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An asteroid could collide with the Earth on November 2nd
September 22nd, 2020 under Neil deGrasse Tyson, Seth Meyers. [ Comments: none ]

Whenever someone says to me what else can happen in 2020. I tell them don’t ask because we don’t want to know. In the latest example of that, there is a refrigerator-sized asteroid that could come in contact with our planet on November 2nd.

Yesterday, when Neil deGrasse Tyson was on Late Night, Seth Meyers wanted to know if we should be afraid of it. The astrophysicist said that it is traveling at 10-20 miles per second. When it hits our air at that speed, it will be like it ran into a brick wall and will shatter into a million little pieces. That means no one will be hurt, but anyone in eyesight will get to see a beautiful meteor shower.

Something positive about 2020. Unless Tyson is wrong like he was with Pluto. Therefore, you want to make sure to vote before Election day. If the asteroid hits the United States, then you want to make sure your vote is counted before your city was smashed to smithereens because 2020.


Neil deGrasse Tyson destroys all disaster movies about the sun
September 4th, 2020 under Neil deGrasse Tyson. [ Comments: 4 ]


An answer to a question you probably didn’t know you had. ##startalk ##learnontiktok ##tiktokpartner

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I love Disaster movies, and I have seen a few of them that involve the sun disappearing. Somehow in all of them, scientists find a way to save the Earth. Well, there is one scientist who proves that all of those works of fiction are false.

Neil deGrasse Tyson schools us what would happen if aliens stole the sun. He says, “We would not know about it for eight minutes and twenty seconds. At which point we would plunge into cold dark, and be cast into interstellar space, homeless and adrift forever.”

If someone made that Disaster movie, then it would be the shortest one on record. No wonder all of those movies lied to me.

Just like all the movies I have seen about plagues. In all of those films, the CDC knows what they are doing and help to stop the spread of the pandemic before it kills nearly 200,000 people in six months. We are living the Zombie version of movies about contagions, instead of the ones about the walking living. Sorry, got sidetracked.


Neil DeGrasse Tyson answers what came first the chicken or the egg
August 6th, 2020 under Neil deGrasse Tyson. [ Comments: none ]


Sh*t you thought you knew part 2: which came first: the chicken or the egg? ##startalk ##learnontiktok ##tiktokpartner

♬ original sound – neildegrassetyson

Remember when we hated Neil deGrasse Tyson because he told us that Pluto was not a planet. It is. Well, now, he found a way for us to stop asking what came first, the chicken of the egg.

He says the answer is pretty simple; the egg came first. That is because another type of bird laid it. If it is a combination of two animals, then that does that mean it came from woman, who is referred to as Chick, and a hen. Get it, chick + hen = chicken.

If another bird gave birth to the chicken, then what came first that bird or the egg? Let’s keep going back until there was neither a bird nor an egg. Adam gave a rib for Eve, what did Eve give for the bird? Oh, an egg! Wait, does that mean I answered my question? Eve was not only the mother to Cain and Able, but she was also the mother to all the other creatures. My head hurts. They didn’t teach that to me when I was a religious studies major.

Back to deGrasse Tyson, now, that he solved that original riddle, to his satisfying, will he tell us why the chicken really crossed the road. I bet it was to get away from whatever birthed it.

BTW Can you believe that deGrasse Tyson and I went to the same junior high school and probably had some of the same teachers? Obviously one of us learned things, and the other one graduated because the teachers did not want to have her in their class again.


Neil deGrasse Tyson playing with a dog is out of this world
June 8th, 2020 under Neil deGrasse Tyson. [ Comments: none ]


Biologically a day for humans corresponds to a week for dogs. Maybe they know it- they make every day count. ##learnontiktok ##tiktokpartner

♬ original sound – neildegrassetyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson might be the Director of the Hayden Planetarium, but that doesn’t mean he has to be an uptight astrophysicist. Yet, if you put a dog in front of him, the 61-year-old becomes a big child again.

Isn’t it arfdorable to see him play with Eleasto? The only thing that would have made this video leaps and bounds in cuteness is if the sweet pooch was named Pluto.


Can Takeru Kobayashi eat just one hot dog in 10 minutes?
July 4th, 2019 under Neil deGrasse Tyson. [ Comments: none ]

Takeru Kobayashi has eaten almost 65 hot dogs in 10 minutes. However, Neil deGrasse Tyson wanted to see if he could eat just one in that amount of time. Therefore, the scientist asked him to try to accomplish that on his Star Talk show. Can he do it?

The competitive eater actually got to taste what a frankfurter tastes like instead of swallowing it whole. Did he like it? Nope. Therefore, he tried all of the condiments that people eat with it to see if it would get any better. It did not. So at the end of the competition, he still had a big chunk of it left.

Which means he can eat 100 of them without a bun in 1/6th of an hour, but he cannot stomach just one. I don’t know what that means, but it has to mean something.

Thanks to man, who went to the same junior high school as me, for ruining all things holy about July 4th. It is Pluto all over again. Stop destroying the things that I love.


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