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Head of the Class OGs Khrystyne Haje and Dan Frischman talk about the reboot
May 12th, 2020 under 80s, Bill Lawrence, HBO Max. [ Comments: none ]

Back in the ’80s, if you were a teenager, then you were watching Head of the Class, a sitcom about gifted students who were all in the same high school class. The honor students made being smart in school look cool. Thus, you and your friends would debate after each episode if you were a Simone or a Darlene, or who was cuter Arvid or Alan? We also all wished our teacher was as awesome Mr. Moore. It is such a timeless sitcom that it still airs in syndication now.

Having said all of that, it makes sense that someone would want to reboot it for the new millennium. That person is Undateable, Spin City, CougarTown, and Scrubs’ creator Bill Lawrence, and he is bringing back the show to HBO Max, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

As much as I love that Lawrence is the person doing the remake, I personally like it better when reboots include the original cast. Therefore, I reached out to two of the cast members to see what they thought of the news.

Khrystyne Haje, who played the sweet girl next door Simone, told me, “I absolutely loved the whole Head of the Class experience. The show brought me so much joy & opportunity. Our cast was kismet. I was inspired by their talent and got some of the deepest friendships in my life as a result.” Then she added, “I also love the message of Head of the Class. It still needs to be shared. I’m grateful that it’s a show the family can watch together. Everyone can learn & laugh together. That. Is. The. Best.” You can still see Haje’s long red curls in several commercials and she just finished a movie that is in post-production.

Dan Frischman, who was the lovable nerd Arvid, said he thinks that it is, “Great that the show will have a new life with new students.” He is so looking forward to it, that he is offering to direct an episode. The actor directed some episodes of Sam & Cat. When he is not directing television shows and live theater, he has been entertaining us with his fun magic acts on YouTube. Believe me, you will want to check them out because they are mesmerizing.

He is not the only one who went on to do stuff behind the scenes. Brian Robbins, the bad boy on the show, is now the President of Nickelodeon. Before he got the job he created All That and its spinoffs, and One Tree Hill. Dan Schneider, who was always getting in trouble, came up with iCarly and Victorious.

Some of the classmates are still working in front of the camera, Tony O’Dell guest-starred on Cobra Kai, and Robin Givens is a regular on Riverdale.

Not only was the show successful, but so was the cast. Which is why I think we should start a petition for them to appear on the reboot. Since they graduated in 1991, it is time for their 30th reunion, which can be held, at Millard Fillmore High School in Manhattan. Take a look at the recent photo of them, and tell me they are not camera ready.


Could Whiskey Cavalier get a second season?
May 23rd, 2019 under Bill Lawrence. [ Comments: none ]

Last year, there was a lot of anger over several of the shows that were cancelled and most of them got picked up by someone else (Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Timeless by NBC, Designated Survivor and Lucier by Netflix). This season, there was not as much uproar about the shows that got the axe except for Whiskey Cavalier, The Kids Are All Right and Speechless (by me). Well, one of them is in talks to come back and it is the spy thriller, Whiskey Cavalier.

According to TVLine, there is a 50/50 chance it will be back sometime next year. Deadline adds that the renewal could come as early as today because there is a lot of interest in the show’s leads, Scott Foley and Lauren Cohan. Plus, it is expensive to keep the sets up in Prague where the show films.

If it gets picked up, it will be the third time a show by Bill Lawrence was cancelled and then saved. NBC killed Scrubs, so ABC brought it back to life. Then ABC pulled the plug on Cougar Town and TBS plugged it back in. Hopefully, the third time will be the charm for Lawrence. When are the networks going to learn to stay with him because his shows have a cult following? I have downed his Kool-Aid and it is mighty addictive.


Stella finds out if marriage is for real on Life Sentence
March 14th, 2018 under Bill Lawrence, Lucy Hale, The CW. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 9p on The CW, Stella (Lucy Hale) continues to find out what in her life is real after being diagnosed as cancer free on Life Sentence.

Last week, Stella found out she was not dying of cancer and that should mean that her life would be even better. It is the complete opposite for her because her whole family has been lying to her since she was diagnosed 8 years ago. She found out that her parents (Dylan Walsh and Gillian Vigman) hate each other, her father is broke from paying all of her medical bills and will have to sell their house, her sister (Brooke Lyons) hates her life and her brother (Jayson Blair) avoided living one and knocked up a married woman.

This week, she has to deal with her parents fighting over selling the house and they take their anger to a whole new level. Her mother cannot wait to get rid of the house and does not tell anyone why. Causing her family to turn against her. While her dad will do anything to keep it. Can they come up with a much needed compromise?

Aiden still will not talk to his baby mama and figure out what to do next. Therefore, Stella decides to jump in and make him deal with it. Will he still find a way to avoid it?

The worst of it all is that immigration is trying to find out her marriage to Wes (Elliot Knight) is real. If they think that it is not legit, he will be deported. She has not had to face real issues since she is 15, so she keeps screwing up. Will it cost her marriage? Why did Wes really marry her after only dating for a month? Was it to get to America? What do they really know about each other and can they handle the truth?

It is a lot for her to handle and she still has to go to work every day. Who knew getting a new lease on life would be so difficult? And yet, watching this show is so easy because it is so endearing and fun to watch.


Life Sentence is a feel good story even though things aren’t perfect
March 7th, 2018 under Bill Lawrence, Lucy Hale, The CW. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 9p on The CW, get to know Life Sentence on The CW because you will not regret it. For the last 8 years, Stella (Lucy Hale) was prepared to die and now she is being told her cancer is in remission. Seems like that would be the best thing ever for her and her family? Guess again.

When Stella was diagnosed with cancer, her doctor told her family to make her life perfect for her. That positivity could help her possibly help her beat it and that is exactly what they did for her. When she finished chemo about a year beforehand, they sent her to Paris. While she was there she met her husband, Wes (Elliot Knight). He too did everything for her like giving her candle sex every night because it might be her last.

When she finds out she is going to live, she tells her family and they are all excited for her. It is the next day that she finds out the truth. Her mom (Gillian Vigman) and dad (Dylan Walsh) have not been happy for ages and they decide to split. In fact, her mom has been in love with her best friend, Poppi (Claudia Rocafort), and now they are finally acting on their feelings. Her married sister (Brooke Lyons), hates her kids and her job. She only had kids because she wanted her parents to be happy while her sister was dying. Her brother (Jayson Blair) gave up on life when he thought his sister was not going to have one. To make matters worse, her dad says they are going to have to sell the house to pay for her all of her medical bills.

That is a lot for Stella to handle and you thought dying was the worse thing she ever had to deal with. Now that her family and her husband can be themselves around her, they are all going to have to adjust to her life sentence. Can they do it?

You will not want miss this sweet drama that no matter how bad things get, they are still a family. Which is why I say it is a feel good show. But then again, Hale’s huge puppy dog eyes make everything seem like it is going to be OK in no matter what role she plays.


A mini Scrubs reunion!
July 20th, 2017 under Bill Lawrence, Zach Braff. [ Comments: none ]

Zach Braff, Donald Faison and Sarah Chalke got together for a steak night yesterday and we got a mini Scrubs reunion out of it. Not only that, it proves that JD and Turk had the best bromance ever to grace our televisions.

You know with Will & Grace coming back to NBC and Roseanne (with Chalke) returning to ABC, plus Scrubs repeats on Comedy Central; why hasn’t anyone given this show a revival order? People want their Scrubs and I am one of them. Do you want Scrubs back?


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