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[ # ] Shaquatch spotted in Minneapolis
February 5th, 2018 under Shaquille O'Neal

When I was teenager this group I was in, would take us up to the woods for retreats. They would tell us city folks not to wear brown if we were walking around outside because a hunter might mistake us for a moose and shoot us. Yet my friend Danny would have us outside singing a song about a moose and act it out. Like he was trying to get us killed.

Why am I telling you all of this? The other day Shaq was walking around Minneapolis with a black fur coat and hat. Which is really not the smartest thing to do up there because they are constantly on the look out for Bigfoot and from behind the 7’1″ NBA legend looks like Sasquatch with all of that fur over his body (which better be fake). He better be really careful because Destination America might do a series about the search for him called Hunting Shaquatch! Which I would totally check out.


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