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Hot Links!
May 31st, 2007 under Hot Links!. [ Comments: 1 ]

Who is that pin up girl? – ICYDK
Devon Aoki and Kelis pose nude – Ninja Dude
Is Billy Joel's child bride tiring of him? – Celebitchy
Nicole Richie is afraid of going to jail – Pop On The Pop
Too cute, David Arquette with with Coco – Gabby Babble
Petra Nemcova in a short skirt – Jordan is Your Homeboy
Did Ryan Reynolds visit Lindsay Lohan in the hospital? – AIW
Bjork finally explains that stupid swan dress – Celeb Warship
Paula Abdul whines about being called a whiny b!tch – Yeeeah!
 How does Britney Spears feel about Paris Hilton going to jail?- Breesays
Who is fuglier Kelly Osbourne or Kimberly Stewart in this photo? –Dlisted
Who is that wearing a bikini top? – The Blemish

Nancy Grace’s producer goes out in style
May 31st, 2007 under TV News. [ Comments: none ]

via Dlisted
Nancy Grace doesn’t just play a b!tch on TV she is one after watching that clip! Right Elizabeth, Elizabeth. You know after that video of the animals having fun she was relieved of her duties on the show and I am sure did a flip just like the turtle at the end.
Seriously who does Nancy Grace think she is to talk to people like that and what was wrong with the clip? There isn’t that much more video of Paris Hilton for Headline News to use. It is not like she does the red carpet events that they cover and you can’t use her movies because they are R rated, so what else is there?
And BTW I never watched Nancy Grace before, boy is her voice annoying. How do people watch her?


Keith Urban denied entry to Nicole Kidman’s movie set
May 31st, 2007 under Keith & Nicole Urban. [ Comments: none ]

A security guard who did not who Keith Urban was, told him he was not allowed on to the set of Nicole Kidman's movie Australia according to The Daily Telegraph. After he remained persistent with her about getting on the set she told him to shove off and get a life. Finally she got on the two-way with her boss, who then knocked his hip out of joint rushing to personally escort Urban to the set. The security guard was not fired, so her mom bought her a bunch of tabloids and educated her daughter on who is who so that would not happen again. When she saw a picture of Hugh Jackman she got all excited and said, "Hey, that guy walked me past me about 10 times today'." How did she miss all the coverage of their wedding last year, I thought that was the biggest weddings to happen in Australia in a long time. At least they don't have to worry about her being star struck, she doesn't even know who they are. 

(photo from The Sydney Morning Herald


Sienna Miller in a see-thru shirt without a bra
May 31st, 2007 under Celeb Oops, Sienna Miller. [ Comments: none ]

 Pictures remove by order of the owner
Egotastic (check out his site for more photos) 
That is from a scene in Sienna Miller's new movie Best of Times of our Lives, so not sure if that was an accident or not. Is it just me or would she better off wearing a bra because her breasts are a little saggy?

Mario Lopez coming back to TV!!!
May 31st, 2007 under Mario Lopez, Saved by the Bell/City Guys, The CW. [ Comments: 1 ]

According to Variety, The CW has picked up 13 episodes of Eight Days a Week for a mid-season replacement. The show produced by Sean Hayes and also co-stars Christina Milian "revolves around four Gothamites in their 20s who work for some of the city's most powerful people. They've largely given up on their personal lives in order to get ahead and are forced to rely on each other for support." Even though itdoesn't sound that good, I am still going to watch it for Mario Lopez!

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