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[ # ] Watch Martin Kove do ADR for a Cobra Kai fight scene
January 18th, 2021 under Netflix

This is a spoiler alert for anyone who has not seen the third season of Cobra Kai on Netflix. For everyone else, this is really cool.

So you know that fight scene in the season finale where Johnny Lawrence and Kreese finally have their day in the ring? Well, not only did it look intense, it sounded that way too. In order to make it sound that way, they have to recreate it in post during an ADR session. Producer Jon Hurwitz shared that session, and Martin Kove really got into it.

Watch as Kove not only grunted through the fight, but he also acted it out. It was almost like Billy Zabka was in the room punching him all over again. Or at faking like he was punching him. No actors were hurt in the making of that fight scene.

Don’t you just love behind the scenes videos that show that everything in Hollywood is real?


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