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David Walton’s Words of Wizdumb on marriage
January 11th, 2022 under Words of Wizdumb. [ Comments: none ]

David Walton starred in the show Perfect Couples, so I guess he knows a thing or two about keeping a marriage alive. After all, he has been married to Majandra Delfino for over 12 years.

What is his secret? One of the things that works for him is peeing sitting down. “I just started doing this, and it is a true game changer. If you were to look at slow motion video at toilet
level of a man peeing you would be horrified. Countless urine particles escape the bowl and coat the surrounding area. Show your wife you care by sitting down. (The only time I pee standing up is when I mark my territory outside my house.)

“Added bonus to peeing sitting down: you don’t have to turn the light on in the middle of the night. Your circadian rhythms stay perfect, and you wake up refreshed with a wife who wants to party.”

That is just one of the five tips that he shared from the porcelain throne. All are of them are good, but I am a woman, and I like a trained man who makes sure I don’t have a wet ass. At least not a wet ass from the toilet bowl.

I hope Walton gives us more Words of Wizdumb like this. And he gets so much attention that some network gives him a show to share it all. I would watch.


Tiffany Haddish’s Words of Wizdumb
November 18th, 2021 under Tiffany Haddish, Words of Wizdumb. [ Comments: none ]

Tiffany Haddish shared a TMI that can also be seen as Words of Wizdumb. She wrote, “Before I cut all the hair off my head. I used to wax all the hair off my lady parts when I was done with a man. Anyone else do that? I think of it as a fresh start for the new man.”

I never thought of that. But now that the actress pointed that out, I am so going to do it. So instead of singing, “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair,” I’ll be belting out, “I’m Gonna Wax That Man Right Outa My Hair.”

Thanks, Tiffany!


Words of Wizdumb from Trevor Donovan
October 25th, 2021 under Trevor Donovan, Words of Wizdumb. [ Comments: 1 ]

Trevor Donovan is starring in GAC Family’s Jingle Bell Princess on December 4th. In order to play the part, the actor had to wear glasses. Therefore, he came to a realization, “Nudists must have trouble cleaning their glasses… 🤔 You wear glasses?”

Those are some Words of Wizdumb because now I can’t stop imagining how they clean their glass when they are out and about. How do you think they do it? Or do we not want to know?

One thing I do know is that Donovan looks sexy with them on. Don’t you agree?


Steve Byrne has the best reaction to Potato Head losing the Mr. from its boxes
February 26th, 2021 under Words of Wizdumb. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday, Hasbro announced that Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head will be losing their titles on the packaging. As soon as comedian Steve Byrne heard about that, he had a joke about it.

“Hasbro has renamed Mr. Potato Head, to Potato Head,” Byrne wrote. “And 80s band, w the hit ‘Kyrie,’ Mr. Mister has ceased to exist.”

Since Mr. Mister hasn’t had a hit since the last ’80s, they already have ceased to exist.


Words of Wizdumb from Dr. Ruth!
February 16th, 2021 under Coronavirus, Dr Ruth, Words of Wizdumb. [ Comments: none ]

A few weeks ago, medical experts suggested that we start wearing double masks over our mouths when we leave our homes. So much so that the NY Post is reporting that anyone entering a Federal Courthouse in NYC will have to wear two masks for the time being.

When Dr. Ruth saw that, she had some Words for Wizdumb for people. “Just remember, using two condoms is riskier! And using a mask as a condom is riskiest of all,” she wrote.

Isn’t it interesting that two masks are better than one, but one condom is better than two? Having said that, both are great for protection from deadly viruses. Therefore, you should use them!

In case you are wondering why two condoms are bad. It is because struggling to put one on top of the other could cause both to rip. If they rip, then the sperm can get through. If it gets through, then you can get a baby or an STI.

Don’t spread the sperm or COVID-19. Thus, you should wear protection over your holes. Since farts can spread coronavirus, should we wear masks over our butts?


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