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Did Whoopi Gpldberg sit on a whoopi cushion on The View?
December 10th, 2014 under The View. [ Comments: none ]

Today on The View, while talking to Ashanti about the flu shot, a loud sound was heard. Without missing a beat Whoopi Goldberg stood up, claiming she was the one who made the noise.
So do you think she farted or it was a sound effect. Since, she has cut the cheese before of the daytime talk show, I wouldn’t put it past the Oscar winner to do it again.


Did The View do the right thing by hiring Rosie Perez?
September 4th, 2014 under The View. [ Comments: none ]

We are less that two weeks away from a Barbara Walters-less The View and yesterday we found out who will be joining Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell on the daytime talk show. ABC announced that actress Rosie Perez and Nicolle Wallace, communications chief for George W. Bush’s White House and re-election campaign and senior advisor for the McCain-Palin campaign in 2008, will be sitting at the table with them this season. Perez said it best in the press release, “I am beyond thrilled, honored and completely surprised that I’ve been asked to join ‘The View’.” Who wasn’t surprised when they heard she was joining the show? I mean, if this was 20 years ago, I would be excited about these four co-hosts. But it is 2014 and they are so 1994.
I think that people will tune in for premiere week out of curiosity, and then they will tune out. I just see a lot of screaming and talking over each other when it comes to the three actresses and that gets old, fast. At least to me it does.


The View on that show is changing
June 26th, 2014 under The View. [ Comments: none ]

The View is going to look a whole lot different next season because not only did they lose Barbara Walters to retirement, they are also losing Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy to the pink slip. According to what ABC told Variety, the ladies were reportedly fired today to make way for “an exciting new direction.” What that new direction is, do we really care because who watches this talk show anymore?
When it comes to Sherri and Jenny’s departures, it really isn’t that surprising. Shepherd’s personal life was news this year, and I am sure the show wanted to distance themselves from it. And when it comes to Donnie Wahlberg’s fiancee, she was an awful hire from the get go.
Oh well, at least they kept Whoopi Goldberg. Which is a good thing because it keeps her too busy to act more often.


Jenny McCarthy’s hair is as crazy as, well, her!
June 2nd, 2014 under The View. [ Comments: none ]

Jenny McCarthy Tweeted this photo of herself with major bedhead and to me she kind of looks like Medusa. Granted I think she always turns me into stone whenever I watch her on The View. Who am I kidding, I never watch that daytime talk show.


Did Barbara Walters and David Letterman make a suicide pack?
May 14th, 2014 under David Letterman, The View. [ Comments: none ]

Barbara Walters is retiring this week and David Letterman is doing the same thing next year. So tonight when she appeared on The Late Show, the two hosts who don’t want to retire any more, agreed to walk into the sunset together. Then the CBS host realized what he agreed to, a suicide pack. So will they do it? Doubtful, because Baba Wawa told the late night to go first. Which is a good thing because the In Memoriams couldn’t handle losing both of them at the same time.


Barbara Walters goes out with a bang as all 11 View hosts come together!
April 16th, 2014 under The View. [ Comments: none ]

On May 15th, all 11 hosts of The View will share the same stage to say goodbye to the retiring Barbara Walters. That’s right, journalist Meredith Vieira, lawyer Star Jones, comedian Joy Behar, television personality Debbie Matenopoulos, journalist Lisa Ling, comedian Rosie O’Donnell, and cable news host Elissabeth Hasselbeck will join Sherri Shepherd, Jenny McCarthy, Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters, will all be together for one memorable event.
There is only one more daytime host they need to be part of the panel that day, and that person is Jerry Springer. I really hope the reunion isn’t all lovey dovey and all those old rivalries come back to haunt them.
I have never seen a full episode of The View, but I will be watching this one. Will you be watching too?


Barbara Walters most fascinating person is her vibrator, Selfie!
February 17th, 2014 under The View. [ Comments: none ]

We know more than we should about Barbara Walters thanks to The View and her autobiography; and yet today she shared something we wish we never knew about her. The famed newsanchor admitted that she still uses a vibrator and his name is Selfie. I don’t know if I should be impressed that the 84 year old still has a libido or completely grossed out. Since I am visual person and picturing how big that thing is, I am going with completely grossed out. How does it make you feel about her latest TMI?


We can view Rosie O’Donnell on The View!
January 27th, 2014 under The View. [ Comments: none ]

Rosie O’Donnell hasn’t been on The View since she left the show as a host back in 2007. Well she is coming back for one day only as a guest on February 7th and Barbara Walters is welcoming her with open arms.
I would be more excited about her returning to the show if Elisabeth Hasselbeck was still on it. I’d love to see those two go at it again. That is when the show was at its best to me.
Are you excited to see her back on the daytime talk show?


Barbara Walters does her best Miley Cyrus!
December 18th, 2013 under David Letterman, The View. [ Comments: none ]

Barbara Walters read a specifically written Top 10 for her on The Late Show with David Letterman yesterday and who knew the serious news lady was so funny.
Top Ten Questions Never Before Asked by Barbara Walters starts off slow, but once she asks, “Anyone got a job for me?” things start to pick up. Then when she wants to know what Miley Cyrus has that she doesn’t, and you will quickly find out the answer to that one. Which brings us to a #1 on the list that is hilarious, but it might take you a second or two to get it. At least it took me a few seconds and once I got it I couldn’t stop laughing.
If this was the Barbara Walters we knew on The View, then maybe she wouldn’t be retiring from it.


As if The View wasn’t bad enough?
July 15th, 2013 under The View. [ Comments: none ]

After weeks of speculation that Jenny McCarthy would be joining The View, Barbara Walters confirmed the news this morning. I thought The View was geared towards women, I don’t know many/if any of my sisters who actually like her. If there is one woman who doesn’t need a daily soap box, it is the Playboy Playmate.
I never watch The View and this definitely sealed the deal for me to never ever tune in. I wonder how many loyal viewers will be tuning out in September when she officially joins the show.
BTW if her joining the show is making you look for alternate viewing, why not watch the Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family at 10a, you can actually learn something worthwhile from it.


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