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Blake Shelton is playing bar games with his friends
October 18th, 2022 under Blake Shelton, USA Network. [ Comments: 10 ]

Blake Shelton is going from The Voice to Barmageddon. As in, the Country star is inviting his friends to play some bar games like Air Cannon Cornhole, Keg Curling, Drunken Axe Hole, Sharts (“Shelton Darts”), and many more with his buddies at his place Ole Red.

Shelton will be joined by Carson Daly and Nikki Bella every week. However, it is not about the three of them.

In each episode, two celebrities play a unique set of five games in the bar to win a much-needed prize for a viral Internet sensation each has chosen to support. Plucked from obscurity following their epic misadventures on the online, these now-infamous stars find themselves at Ole Red hoping to be redeemed. The competition heats up when the losing rival of each round has a chance to even the score by spinning the Wheel of Redemption, a risky move with hilarious consequences. Ultimately, the winning team takes home a prize while the losing celebrity must accept the shame of defeat. But this is Barmageddon – even if they don’t win, at least they had fun trying.

Barmageddon debuts December 5th on USA Network. Hopefully, this does well because Blake won’t be getting that Voice Money after next season.

To see who the Bartrons are, then click here!


NBC’s Courtship is over and now she is courting on USA Network
March 16th, 2022 under NBC, USA Network. [ Comments: none ]

Peacock picked up the dating competition series The Courtship, which is The Bachelor but set in the olden days. NBC liked the idea so much they stole it from their streaming service. Unfortunately, what they thought was a good idea turned out to be a bad one.

So much so the show was only seen by 500,000 viewers after its second airing. Therefore, NBC broke up with her and sent her to date their lesser cousin USA Network, according to Deadline.

Starting tonight, she will air on USA Network at 11p after Temptation Island, which USA Network stole from CBS. So basically tonight, USA Network is airing two rejected shows.

And what is even sadder is that Peacock has to air the rejected shows the next day. Peacock might look like a pretty Peacock, but she is the ugly duckling. Poor Peacock.


More people die on New Amsterdam than Chucky tonight
November 23rd, 2021 under Chucky, Jennifer Tilly, NBC, Syfy, USA Network. [ Comments: none ]

Last week on Chucky, Junior (Teo Briones) and Devon (Björgvin Arnarson) both lost their moms to the killer doll. Tonight at 10p on Syfy and USA Network, Junior, Devon, Jake (Zackary Arthur), and Lexy (Alyvia Alyn Lind) deal with the ramifications of their deaths in different ways.

Devon is over his fight against Chucky as he prepares for his life without his mom. Junior doesn’t know about Chucky, and he handles his grief differently. Lexy and Jake will continue the war, but how much longer can they do it, and how much more blood needs to be spilled? All I will tell you is that someone doesn’t make it to the credits.

Meanwhile, we get more of Charles Lee Ray (Brad Dourif) and Tiffany’s (Jennifer Tilly) backstory. We might go into the past for that, but in present-day Tiffany collides with Junior’s dad (Devon Sawa) at the funeral. What does she want from the Wheeler family?

All leads to a shocking ending that will make you wish that it was next week to see what happens next.

If you are not watching Chucky, you are missing the best new horror show in a really long time.

Also at 10p, but on NBC is New Amsterdam. It is Max (Ryan Eggold) and Helen’s last day at New Amsterdam (Freema Agyeman). What could go wrong? A superbug invades the hospital, and patients are dying on every floor. Will it be enough to convince them to stay? All I will say is that we will know their decision at the end of the episode.


Five ways The Biggest Loser is different on USA
February 11th, 2020 under USA Network. [ Comments: none ]

The Biggest Loser did 17 seasons on NBC, and then it was canceled. After a nearly four-year break, it is back on its new home, USA Network every Tuesday at 9p, with more people who want to lose weight to get healthier.

The only familiar face on the show is trainer Bob Harper who is now the host. There are a lot of other changes. A few weeks ago, he, new trainers, Erica Lugo and Steve Cook, and Heather Olander, SVP, Alternative Series Development & Production, USA, talked about them at the NBC Winter Press Day at the TCAs.

Here are five takeaways from that panel:

How is The Biggest Loser different on USA as compared to NBC.
When we brought this show back, one of the biggest things was, we had 17 years of success on NBC. It was a beloved show, and it did a lot of positive transformations for a lot of the contestants.

But we did want to take a look at the format and make sure that it was reflective of health and fitness today. 2020 is very different than what it was more than a decade ago when this show first came on on the air. And one of the things we did look at is the competition element. What we decided is that the competition is only part of the storytelling in the show. It’s a motivating factor for the contestants, but we found it’s part of their story and their transformation as well, sort of the failures and the successes both. And we saw it impacted who they were from the start of the show to the end.

