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Watch We Are Men ‘because it’s awesome!’
September 30th, 2013 under CBS. [ Comments: none ]

Back in May I got the screener for We Are Men, that debuts on CBS tonight at 8:30p, and I have watched it like 10 times since. And today to prep for this review I watched it again for the first time in a few weeks. I was surprised to find, that I actually enjoyed it even more and it made me laugh even harder this time around.
The show starts off with Carter (Chris Smith) getting married. Just as he is about to say I do, his fiancee’s ex-boyfriend crashes the wedding and she runs off with him. Now Carter has to find a place to live, so he moves into an apartment complex that is full of other single men just like him. That is where he meets his 3 best new male friends.
Frank Russo (Tony Shalhoub) is the charming member of the group, which might explain why he has been married not once, not twice, not three times, but four times. He finally learned his lesson, so now he has decided to never marry again and instead he is just going to have fun. That fun includes women who are his daughter’s age. Abby (Rebecca Breeds) is off-limits to the other guys, but that isn’t going to stop Carter from flirting with her and her reciprocating.
Then there is Gil (Kal Penn), he got caught having an affair and like Carter he wants to get back with his ex-wife. Gil, like Frank, has a daughter, but she is not any where dating age. Their relationship gives Gil a little more heart than the other guys.
Finally there is the Speedo wonder, Stuart (Jerry O’Connell). He is a doctor, who married a divorce lawyer who screwed him in the divorce. But she didn’t sour him on marriage, so he tried it again. Well she hired his first ex-wife when she decided to divorce him and once again he got screwed. Now he is living up his single life like a Freshman Frat Boy and showing us why he is a good catch in those little bathing suits.
When these 4 men go out on the town, they have fun bonding over the fact that they are men. They will help each other get laid, have fun and most importantly be there when you need someone to go through the tough times.
They will have a lot of fun at the pool, the bar and the bedroom. Well the last place they will do separately but with someone else. Then they will get together the next day and talk about all the fun they just had.
So be prepared for 4 men to act like men because as the show title says “We Are Men!”
Now even though Jerry O’Connell, Tony Shalhoub, Kal Penn and Chris Smith, did not work together before they shot the pilot, you would never know. They sincerely are like 4 friends that have been hanging out forever and causing havoc where ever they go. It is their instant chemistry that makes this comedy even more enjoyable than it already it is.
And ladies just because the show is called We Are Men that doesn’t mean you are not going to love it. I am a gal and I love these guys and you will too!
We Are Men is unlike anything else on television. It has laughs, it has heart and it has Jerry O’Connell in a Speedo during every episode. What more do you need? So watch tonight and every Monday at 8:30p on CBS.

Then at 9:30p on Mom Christy (Anna Faris) finds out she is going to grandmother. Her teenage daughter, Violet (Sadie Calvano), is continuing the family tradition of being a teenage mom. So Christy and her mom (Allison Janney) are going to have to try to figure out what they can do to help violet out.

Finally at 10p Ellie (Toni Collette) realizes there will be consequences for her actions on Hostages.
She thought that it would be all over when she gave the President the blood thinning medicine Heparin so she wasn’t able to operate on him. Well she was wrong because Duncan (Dylan McDermott) is waiting for her when she gets home and her family is no where to be found. Finally Duncan brings her to them in the basement and tells her she needs to kill one of them. Then he gives her a gun and tells her to shoot. Who will she choose? Her cheating husband (Tate Donovan), her drug-dealing son Jake (Mateus Ward) or her pregnant daughter, Morgan (Quinn Shephard).
By the end of the episode someone will be dead and Ellie learns very quickly that if you screw with these guys, someone will die. Tune in next week to find out if she really learned her lesson…


Guess who that cute boy grew up to be?
September 30th, 2013 under Guess who?. [ Comments: none ]

Want to see who is as yummy as American pie, then click here!


Would this be considered a Richard Simmons’ sex tape?
September 30th, 2013 under Richard Simmons. [ Comments: 2 ]

Richard Simmons went to get his car washed and they have one of those automatic massage chairs there, while you wait for your car to get buffed. So of course he decided to try it and had himself filmed while experiencing the vibrating chair working his body up and down over and over again.
I don’t know about you, but he was making noises that sound a lot like he was doing something else. You know, Sweatin’ to the Oldies with just one partner and if really lucky on the rare occasion, two.
Anyways I don’t know what I just watched, but I can’t stop watching it and laughing hysterically.
I especially love how he didn’t get out of the chair when the camera stopped rolling. Because let’s be real, just like with a good stripper, you don’t stop with a dollar! You keep putting dollar bills in until you run out of them.


Jerry O’Connell makes his dogs clean up his, you know, mess!
September 30th, 2013 under Howard Stern, Jerry O'Connell/Rebecca Romijn. [ Comments: none ]

Jerry O’Connell was on The Howard Stern Show today to promote his very funny show We Are Men that debuts on CBS tonight at 8:30p and he talked about something he does like a single man even though he is a married one. O’Connell has two awwwdorable 5 year old girls and they cut into his sex like with Rebecca Romijn Stamos. So he has to find other ways to satisfy himself because you can’t do that with the twins in the bed with you.
So when he gets home and they are all out. He sends his dogs outside to stand guard as he uses the internet for its true purpose. Then when he is done in the time that you can say “We Are Men airs Mondays at 8:30p on CBS”, he makes the pups cum in to clean up his leftovers. Dear PETA, He is joking, so don’t go after him.
Now when it comes to him doing that same thing at work. To be honest, it is really easy for him because most of his time on the show is spent in just a Speedo. So all he has to do is remove it, do his business and put it back on. Instead of dogs, he has an assistant to do the job that his best friends do.
And since the show is called We Are Me, he is just playing the part. Ba dum tish!
While my joke was beyond bad, We Are Men is anything but!


I’m hot for Eddie Van Halen!
September 30th, 2013 under Van Halen. [ Comments: none ]

Maybe someone needs to place a 5150 on me because I want to For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge Eddie Van Halen. When did the teacher get so hot again? I don’t remember the last time he made me Jump, but Right Now he is making me feel like it’s 1984 and we are in Panama-a-a-a!


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