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[ # ] Way too much good television on tonight!
February 27th, 2013 under NBC, Syfy, The CW, TNT/TBS/TCM, USA Network

The night starts off at 8p with an episode of The CW’s Arrow that will leave you gasping every few minutes. Just when you think they can’t shock you anymore they surprise you again. Tommy’s (Colin Donnell) dad Malcolm (John Barrowman) invites his son to an event that he is being honored at, but he hesitates until Oliver (Stephen Amell) convinces him to go after a heart-to-heart conversation. A decision Oliver will later regret because an assassin has his Deadshot (Michael Rowe) eye on taking out Malcolm and Arrow will have to go in to try to save the day. By the end of the night Tommy and Oliver’s friendship will be changed forever and they will not be able to get back to where they were once at. Think that is enough to get you to want more, it is just preparation for the evening’s final reveal… So make sure to tune in for a game changing episode because so much happens that you can’t miss a single shocking moment.

Then at 8:30p NBC’s Guys with Kids stages a Cosby Show reunion when Marny’s (Tempestt Bledsoe) irresponsible younger sister Bridget (Keshia Knight Pulliam) comes for a visit. Instead of just giving her money, Marny decides that her sister should work for her husband to earn the dough. Gary (Anthony Anderson) is against this for obvious reasons. Is he right or will his sister in law actually wind up helping him? Meanwhile Chris (Jesse Bradford) and Sheila (Erinn Hayes) decide to have another baby even though they are divorced. Something his best friend, Nick (Zach Cregger) is vehemently against. Luckily for him Chris’ ex-girlfriend Sage comes back into the picture and now he will have to choose which ex to be with. The season finale ends with Gary singing a Kelly Clarkson song and let’s just say it doesn’t suck and neither does this great episode!

Then at 9p on TNT Donnie Wahlberg honors the people his brother and him spent a lot of unwanted time in their youth with and they are Boston’s Finest. It is inside look at entire Boston Police Department, including patrol officers, detectives, special task forces and members of the SWAT Team, the Fugitive Unit and highly decorated Gang Unit. Besides following them as they fight crime, we get to see what their lives are like when the badge comes off. In a way it is like the reality version Wahlberg’s CBS show, but set in Boston. You really go along for the ride with them and after you watch it you will want to tip your hat to these brave men and women. Wahlberg really gives these people the respect they deserve with this series.

Then at 10p Psych is back on USA and it picks up exactly where it left off. Shawn (James Roday) arrives just as his father Henry (Corbin Bersen) was shot. Now it is up to him to save his dad and get the man responsible for shooting him. Even though Jules (Maggie Lawson) and Lassie (Timothy Omundson) tell Shawn to sit this case out, he doesn’t listen. Will Shawn get himself into a situation he can’t get out of and does his dad survive? You will have to tune into find out!

Finally at 10p Stranded makes it debut on Syfy at 10p and this is an interesting twist on ghost hunter shows. Each week four everyday people will be sent to a location for 5 days to investigate if it is really haunted. They will be cut off from the world meaning no phones, no computers and no way to leave, and they will have nothing to do to but find out if there are any ghosts with them. They will be given the equipment to find out if they are alone or not and what they discover will not only spook them, it will do the same to you. I loved Stranded so much that when it gets picked up for a second season, I am so going to try to be on it.


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