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Is Halle Berry really 57?
August 16th, 2023 under Are they really their age?, Halle Berry. [ Comments: none ]

On August 14th, Halle Berry turned 57. However, you would never know it by looking at the actress as she was about to blow the candles out on her birthday cake. She looks better now than when she started out as a beauty pageant contestant.

Seriously, she is like a fine wine. I need to know her secret. Does she have Dorian Gray painting in her house?


BTWF: Halle Berry competing in the Miss USA Pageant
June 29th, 2023 under Before They Were Famous, Halle Berry, Miss America/ Miss USA. [ Comments: none ]

Before Halle Berry was an Oscar winner, she was first runner-up in the Miss USA Pageant. The 19-year-old was robbed in that 1986 beauty pageant.


Was Halle Bailey named Halle Berry?
May 18th, 2023 under Halle Berry, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos. [ Comments: none ]

I don’t know about you, but I keep saying Halle Berry when referring to Halle Bailey. So was the 23-year-old named after the Oscar-winning actress?

“Well, my family has always loved Halle Berry. She is amazing,” The Little Mermaid told Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos on Live with Kelly and Mark. “Originally, when I was a baby, they wanted to name me Hailey. But my last name is Bailey. So that wouldn’t have worked…So then they ultimately decided on Halle. And it is very similar to Halle Berry. But there is no one else I would rather have a similar name to her. She’s so cool.”

Does Bailey think Berry is cool in person too? The two met at the Oscars, and Bailey thinks her namesake is “like an angel!”

If I were the Oscar 2024 Oscar producer, I would have the two of them present together at the awards show. Could you imagine?

UPDATE: The Halles had a conversation about this reveal. To see what they said, then click here!


Is Halle Berry really 56?
April 10th, 2023 under Are they really their age?, Halle Berry. [ Comments: none ]

Halle Berry is 56 years old. However, you would never know it by looking at the actress in her birthday suit.

Berry had this to say about the photo, “i do what i wanna do.” And I want to know what she does to say so young looking.

Because she looks even better now than she did when she played a model in Living Dolls in 1989.


Happy International Women’s Day, watch Halle Berry try to squeeze into tight pants!
March 8th, 2023 under Halle Berry. [ Comments: none ]

It is International Women’s Day, and there is a global problem we women suffer through. That problem is trying to squeeze in tight pants.

We thought we were alone, but it turns out we are not. Halle Berry is right there with us. The Oscar winner tried to fit into skin-tight pants, and she couldn’t. She actually needed someone to help her, and even that was a struggle. And if she can’t do it, we can all feel better about ourselves when we can’t do it either. The struggle is real.

So women, today, we honor ourselves for all the things we go through. Things like trying to zip up pants that don’t want to close. But we will make it happen! We are women! Hear us roar!


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