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The Arsenio Hall Show cancelled after getting a 2nd season pickup
May 30th, 2014 under Arsenio Hall. [ Comments: none ]

Just a few a weeks after The Arsenio Hall Show was picked up for a second season, CBS Television Distribution decided to cancel it. According to Variety, the show was facing downgrades from several stations and the syndicated late night show became too expensive to produce.
Not only was the show cancelled after being told it would be back. Arsenio will not get a goodbye show because production was halted immediately on the show permanently. The talk show was in repeats this week and will not be doing any new ones in the future. And I think that is unfair to late night legend. He should have been allowed to have a sendoff week. Don’t you think?
BTW come September, Late Night will once again be an all white man’s game because with Arsenio gone now and Chelsea Handler leaving in August, that leaves Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, David Letterman, Craig Ferguson (only non-American by birth), Jon Stewart (the only Jew) and Stephen Colbert. So CBS that leaves it up to you to add some variety to late night when you replace Craig Ferguson. I still suggest JB Smoove, Craig Robinson, Tracy Morgan, Jane Lynch and/or Matthew Perry.
And after I typed all of that, I forgot that come next year we are getting The Minority Report with Larry Wilmore. But I still think we need a little more variety on late night. If daytime can do it, why can’t they do the same 12 hours later?
Finally, this has been a really crappy week for Arsenio. Not only did he lose his show, he also lost out on his bid to buy the Clippers.


Michael Emerson gets Happy as he sings the song!!!
May 7th, 2014 under Arsenio Hall, Lost. [ Comments: none ]

Ever since we fell in love with Michael Emerson on Lost, we have thought of him as a very intense actor. Well tonight he was on The Arsenio Hall Show and the Person of Interest wanted to show us his lighter side. So he sang the best cover version we’ve heard of Pharrell Williams’ Oscar nominated song, Happy. And the cherry on top is he even donned that infamous hat that The Voice coach wears.
If this doesn’t make you happy, nothing will. So get lost in the moment, clap along and watch this performance over and over and over again!


Taraji P Henson and Tyrese remember their Baby Boy sex scene differently!
April 25th, 2014 under Arsenio Hall. [ Comments: none ]

Taraji P Henson was on The Arsenio Hall Show yesterday and he asked her if she ever did a scene that was scary for her. She told him that filming her sex scene with Tyrese in the movie Baby Boy was scary for her. Then she told him as hard as it was for her, it was even harder for the model. She claims that he was in the corner crying over it, and then he surprised everyone when he came out to say she was lying. The two BFFs then argues what really happened that day and I don’t know who to believe. I say there is some truth to both of their stories. What do you think?


You’ll never believe what Arsenio Hall got his audience to do!
April 24th, 2014 under Arsenio Hall. [ Comments: none ]

We have all seen the Kiss-Cam at Sporting Events, well Arsenio Hall one-upped it with his late show audience. He started with a kiss and ended with something that couples only do in their bedrooms. At least I hope they only do the last one in the boudoir because I would not want to see that done in public.
How many of those things would you do if you were caught by the Arsenio-Cam?


Isaiah Mustafa even makes back hair sound sexy!
April 14th, 2014 under Arsenio Hall. [ Comments: none ]

Isaiah Mustafa was on The Arsenio Hall Show last week and he was plugging his new product, The Over and Back. Basically it is a copy of his arm with an electric razor attached to it, so it can get to those hard to reach areas.
Yeah, this bit was cheesy and stupid; but the Old Spice man makes anything he is promoting sound sexy. Don’t you agree?


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