunnyOrDie. Thus, the CBS host asked if she would ever make one for real. Then she told him, “I’ll be honest, there might have been a sex tape.” She then added, “Here’s the thing it was on VHS.” To which Craig excitingly told her that he had a VHS player, but she dashed our dreams by telling him that she burned it. She thinks?
So somewhere out there might be a tape of Alyssa Milano doing it. How happy would you be if someone found it?
BTW did I mention she also claims that she keeps her youthful appearance thanks to Botox?


Will Kerry Washington’s pregnancy be a scandal for the show?
October 30th, 2013 under ABC. [ Comments: none ]

Kerry Washington is reportedly pregnant with her first child according to Us Weekly. The actress, who married Nnamdi Asomugha, in June is said to be about 4 months along which means she is probably having a honeymoon baby!
She has yet to confirm the pregnancy, but in the promos she did for this week’s Saturday Night Live, she looks to be hiding something in that flowy dress.
Since she has yet to say if she is having a baby, no word if the pregnancy will be written into the ABC show. Hopefully they will and we won’t know the daddy is, which is the definition of Scandal especially if you are sleeping with the married President. She can get back with him for one night to make the baby, right?


Hot Links!
October 29th, 2013 under Hot Links!. [ Comments: none ]

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