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Looks like The View has a new member
June 6th, 2016 under The View. [ Comments: none ]

Just days after it was reported that Michelle Collins was let go from The View, comes word that they have already found her replacement. According to Variety, GMA’s weekend anchor Sara Haines will be joining the show next season.
On a positive note, she is a journalist. On negative note, they still have all the other people on that panel. They need to get rid of everyone and start over again. My smart friend suggested that they bring back Meredith Vieira to take over the lead position. Imagine how much better the show would be with in her charge over Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar. At least she knows her stuff.


The View fires one of its panelists
June 5th, 2016 under The View. [ Comments: none ]

The View can’t keep a panel together for more than a year, no matter how hard they try. According to Variety the latest victim is Comedian Michelle Collins. Out of all the people on the panel, she is the only one I think they should keep. Whoopi Golddberg should’ve been gone a long time ago. She says the stupidest things. Almost as dumb as the things child stars Raven Symone and Candace Cameron Bure say. Why are they still there? Although rumor has it Symone is leaving and Variety says that Bure might be too busy with Fuller House to come back. Then there is Joy Behar, why did ABC bring back that loud mouth who thinks because you she talks the loudest she is always right. She never is.
Here is my solution for The View, cancel it. OK, they won’t do that just yet, then get rid of the whole panel and get two journalists, a homemaker, a politician and a celebrity to talk about the issuers of the day. Listening to a bunch of actresses and comedians talk for an hour is not whose views I care about.
Granted I’ve never seen an episode of the show and I like it that way!


Are the women of The View in costume?
October 29th, 2015 under The View. [ Comments: none ]

The View is going to have their annual Halloween episode tomorrow and the women dressed up as some of the Disney Villainesses. Although, I am not sure if they are really in costume up because they always look that way. Well, maybe they are dressed nicer than they normally do.


Things are no longer Rosie at The View
July 7th, 2015 under The View. [ Comments: none ]

When The View started out this season things were twice as rosy there with Rosie O’Donnell and Rosie Perez. Before the year ended O’Donnell left the show and now at the end of the season Perez is following her out the door.
The actress says she is departing to focus on her career; but there have been rumors the show hasn’t been happy with her performance and was planning on cutting her.
At this rate, they should honestly just cancel the show. It feels like it is time. What do you think?


Things will be less Rosie at The View, which makes them rosier!
February 6th, 2015 under The View. [ Comments: none ]

Rosie O’Donnell is not only splitting with her wife of three years, the separation is causing her to also leave The View. Her rep told PageSix, “I can confirm that Rosie and her wife Michelle (Rounds) split in November. Rosie has teens and an infant at home that need her attention. This has been a very stressful situation. She is putting her personal health and family first.” Then she added, “ABC has been wonderfully understanding and supportive of her personal decision to leave ‘The View.’ Next week will be her last.”
I am sure the show was supportive and understanding, she hasn’t proven to be the ratings getter they were hoping for. In fact, I think almost all of the press about her being on the show has been negative, so I am assume they were happy they get rid of their failed experiment.
When it comes to who the daytime talk show should get to replace her, I think they should try to find someone more positive. All that negative energy is too much for people to handle before noon.


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