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Words of Wizdumb by Halsey
April 25th, 2019 under Words of Wizdumb. [ Comments: none ]

Halsey shared a photo of her back all cut up and along with these words of wizdumb, “don’t go rock climbing naked. or do. do you.”

Can someone please explain to me why she thought it was a good idea to go rock climbing naked in the first place? I mean, you are climbing rocks, you want some protection in case you fall or bang against them. However, that might be just me.


Nathan Fillion learned a lesson from cutting his own hair
April 18th, 2019 under Nathan Fillion, Words of Wizdumb. [ Comments: none ]

Now that The Rookie is over for the season, that let’s Nathan Fillion change his hair up. Therefore, he took out the clippers and started cutting. Then he looked in the mirror and realized something. He is sharing that realization with us.

He words of wizdumb are, “The key to cutting your own hair is when you stop. I recommend right after ‘This is looking good.’ and ‘Oh, God. What have I done?’

Personally, I think this is his best haircut yet! He should keep it like this and not go back to his boyish do. What do you think?


Ken Olin has the best response to Hollywood should not talk politics!
April 17th, 2018 under This Is Us, Words of Wizdumb. [ Comments: none ]

You know how people say that celebrities should not talk about politics? Well, Ken Olin said something that should shut those people up. The Thirtysomething star wrote, “To anyone who says that people who make their living in Hollywood have no business speaking out against politicians and their policies, I say why? You don’t have to be in show business to speak out about tv shows, movies, and music.”

If they can talk Hollywood, then the director of This Is Us can talk politics. Right? As long as we are citizens of the United States of America, then anyone can say what they want. Well almost anything, but you get what I mean.

Therefore, if anyone says you cannot talk politics, then tell they cannot talk about whatever you are doing. That is what I am going to say from now on when anyone questions why I am talking politics! What about you?


Kevin Smith’s Words of Wizdumb!
February 13th, 2018 under Kevin Smith, Words of Wizdumb. [ Comments: none ]

A fan asked Kevin Smith how he deals with his insecurities, and his advice is something we can adhere to. He said, “Insecurity is a fictional story that we tell ourselves about what we fear the world oakecvinsmih thinks of us. So since it’s all made up just tell yourself a BETTER fictional story, in which everything always works out OK. If you’re gonna make shit up anyway, might as well make it positive.”

He is so right. Most of us our own worst critic, so why don’t we become our best reviewer. I mean he did make Jersey Girl with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, after the two of them did Gigli, and he still saw it as a good movie.

Seriously though, one of my favorite all-time scenes from any movie is from Jay & Silent Bob. At the end of the movie, they go knocking on the doors of all the people who gave them bad reviews on the internet and beat the crap out of them. Imagine if we could do that to our online bullies. Since we legally can’t, then we need turn the negatives into a positive.


Words of Wizdumb by Barry Manilow!
December 21st, 2017 under Barry Manilow, Words of Wizdumb. [ Comments: 3 ]

2017 has been a crappy year, mostly because of the man sitting in the White House. If Barry Manilow had his way, he would take over that office to make music for people to get laid to. If we were all having passionate sex again, then maybe we would all be happy again. Therefore, he has my vote. After all he writes the songs that make the whole world sing. So let us belt out that special song we all sing after sex and make his Tweet one step closer to reality.


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