What is the biggest change?
One of the big changes we made this season, is making sure that the aftercare package was enhanced versus what it was in past seasons, because we wanted to give those people who did maybe go home early on in the process the best chance possible to continue a healthy lifestyle. So we gave them a gym membership, and fitness is a part of it, but also, a nutritionist, because what you eat and to your point, every body is different, and every nutrition plan is different and needs to be specific to each individual. So we gave them that as well as one very important piece, guiding them towards a support group.

These guys can tell you from their experience that doing it with other people, this journey is much better when you can do it with someone else versus when you do it alone.

In our show, in fact, one of the big pieces is a support group where everybody gets to share their stories and feels sort of a part of something, feels like they’re not alone. So that was another part of the aftercare package that we made sure we put in place to do what you said. To your point, listen. From a human level, these people, you fall in love with them, every single one of them, so to see them go, you just want to make sure that maybe they don’t win the money, but they still have the chance at a great life and a healthy life.

There are not just exercising on The Biggest Loser.
From the format standpoint, and we want to make sure they’re losing the weight but also they’re in the healthiest environment they can be, so though not shown on the series, behind the scenes we did have a nutritionist who provided individualized meal plans for each of the contestants. We had two doctors on set and a set of trainers that vetted the nutrition plans, but the trainers also vetted all of the challenges and the workouts that they did, and they were constantly monitored to make sure that all of their vitals were where they needed to be and they were losing weight at a healthy rate.

The Biggest Loser is not just about looking good after losing the weight.
To that end, thinking about that when we were developing the show, we did want to make better connection or bigger connection between weight loss and health.

And for these contestants on the show, they primarily came to the show because they wanted to live a longer life. They unanimously talked about health issues that they are having because of the weight, and just beyond that — the message in the show is, yes, being thin and fitting into skinny jeans; if that’s what you want, fabulous. But that’s not the end all, be all. It’s not about getting thin at all costs. It’s about getting healthy and setting these contestants on a healthy lifestyle path.

Giving them information about nutrition that a lot of them didn’t have. They didn’t even know where to start, and talking about, also, the mental piece of that. What got them mentally and emotionally to the place that they are?

So we touched on the mental part of it, the food part of it, and the fitness part of it, all of the holistic approach to say to everyone, viewers and the contestants, it’s not about a short term diet get thin, because it’s not sustainable, and you’re right. That’s not the right message to send. It’s about getting healthy and whatever that means for you and whatever body type that is for you.

What does Erica Lugo, who lost 160 pounds five years ago, bring to the show?
I can say, just from my own journey, that’s what I love bringing to the show is I can bring my own experience, and like he said, it’s something that we have to make that choice day in and day out, and I really feel like we teach them those tools to be able to keep it off long-term.


The Biggest Loser is back shedding pounds
January 28th, 2020 under USA Network. [ Comments: none ]

It has been almost four years since The Biggest Loser has been off the air, and it is back on USA tonight at 9p.

Trainer Bob Harper is back, but this time he is hosting. He is also inspiring the contestants because now he understands their journey more after suffering a heart attack almost three years ago. He is not the only trainer who understands what they are going through, as does Erica Lugo. She once tipped the scales at 322 pounds, and she has kept it off for five years. Trainer Steve Cook looked like he had the perfect body when he was on magazine covers. What we didn’t know is that he worked out like crazy before the shoots and pigged out afterward. He now has a better relationship with food, and he wants the same thing for his contestants.

The contestants are all obese, and they are suffering from health issues related to their weight. They are issues like very high cholesterol, diabetes, and sleep apnea. If they don’t get their weight under control, they could die. Therefore, they committed to getting healthy.

However, is this the way to do it? Just like when it was on NBC, the show is all about exercise. It feels like they are working out 24/7 because that is all they do in each episode. Well, when they are not being weighed in.

We are not seeing them learning how to eat healthier. We know that several of the contestants have issues with food, so let’s see them work with dieticians to teach them how to eat better when they are home.

Another problem I have with the show is that the people who need it the most are the first ones that are eliminated. Maybe they are better off because they are sent home with a gym membership and a nutritionist. This way they are learning how to keep off the weight when they are home. That is where it really matters.

They say the show is different, but it feels the same for me. What they should do is keep all the contestants on the show from the beginning until the end. Teach them not only to work out but also how to work out when they are home working and being a parent. Also, show them how to prepare meals for them and their family, so that they can all keep off the weight.

They are not trying to be bodybuilders; they are trying to live to see their next birthdays. Then I would think the show would not get the criticism it gets.

I don’t hate the show, I just wish it was more responsible.


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