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[ # ] Courteney Cox rear ends Matthew Perry!
January 14th, 2014 under Bill Lawrence, Courteney Cox, Flash Mobs, Matthew Perry

Monica and Chandler aka Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry are reunited on her show Cougar Town tonight at 10p on TBS and I’m high on believin’ that you’ll be in love with it.
Jules (Cox) hasn’t been paying the bills (you have to watch to see the funny reason why) and one of the big ones she missed is the one for her car insurance. Since she is so late, the company has cancelled it. This will make things really bad for her when crashes into Sam’s (Perry) very expensive car. When he notices that there is no ring on her finger (again you have to see why), he asks her out. She says yes, hoping to get out of paying for the damage to his car. Her plan works. It just works a little too well and he winds up proposing to her with one of the greatest flash mobs ever! How will she get out of it? And does she really want to? Let me tell you, I am huge fan of Matthew Perry’s and I love him so much after this amazing episode. So it if were up to me, I dump Grayson (Josh Hopkins) to be with Sam the billionaire. The flash mob is that freaking amazing.
They are only one part of the episode, Ellie (Christa Miller) is doing everything she can to prove that Laurie (Busy Philipps) has a told a lie. It seems like no matter how hard she tries, she just can’t do it. Will she be able to find anything out on Jelly Bean?
Finally, Tampa, Fl. is experiencing some freezing cold weather. So cold, there is a whole 10% chance it will snow there. Bobby (Brian Van Holt) is like a little boy about it and is anticipating the white stuff like, well, a little boy. Will Tampa actually see some snow?
You will just have to tune in tonight for one of the best episodes of Cougar Town and there are been several great episodes in this sitcom’s run on both ABC and now TBS!


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