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Luke meets his mom on SurrealEstate
November 22nd, 2023 under Syfy. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 9p on Syfy’s SurrealEstate, Luke (Tim Rozon) finally meets his estranged mom. He has not seen her since he was 3 years old. What happens when they are finally reunited?

He is not the only one who is going through things tonight. Lomax (Elena Juatco), who is new to the Roman Agency, sold a house to a very nice family. However, they have a dark secret, one that will cause her to render her resignation.

Talking about resignations. Zooey (Savannah Basley) goes to Susan’s house, and it lets her in. What happens when she goes inside? Will it hold her captive like it is holding Susan?

You are just going to have to tune in to find out in an episode that is more heart than paranormal. And that is a good thing.


Ben travels to Hannah on Quantum Leap. SurrealEstate has a monster under the bed
November 15th, 2023 under Quantum Leap, Syfy. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 8p on NBC’s Quantum Leap, Ben (Raymond Lee) travels to Princeton, NJ, in 1955. He is hoping to meet his idol, Albert Einstein, who is also there at that time, but instead, he reunites with Hannah (Eliza Taylor).

That was the woman he met in the ’40s, and he suggested she reach out to a scientist he knows at Harvard. And now, she is working on a project at a different Ivy League. This one is a bomb that she and Ben will have to keep out of the hands of the Nazis that America secretly recruited at the end of World War II.

She doesn’t recognize Ben. But why would she? Because now he is a different person, literally. However, as time goes on, will she realize that the doctor in front of her is the FBI agent she met all those years ago?

Ben also gets someone different as his hologram. Who will it be for this leap?

I cannot stop praising how much better this series is this season. And I loved the first one.

Then, at 9p on Syfy’s SurrealEstate, the Roman Agency is trying to sell the house for a man who has a monster under his bed that has been torturing him ever since he was a kid. Can they save this man from the monster?

Susan is still MIA since she quit, so Luke (Tim Rozon) decides it is time to move on. He reaches out to Lomax (Elena Juatco) to see if she wants to join his team, and she says yes. So he sends her to convince a squatter to move out of her house. But the squatter has a secret. How will Lomax react to her first SurrealEstate listing?

Zooey (Savannah Basley) is also rethinking her decision to become a real estate agent after she found out how cutthroat things are during their last sale. Alright, the other agent didn’t have his throat cut, but he still got stabbed. What is she going to do?

And what are you doing not watching the best paranormal show on television?


Love is in the air on Quantum Leap and SurrealEstate, and it’s Halloween on Chucky
October 25th, 2023 under Chucky, Quantum Leap, Syfy. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 8p on NBC’s Quantum Leap, Ben (Raymond Lee) is a female Hollywood assistant who needs to get Neal Russell (Tim Matheson) to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. If Ben doesn’t do that, then the actor will be found dead a week later.

So Ben is going to do everything in his power to save one of his and Addison’s (Caitlin Bassett) favorite actors.

But it is going to be hard for Ben to do it because all Neal wants to do is stop his ex-wife’s wedding because he is still in love with her. Ben knows what it is like to be in love with someone who is in love with someone else. Therefore, he is going to everything he can to reunite Neal with his ex, even though Addison is trying to stop him.

The more Ben helps Neal, the more he realizes he still loves Addison and declares it to her. What happens when he tells her that?

I can’t tell you that. But I will tell you that you want to watch a sweet episode that is about fighting for the person you love.

Then, at 9p on Syfy and USA Network, it is Halloween on Chucky. So we are going to get a party at the White House. Chucky, aka Joseph, is going to dress as the Phantom of the Opera, and he is going to have a moment from the musical.

Before we get to that, Jennifer Tilly, aka Tiffany, is going to begin her sentence in prison. She won’t be there long because her execution date is coming up in three weeks. And she will kill tonight, All I will tell you is that it is someone famous, and it sucks that they can’t talk about it because of the strike.

Back to the White House. Devon (Björgvin Arnarson), Lexy (Alyvia Alyn Lind), and Jake (Zackary Arthur) are there to get to Chucky. But first, Lexy and Grant (Jackson Kelly) get closer. And as much as she wants something to happen, she has business to take care of.

Will she be able to get too close to Chucky before he kills again? Remember, he has to kill three more people if he wants to live. That’s right. Last week, we found out he is dying, and he needs to sacrifice six people if he wants to live. Can he do it?

All I will tell you is there will be blood, lots and lots of blood tonight.

Finally, at 10p on Syfy’s SurrealEstate, Lucas (Tim Rozon) is busy with work because Susan (Sarah Levy) is taking some time off. Therefore, he is the one who has to leave the office to sell houses.

A wealthy man wants to buy a cabin in the woods, and he will pay good money for it. So, Lucas makes an offer to the woman who owns it. Kay (Tara Yelland) was not home at the time. Therefore, she comes into the Roman Agency to decline his offer.

Even though she is saying no to that offer, she says yes to going on a date with Lucas.

While she is there, August’s (Maurice Dean Wint) machines pick up something strange about her. But he doesn’t know why. Will he find out in time?

