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How would The View hosts look with gapped teeth?
June 11th, 2021 under Michael Strahan, The View. [ Comments: none ]

Michael Strahan is as known for his gapped front teeth as all of the jobs he has. So yesterday, when the Good Morning America Host was on The View, he showed the women what they would look if they had a space between their teeth too.

Do you think they look better with or without it?


I don’t think the hair people at The View like Meghan McCain
March 24th, 2021 under The View. [ Comments: none ]

When you are talent, and you work on a show, then there are certain people you have to be nice to. They are the cameraperson and the hair and makeup people. That is because they can make you look good, or they can make you look like they made Meghan McCain did today on The View.

They made her look like the adult version of Cindy Lou from Whoville. They gave a fauxhawk in the front with a braid on the top of her head, and then the back was done up in big bushy curls. So it is basically fauxhawk mullet. It is a look that no stylist would give to someone they like. To make it even worse for her, they gave her blue eyeshadow that went out of style before she was even born. Altogether, she looks like a futuristic Disco dancer that no one wants to dance with.

Kind of like the other ladies at The View don’t want to hang around with her when the cameras are not rolling.


Joy Behar tells Meghan McCain she did not miss her
January 6th, 2021 under The View. [ Comments: none ]

Meghan McCain finally returned to The View from her maternity leave on Monday Did her co-hosts miss her? The new mom assumed that Joy Behar did. She was 100% wrong.

Joy Behar was talking, and McCain once again interrupted her. Behar called her out on it, and McCain told her that you missed me when I was gone. “I did not miss you…Zero,” Behar said.

Believe it or not, McCain then said that it was rude for Behar to say that. Um, McCain was in the wrong. She always is.

Too bad they are not all in the studio together. Then we can really see them go at it. It is not the same when they are all in five different locations, and they each have their own screen.


When will Meghan McCain be back on The View?
December 16th, 2020 under The View. [ Comments: none ]

Have you been missing Meghan McCain’s nasally voice on The View? Do you want to know when you will be hearing it again? She revealed that she will be back from maternity on January 4th.

That is just 16 days before the inauguration. Hopefully, she will have enough time to talk all about her feelings about the election until we can finally say, President Joe Biden. Probably not because she never shuts up about anything.

I wonder if she will also talk about her daughter Liberty Sage who was born on September 24th.


Joy Behar asked Billy Crystal for a facial on The View
November 13th, 2020 under Billy Crystal, The View. [ Comments: none ]

Billy Crystal was a guest on The View today, and he talked about his movie Standing Up Falling Down. As he was finishing up the interview, Joy Behar said to him, “Listen, Billy, can you give me a facial later? That is what I want to know.”

Since the hosts and the guests are all in remote locations, there was a time delay until he heard what she actually said. When he finally heard it, his mouth dropped open to the floor, and he said something unintelligible back.

Thankfully, his friend Whoopi Goldberg had his back when she told her co-host, “He can give you many things, a facial is not one of them.”

Now, I bet you are wondering why she would ask him for one on a daytime talk show? It is because he starred as a dermatologist in a movie. Although, I bet you thought he was played a porn star after that question.

Now go, picture him portraying a porn star who is giving her a facial. Why should I suffer alone?

xoxo Michael!


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