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[ # ] Lucie Arnaz responds to Nicole Kidman playing her mom Lucille Ball
January 18th, 2021 under Keith & Nicole Urban, Lucille Ball

Last week, it was announced that Aaron Sorkin is doing a movie about Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz with Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem playing the legends. Needless to say, people, like me, were not happy about the casting.

Yesterday, Lucie Arnaz responded to all of the fans and explained why it works. “Here’s the deal, what you should understand. We are not doing a remake of I Love Lucy. No one has to impersonate Lucy Ricardo, nor do the Vitameatavegamin routine, nor the chocolate factory routine, nor any of the silly things,” Arnaz said. “It is the story of Lucille Ball, my actual mother, not Lucy Ricardo, and her husband Desi Arnaz, my dad, not Ricky Ricardo.

“There will be humor in the film, but it is the story of the two of them and how they met. And what went right with finding the show, what went wrong. Their relationship. Their love affair.”

She then goes on to say it is just a small part of their lives and that Sorkin does a good job telling her parents’ story. She would not have approved the 2-hour feature film if she didn’t like what he did with their love story. She rarely allows people to do anything about or with parents’ story without her approval.

Then she closed out the video with, “Just trust us. It is going to be a nice film.”

I want to trust her and Sorkin, but I still think Kidman is wrong for the role. She is a great actress, but she can’t play every role. Did you see Prom?

Did Arnaz make you feel better about Sorkin’s project about her parents?


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