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Remember The Monkees’ Mickey Dolenz?
November 4th, 2007 under Whatever happened to.... [ Comments: none ]

I wonder what happened to Mickey Dolenz, now I know! I wish they would bring The Monkees back for syndication because it was great cheesey fun!

Remember Toni Basil?
August 22nd, 2007 under 80s, Whatever happened to.... [ Comments: 1 ]

For those of you who might not the name, she is the woman who sang Mickey as in Oh Mickey, You're So Fine You Blow My Mind, Oh Mickey, Toni Basil. So what is she up to now she is choreographing Bette Midler's new show in Vegas according to Norm Clarke. Believe it or not she is 63 years and she looks amazing, I need to know her secret!!! 

Remember Skippy from Family Ties?
July 29th, 2007 under Whatever happened to.... [ Comments: none ]

Look who was at the Comedy Central Roast for Flavor Flav! Yes it was Marc Price, best known as a Skippy from Family Ties. He looks the same don't you think? Well now he is a stand-up comedian and he has a site with the Improv's Budd Friedman called It is a really cool site where comedians can upload their video and we can watch it! 

Did Sean Penn get some work done?
July 27th, 2007 under Sean Penn, Whatever happened to.... [ Comments: none ]

For the first time in a long time Sean Penn looks almost as good as his Spicoli days from Fast Times at Ridgemont High! 

Want to see the kid from the Nirvana Nevermind cover?
June 27th, 2007 under Whatever happened to.... [ Comments: none ]

Can you not see Spencer Elden using that as a pick up line?
Elden appears at 1:05 in that video, but it is worth it to watch the whole thing!

via The Rad Report


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