All of this leads to a shocking ending. Actually, all three shows have shocking endings tonight. But I have said too much. So just watch. I promise you won’t be disappointed because all three shows keep you entertained with how enjoyable they are. They are enjoyable in their own special ways. You have one show with a man endlessly traveling through time. Another has a serial killer doll, And the last one has a real estate agency that sells haunted houses. Who needs a Dick Wolf show when you have all that?


Chucky catches us up. SurrealEstate has to solve a murder mystery
October 18th, 2023 under Chucky, Syfy. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 9p on Syfy and USA, we find out how Chucky got himself into the White House.

In fact, it might be the third episode to air this season, but it was actually the second one they filmed. Therefore, we find out how Chucky finagled his way into 1600 Penn and why he chose that as his new home. So, things make a lot more sense.

We also find out what happened in the year since Jake (Zackary Arthur), Lexy (Alyvia Alyn Lind), and Devon (Björgvin Arnarson) performed the exorcism on Chucky. And that includes Tiffany/Jennifer Tilly going on trial for murder.

Did I mention we also see Lexy’s sister tonight?

And don’t worry, with all of the information we get in this episode, there are also some kills. Because would it be a Chucky episode without someone being killed by the murdering doll?

So buckle up for one helluva ride on Chucky tonight.

Then, at 10p on Syfy, the agents on SurrealEstate need to find out who killed the owner of the house so that they can sell it.

Susan (Sarah Levy) brings a couple into a house, and they are in for quite the surprise. That is because a woman drops from above, and she is hanging from a rope via her neck. Needless to say, the couple doesn’t want the house.

So Susan comes back with Luke (Tim Rozon), and they talk to the dead woman via a special phone. She tells them that she did not commit suicide and that she was murdered.

Therefore, Luke and Susan go back to the office so that they can figure out who she was. By finding that out, they might be able to find her killer. If they do that, then she will be free to move on.

So how do they solve a murder that happened decades ago, and there is only one person still alive who was there? And he is no help.

You are going to have to tune in to find out how this sale ends. That and there are going to be some personnel changes at The Roman Agency.

I am so happy this show is finally back because it is so much fun to watch. And you never know what type of haunted house they are going to try to sell, but you know it is going to be thrilling.


Chucky goes to the White House, while SurrealEstate is selling haunted houses
October 4th, 2023 under Chucky, Syfy. [ Comments: none ]

The good news is that Chucky is going to the White House for season 3 starting tonight at 9p on Syfy and USA Network. The bad news is that he wasn’t there when Trump was president.

Chucky has a new friend to the end, and Henry (Callum Vinson) is the President’s son. So, now the killingiest doll in the World is living in the most powerful house. And you know what he is going to do while he is there? He is going to kill. And his first kill is pretty gruesome. But do you expect anything less from him?

Chucky goes by Joseph now, which is the same name as Henry’s brother, who just died. So Henry is inseparable from his new Buddy, and his parents don’t want to separate the two. Well, except when Joseph asks to hang out in the West Wing instead of going to school with Henry.

Henry’s family is oblivious to Joseph’s past, so they go along with everything Henry asks for. And they are going to regret that when people keep showing up dead to work. The White House is quickly becoming the Blood Red House.

The show isn’t only about Chucky. It is also about the three teens that he orphaned. Jake (Zackary Arthur), Devon (Björgvin Arnarson), and Lexy (Alyvia Alyn Lind) are living with a foster mother. When they are not posting on social media, they are looking for Chucky and Lexy’s little sister, Caroline (Carina London Battrick), who was taken by Tiffany, or was it, Jennifer Tilly. Either way, she is missing, and they want her back. But no one knows where she is.

Who will they find first, Chucky or Caroline? Well, considering Chucky is at the White House, I think we know who is easier to find. So how will they infiltrate the White House that has the best security?

We will have to tune in to find out, and we will find out in the next few weeks. But I have said too much.

I can also tell you that this season is so much fun because you can’t top the White House. At least, I don’t think you can.

Then, at 10p, SurrealEstate is back on Syfy after what seems like forever.

Every house has a story. However, not every story ends in a house when the chapter is done. And that is why Roman Agency specializes in selling those houses. They help close the book on the scary tale that is preventing people from buying that house.

That’s right, they get rid of the scary entities that just won’t leave the house. And it was a lot easier last season when Luke Roman (Tim Rozon) was able to talk to the spirits. However, after a disastrous sale, he lost that ability. And he hasn’t shown up for work since that fateful night.

Susan (Sarah Levy) has taken over the reins because someone had to. Even though she is the agency’s newest agent, she has already mastered sales and exorcising the demons out of the house.

She is not doing it alone. August (Maurice Dean Wint) is using his technical brains to find a way to talk to the former residents. Phil (Adam Korson) is researching them. And Zooey (Savannah Basley) is keeping everything in order and cleaning up their messes.

They are a team who is missing their leader and a leader who is missing his team. So he shows back up to work and tries to clean a house from the singing boy who eats fingers. There is only one problem. It isn’t a singing boy. So, now his team has to try to get to him before the singing finger eater does.

How will Luke handle doing what he did without his power? What type of supernatural spirits will the agents face this season? So many good questions with one answer. Watch the show!

If you missed the first season, watch it on Peacock! I binged it in a day because it was love at first sight. The show has chemistry, originality, heart, friendship, laughs, and spooks. It is everything you want from a show about selling haunted houses!


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