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[ # ] Keith Urban denied entry to Nicole Kidman’s movie set
May 31st, 2007 under Keith & Nicole Urban

A security guard who did not who Keith Urban was, told him he was not allowed on to the set of Nicole Kidman's movie Australia according to The Daily Telegraph. After he remained persistent with her about getting on the set she told him to shove off and get a life. Finally she got on the two-way with her boss, who then knocked his hip out of joint rushing to personally escort Urban to the set. The security guard was not fired, so her mom bought her a bunch of tabloids and educated her daughter on who is who so that would not happen again. When she saw a picture of Hugh Jackman she got all excited and said, "Hey, that guy walked me past me about 10 times today'." How did she miss all the coverage of their wedding last year, I thought that was the biggest weddings to happen in Australia in a long time. At least they don't have to worry about her being star struck, she doesn't even know who they are. 

(photo from The Sydney Morning Herald



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